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Leafs Trades for the Deadline… Preview

The Leafs are definately going to blow up their team this year, but who are the potential players that could be traded for something valuable to the rebuild??

Alfredsson close to 4 year contract

According to TSN, with only one year left on a opotion deal, Alfredsson is close to signing a 4 year deal worth 22 million. It is said Alfredsson will be paid heavily in the first 2 years and then very light in the last two to balance out the salary hit. It is expected for the hit to be 9mil, 5mil, 5 mil, 3 mil.

Likely Offer Sheets in 2009

Every year since the lockout when Philly GM Bobby Clarke sent an offer sheet to Vancouver’s Ryan Kessler there has been speculation on who is going to be signed to an offer sheet, which team is going to be forced to overpay for a restricted free agent.

When Is Too Soon?

Plenty of talk early this season has been about the 4 young defencemen drafted this year and being in the NHL already.

Drew Doherty, Zach Bogosian, Alex Pietrangelo and Luke Schenn all made their NHL teams and some are poised to stay for good.

Maybe Not Now, But Hopefully Soon

The Montreal Canadiens have developed and improved as an organization under the aegis of Gainey, Boivin and Timmins. They have positioned themselves well for a shot at winning the big bowl. Patience, foresight and careful planning have translated into a tangible return on the ice for the team. The presence of former captains and Stanley Cup winners Gainey, Carbonneau and Muller has restored pride and commitment to the players in an organization that had lost its lustre and respect. A cycle of perennial replenishment has likely begun, as the organizational depth is considerable.

Fantasy Hockey This Week: Western Conference

Fantasy Hockey This Week: Western Conference

Written by Joe Cutroni, Staff Writer

October 26, 2008

Joe Cutroni provides an inside look at what’s happening around the Western Conference to give you the edge you need in your fantasy hockey league.

Players on the trade block (rumors)

The following players are rumoured to be on the trading block, and here are some speculated teams that could be interested –

(All my info is from various sources compiled together on spectors hockey)

A fourth, or not a fourth…You decide!!

It has started again. A loss to the Ducks has some fans calling for a trade for a 4th d-man!

Is it really necessary. I will grant that O’Byrne has had a weak start, but it is only 7 games in. Brisbois is being called out, but remember, he is only a fill in when needed!

The question is do you trade, or sign a player that is UFA or has been waived. McLaren may be available, but is he an upgrade? If you do trade, who do you trade? Or should they stand pat and wait?

Ducks Should Think About Trading Pronger

The Anaheim Ducks had a pretty successful trip through Eastern Canada beating the Leafs, Sens and Habs in succession.

However the Ducks are a shell of their former self and nowhere near as good as the team that won the Stanley Cup in 2007.

Wayne Gretzky's trophy

There is a trophy for most points and most goals but why not one for assists? Assists are just as important in a game of hockey as a goal, without an assist most of the times there is no goal. It would be named after Wayne Gretzky the most prolific passer ever to play the game. What do you think?

Fantasy Hockey: Eastern Conference Scene

Fantasy Hockey: Eastern Conference Scene

Written by Frank Mazzola, Staff Writer

October 23, 2008

Frank Mazzola takes a look at the NHL’s Eastern Conference and keeps you up to date on the latest developments.

Wilson Not Playing Games

For years we have seen the likes of Pat Quinn and Paul Maurice favouring players on this leafs team merely based on popularity, they’re recognition among the toronto fans and media. It seems they have never learned that the name on the back of the sweater means nothing if you can’t contribute to the name on the front. We’ve seen too many players getting undeserved ice time for poor play. It seems this year the tables have turned, and there’s a new guy in town to lay down the law…

How to turn these pretenders to contenders: Atlanta

This is my look at how to turn the Thrashers from one of the leagues worst teams to a young contender in two years. I will be doing a mock trade (with the Canucks) and a couple of signings. Think of this article as dreaming that you or I will be the GM of a mis-ran organization and the start of a glorious career and be one of the next great GM in sports: right next to Billy Beane.