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Luc Bourdon killed in motorcycle crash

tragic news for the Vancouver Canucks organization and it’s fans today as they learned that their top prospect defensemen, Luc Bourdon, has been killed in a motorcycle accident.

He was 21 and was expected to crack the lineup next season.

all our thoughts goes to Bourdon’s friends and family.


“REALLY?” is what I hear, in the voice of Kyle Broflovski, when questioning the President about the validity of the official story about the September 11th terrorist attacks (hilarious episode by the way, if you’re to look it up, it’s “the Mystery of the Urinal Deuce”, has every episode, it’s season ten). This is what I thought of when I read Mike Toth in’s “on-line playoff magazine”, whatever the hell that means.

Yashin to make a return?/Pitkanen negotiations begining?/Demitra to Van-City?

Rumors from the Ottawa Sun have reported Alexei Yashin could be ready for the NHL. Which teams are interested in him though?? Why would Demitra want Vancouver? How much would it cost for edmonton to have Pitkanen back?

Should the NHL go to a Memorial Cup style Tournament Format or Vice Versa?

After watching my beloved Kitchener Rangers lose to a defensively dominant Spokane Chiefs in a winner take all championship, I could not help but wonder if the top ranked Rangers could not have won the cup in a series. Not to detract from the Chiefs who were the class of the tournament but when you only needed to win 4 games total against 3 other teams, was it because they were hot going into the tournament or were they really the best team?

Youth and Size vs. Experience and Poise. [Also stats galore!]

Here we are at last. The Stanley Cup Finals. Analysts, fans and experts are going gaga over what they hope will be one of the best Finals ever.

Who will win and what factors will decide the Champion?

Both teams seem to boast enormous offensive talent, a resurgent goaltender, fantastic defensive play by their entire team, and an excellent PP and PK. The question to ask is what differentiates them from each other? A cursory glance concludes that the Penguins have the youth and size, whereas the Wings have the experience and poise. Which will prove to be more valuable?

The last 9 Stanley Cups have been won by the team with home ice, which Detroit holds. The Penguins haven’t lost at home in regulation since February 13th and Marc-Andre Fleury personally hasn’t lost in Pittsburgh since Thanksgiving 2007. The Penguins top the Red Wings on goals scored, goals against, goal differential, PP and are tied with them for PK. The Red Wings have players that have won a combined 23 Cups to the Penguins’ 4.

Leafy's Nightmare Matchup

Here we are again, the 2008 Stanley Cup finals, and I have no one to root for. Last year, as possibly the biggest Sens hater on the planet, the choice was obvious. I know Chris Pronger is a douche, but you have to imagine that the best defenseman in the world would eventually win a Stanley Cup.

Realistically, Who would REALLY bring Mtl to the next level?

I would like to start by saying that Philly deserved to win. All these conspiracy theorists need to have a reality check. Philly may have been on the wrong end of some bad calls, but to believe that it was an NHL/referee conspiracy to allow Mtl to win is ridiculous!! There were games when Mtl was shafted and where Philly had 2 and 3 power plays in a row. Was that also a conspiracy? The truth is Philly benefited from terrible officiating when they crashed Huet and yet the goal was allowed. Every series has suffered from terrible and inconsisitant officiating. That is probably the real reason hockey does not catch on in the States. Nobody can figure out what a penalty is given the time, or situation in a game. Who really cares where on the ice a guy is interfered with, when I played, you touched a guy who did not have the puck, and you got a penalty…period!

Now for the real reason of this posting! Who would really help make the Habs cup contenders for a few years. I would like to hear realistic suggestions and please no negative or childish comments!

There are quite a few prospects in the pipeline. Most of the high level ones are D-men. This years draft is chock full of d-men in the first 2 rounds. There are a couple of skill forwards, but they aren’t overly big! Having said that, there are a couple of big forwards available, though they are rated higher than where the habs are slated to draft. Since Gainey and Trevor Timmins keep saying that they will take the best player available, regardless of position, there are 3 or 4 players that seem pretty strong. Greg Nemisz(6’3″ centre ), Yann Sauve ( 6’2″ D-man ), Anton Gustafsson ( 6’2″ Centre ). All of these guys are ranked between 20 and 24. One guy who has a great write up is Mattias Tedenby. It says he can do everything at 100mph. He is smallish, but may be worth trying to get!

Bruins Out Of Hibernation

After a few down and out seasons, the Boston Bruins made it back to the playoffs and the team is hopeful it will continue to rise up the standings.
GM Peter Chiarelli has gone the tried and true way of building within and building with youth and was rewarded this past season with some fine performances from the team’s younger players. Players like Milan Lucic, David Krejci and Vladimir Sobotka made some surprising contributions to the team giving the B’s hope for a good future. What he needs now is to ensure that development does not stall and the team continues to grow and get better.

Ward resigns with B's 2 yrs/5 mill

According to an NHL source, Ward signed a two-year, $5 million contract. His annual cap hit will be $2.5 million.

Predators Still Going Strong Despite Off Ice Woes

After being forced last summer to gut, or watch players depart, a roster that achieved back to back 100 point seasons, the Nashville Predators are hoping for more encouraging news this time around. In all likelihood, the team will not only be able to keep this current roster intact, but actually add a couple of bodies and maybe improve on their, albeit surprising, 8th place finish in the Western Conference.

With Gillis at the helm, what's in store for the Canucks?

We’ve all heard that Gillis is going to make changes, and we all know that he needs to address the offense, so what kind of deals is he going to make?

The EXACT Reason why Toronto is a Leaf City and not a Hockey City

To all the over-zealous Leaf fans out there that give the rest of us normal leaf fans a bad name, I present to you this beautifully written article from the Toronto Star that could not prove my point any further.

Philadelphia Flyers: Offseason Plan

Now that the Flyers are officially done for the year, I’d like to give a realistic examination of their potential off-season activities.