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Meszaros and Senators can't work out a deal. He's traded to Tampa

The Ottawa Senators finally resolved their contract dispute with defenceman Andrej Meszaros on Friday, trading the restricted free agent to the ever-changing Tampa Bay Lightning.

Islanders In Full Rebuilding Mode

After years of stripping themselves of young talent for the quick fix, it appears now that the New York Islanders have fully embraced a rebuilding process.

Forget Sundin, possible deals to look into!

I am sick of all this talk about what Sundin is going to do, it’s time to move on, the Habs should forget about him and look at some possible deals to improve their clubs chance for this season.


My last post broke news 3 days before the NY post about Sundin’s interest in NY and before it hit about Montreal and Vancouver really not having a great chance to acquire Sundin. I told you he had 2 places left on his list in my last post, which was Toronto or New York. …

I’m telling you now, before the rest, and for sure, that Sundin will be a Ranger or he will Retire.

Here is why.

Trades forced by the Salary Cap

With the end of the summer approaching so is training camp and more importantly the beginning of the season. The beginning of the season also marks the end of the window teams can be over the cap. Teams that are over the cap at the start of the season will be penalised. As of what the penalties are I have no clue since nobody has been penalised up to date. Five teams are over the cap and three are under.


Hey guys, i am looking for a LOGO for the UPP so I thought of organizing this contest in order to find one…

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Smolinski looking to come back to Ottawa

According to the HockeyBuzz, Bryan Smolinski is eyeing to return to the Ottawa Senators. It is said he is willing to accept a contract under a million to be back with the team.

Alex or Sidney?

I have been having a friendly debate with some friends over who is the best all around player in the NHL. Outside of Pens and Caps fans I would like to see what everyone believes without just saying their name. My vote goes to Alex Ovechkin and I will explain why.

Senators better than people think

The Ottawa Senators, the year after the Stanley Cup run were still the same team, but ended up bombing the season and playoffs. Deja View? Didn’t the Ducks do the same thing? and what happend? Stanley cup 2 seasons later.


The hockey season is coming soon, and so are hockey pools. For this reason, the ULTIMATE POOL PREVIEW will be back for the 2008-09 season!

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Just an IDEA….

Had an idea after reading all these articles about Sundin, and the pending status’ of Shanahan, Sakic, Forsberg, not to mention what happend with Jagr. This doesn’t particular pertain to their exact situations, but I did have an idea that seems almost reasonable. And its pretty much this:

Better the devil you know than the devil you dont!/Short List of available UFA&#

It’s hard to say whether or not the Ottawa Senators need another forward for the upcoming season! Sure they have that amazing big 3 on the first line, but they still need to take up that secondary scoring up a notch!  Vermette and Fisher are talented players, but they aren’t top-end goal scorers! Despite their acquisitions in the off season, they were unable to replace Cory Stillman. Veteran guys like Kelly, Neil and Mcammond can pitch in a few, but rookies like Foligno, Lee and Bass are all gonna have to step up to pick up some of the slack. So how about bringing in someone to help them out! Someone who can help them develop, to serve as a guide, someone who loves the city, and someone, ironically, who’s been here before!!

Start your Engines, almost time to hit the ice!!

Well, a few more weeks and the prospects will be taking to the ice in the prospects tournament in Kitchener. Time to see who will push the current players for a spot. Most of the players who were in Hamilton last year should be there. The US College players will only come if they pay their own way, so I think that it is safe to say McDonough and Fischer will be present, but some of the other guys may opt out. Who do you think will shine?