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Fantasy Hockey: Around the Western Conference

Written by Joe Cutroni, Staff Writer

December 19, 2008

Joe Cutroni provides an inside look at who’s hot and who’s not around the Western Conference to give you the edge you need in your fantasy hockey league.

Fantasy Hockey: Eastern Conference Scene

Written by Frank Mazzola, Staff Writer

December 18, 2008

Frank Mazzola takes a look at the NHL’s Eastern Conference and keeps you up to date on the latest developments.

Teams playing well…and not so well: Pre-Christmas evaluations

I got snowed in today, so I thought I could do something productive and write a hockey article.

As we approach the New Year, we have reached a point in the season where we can begin to identify the teams that are playing fairly well from those that are struggling, over-achieving, or not playing as well as their talent.

Maple Leafs – Possible Deals

So now that the Sundin ball has finally dropped and Leaf fans further get the impression that this ship is only weeks from sinking, let’s take a look at what some of the moves the Leafs can make and some of the players that they will be letting lose.

To start, Brian Burke made a statement that similar to how he did it in Anaheim with the Ducks, he wants to build a strong defensive team, with a great goaltender. He also likes the idea of two strong scoring lines and two checking lines.

No Hiding.. the Guarantee Fails and Falls. BUT SUNDIN FOLLOWED THE MONEY

Ohhhhhh someone looks stupid. But come on… Sundin picks the Canucks? I mean… the Canucks? after he lied to everyone and says “money isn’t a factor?” wow… WOOOWWW who would have seen this coming. Sad way to come back to the NHL. He’ll be lost up in Vancouver.

Rangers are mostly to blame, but out of all players…

SUNDIN FOLLOWED THE MONEY, NOT HIS HEART…. and that’s just sad to see.

Dallas Stars a couple moves away from playoffs

Poor Dallas Stars. 14th in the Western Conference, 30 points in 31 games (although only 3 points out of 8th seed). It’s disappointing for a team tagged as a potential Stanley Cup contender. After learning that their captain Brendan Morrow was out for the year with a torn knee ligament, Sergei Zubov is just going under hip surgery and will miss 6 months. The 2 best players of this team are now out for the year, so it’s obviously a huge blow. But it’s maybe not as bad as it seems. By putting these 2 players on the LITR, Dallas frees up to 10 million dollars on the cap. That’s a lot of money, and it will allow them to make a couple moves to get some assets needed to take them to the other level.

Tyler Bozak is this years Fabian Brunnstrom

The frenzy has begun for University of Denver centre-man Tyler Bozak. According to Bozak’s advisor 26 NHL teams have expressed interest in signing the 22 year old including all 6 Canadian teams.

Sundin's a Canuck

It’s a done deal. According to the Canucks have signed Sundin to a one year contract.

Saving the Rangers Season

All this talk about the Rangers and Sundin shouldnt be the focus. Its not even possible until they clear cap space, and even if they had the room hes not going to solve their problems. Hes a great addition to a solid team so that being said they might not even be in the running because of their recent play. Theres been rumors of potential trades to open up the room to possibly sign him and that is what I am going to focus on.

Forsberg to return to the NHL? Drury to the Avs?

According to Adrian Dater of the Denver Post, Peter Forsberg has set his eyes on returning to the NHL yet again. Foppa has a home in the Denver area and has a girlfriend who is attending a college there as well, so it’s very much safe to say that Forsberg will sign with the Avalanche, and it’s no secret that Forsberg loves Colorado.

But this won’t happen until some time after New Year’s.

He recently had another foot surgery and is planning a full-scale test on it. Apparently, this last surgery has made his foot feel amazing. Forsberg stated that if it does not work out, that this will be it. He will retire.

The Real NY Rumors: Sundin to SIGN with Rangers Islanders interested in Av

It is no longer just a rumor, but the truth that Sundin will wait for the Rangers to clear cap space to become a NY Ranger. IT IS NOT TRUE WHATSOEVER that Gomez or Drury or even Rozival will be dealt to clear room.

It is also believed and known that the Islanders would love to bring Avery to the Island. ticket sales are at an all time low on the Island and bringing Avery in would be there best move to spice up the team and give them a name.

Rumors from the Toronto Sun

Bruce Garrioch of the Toronto Sun is reporting that Tom Renney could be in trouble. He also indicates that the Stars may be looking to deal Avery back to the Rangers and provides his latest updates on the Mats Sundin saga that never seems to have any closure to it.

Fantasy Hockey This Week: Western Conference

Written by Joe Cutroni, Staff Writer

December 12, 2008

HIGHLIGHTS: Joe Cutroni provides an inside look at who’s hot and who’s not around the Western Conference to give you the edge you need in your fantasy hockey league.