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Ottawa not bringing back any UFA's

According to and Bryan Murray, he announced that all of Ottawa’s UFA’s will hit the market on July 1st.

Malone to Columbus? Hossa to Montreal?

After a very successful season, the Stanley Cup runner up, the Pittsburgh Penguins may lose one or two of their key players.

Habs vs Free agent crop of 2008

After taking a look at the free agent list for this summer, here are a few names that would certainly help the Canadiens in their quest to improve on a very good 2007-2008 season.

Pens Give Hossa an Offer

According to The Fourth Period, the Pens have given UFA-to be Marian Hossa a Long-Term Contract offer. The offer is believed to be a 7 year deal worth around 50 million dollars. The Pens have also given Hossa a deadline to accept the offer(smart move IMO). It is believed if Hossa re-signs, the Pens will let Winger Ryan Malone walk as well as defenceman Brooks Orpik.

Draft Day Build Up

With loads of speculation whirling around Vancouver, this Friday’s draft day should be full of moves and excitement.

Wheeler signs in Boston!

Blake Wheeler, the highly-sought winger from the University of Minnesota, has advised his agent to finalize terms of a contract with the Bruins, a two-year deal that won’t be made official until July 1, in keeping with NHL bylaws that govern the movement and signing of unrestricted free agents.

Fletcher wants the Leafs Younger next year

According to Mike Zeisberger of the Toronto Sun, Cliff Fletcher plans on bringing in 5 to 6 new players to the Leafs to start the 2008-09 season, and he wants the team to get younger.

“Hopefully, our team is going to look substantially different,” Fletcher said. “If we can bring in at least five or six players, new faces, that would be good.”

Plenty of Questionmarks in Anaheim

After a disappointing first round defeat to the Dallas Stars, the Anaheim Ducks are looking to avoid the fate teams such as the Carolina Hurricanes and the Tampa Lightning faced after winning their Stanley Cups. The Ducks are looking to not fall into the trap of deteriorating into a flukey one year wonder.

What will next season's Penguins look like?

Kudos to the Pens for winning the Eastern Conference in the playoffs and showing some grit in the Final and giving us a memorable triple OT game. No one can deny the Penguins were the best team in the East this year. Some may say they overachieved, but a 12-2 record going into the Final says otherwise.

The question now to be asked is whether the team will be better or worse next year due to the Cap and the Pens’ plethora of free agents.

With a quick analysis, we can see that all is well and the Pens will likely be better than they were this year. Yes, some players will be lost to free agency, but the core of the team will be kept intact, and word from many sources has it that Marian Hossa would indeed like to re-sign with Pittsburgh, even if he had to accept less money to do so!

Now What

So we have a guy who has never won a cup but has an impressive record in the first 82 games and has turned around some mediocre teams into cup contenders. An argument about Wilson is unnecessary now. He is the coach, like it or not. As for the GM I really believe it will be Cliff followed by Burke. That is another moot point. Whoever it is must rebuild and be risky and aggressive. Let’s look at current roster players and options.

Trevor Linden Retires

I know this is primarily a Leaf’s wishful thinking website but I’d like to recognize the fact that the greatest Canuck has retired today. Linden was often the best thing about a team that has often broken many hearts. He still had a bit of life in him but it’s good he went out like he did. No cup but still one of the great’s. On and off the ice. Hopefully and most likely he’ll join the team’s management in some form or other. Here’s to you Linden! Cheers.


Devils Need A Boost On Defence

After winning the championship in 2003, using their textbook trap to a tee, the New Jersey Devils have struggled to put together a good playoff since and once again are left to find answers on how to get back to the next level.

Bergeron's WILD Ride

ST. PAUL, Minn. – “The Minnesota Wild have acquired defenceman Marc-Andre Bergeron from the Anaheim Ducks for a third-round pick in this year’s NHL draft.

Bergeron, 27, had 19 points in 55 games last season with Anaheim and the New York Islanders.