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Things looking up in oil country

With a season of dissapointment, and lack of offensive chemistry the Edmonton Oilers are on the verge of not only making the playoffs, But once again being whats know as a ” dark horse” in the Western conference.

Without having a bonified star caliber player like most teams in the league, alot of the oilers do show much needed character during the final stretch of the playoff run.

The following players ( only in my opinion ) are what has in any way kept the oilers in a playioff contention

Luke Schenn gets an A?

Luke Schenn’s performance this season has been amazing. Schenn has been said to be the future of the Leafs organization. With Antropov and Moore gone as well as losing Kaberle, Van Ryn and Hagman to injury does Luke Schenn get the A? What do you think?

Ho-Hum Leaf Management Bails on Season

The trade deadline has passed, the results are in and Leaf Fans are left scratching their heads and asking, “What was all the excitement about?”

Going into the deadline, the Leafs were at a crossroads, buyers or sellers. While Burke et al. were satisfied with selling assets, only time will tell if the 2 second round picks for Moore and Antropov were worth shipping out these 2 players. The draft beyond the top 10 is a crapshoot, this is a real gamble.

Predators stand pat at the deadline despite trade offers

The is reporting that “For the first time in franchise history the Predators stood pat at the NHL trade deadline, choosing to stick with a team that has won five straight games but has struggled offensively for large chunks of the season.”


Before you shoot me down, let me just put one thing in perspective…

Gainey took over the team as general manager in 2003, after a somewhat disappointing season where they finished tenth in the Eastern Conference, with a regular season record of 30-35-8-9 for 77 points. The following four seasons, the Canadiens reached the playoffs three times, but failed to get very far, winning only one game in the second round, against Philadelphia last year.

Winners and Losers of Trade 2009

Though today may have been disappointing for some, a bore for others and better yet actual fun for some of us, it still happened and teams did win or lose.

I'm Glad To Have Missed It

Wow. Just wow. I was on my cell phone all day long and I must say that the word “disappointing” is the best way to describe the trade deadline of 2009. Was it the economy? The salary cap? What?

My thoughts on the trades and other related issues.

The Worst Trade of the Deadline

Can someone explain Paul Holmgren’s logic in his moves??? I am completely baffled at his trades after the successful run he’s had.

Scottie Upshall AND a 2nd rounder for a Fighter who can’t stay out of the box and has been disciplined for taking dumb penalties?? What can possibly be his thinking??
If its caps space, like many are saying, why not trade Scottie for a pick, instead of losing him AND a pick for a lesser player.

And That's A Rap! – The Leaving Leafs

Nik Antropov’s time in Toronto has come to an end and he has been traded to the New York Rangers for a 2nd round pick & a conditional pick.

Dominic Moore has also been sent to the Buffalo Sabres for a 2nd round pick.

It's Official – Olli Is A Flame!


Sources are reporting that it is now official, the Calgary Flames have infact sent Mathew Lombardi, Brandon Prust & a 1st round pick to acquire centre Olli Jokinen & a 3rd round pick from the Phoenix Coyotes!

The Flames have also acquired D Jordan Leopold from the Colorado Avalanche in exchange for D Lawrence Nycholat, D Ryan Wilson and 2nd round pick.

And to cap the day off, Calgary sent Kevin Lalande to the Columbus Blue Jackets for a 4th round pick.

Buffalo Signs Tim Connoly

The Buffalo Sabres have signed Tim Connoly to a new 2 year deal this morning. 2 years 4.5 per year.

HTR notes that the value of Olli Jokinen has just gone up due to the fact that Connoly is off the market.

Trade Teadline Rumors and Notes

Trade Deadline Morning News and Updates on a big rumor involving the Coyotes and Flyers, the possibility that Ian Laperriere will be on the go and a tid bit on Tkachuk.

Deadline Update: Ottawa Senators

– Ottawa re-signs defensman Filip Kuba at 3years/3.7million per.

– Ottawa also will be sending forward Antoine Vermette to the Columbus Blue Jackets for goaltender Pascal Leclaire & a 2nd round pick.

*Bryan Murray is also making a final effort to re-sign Chris Neil. He also has a deal on the table (either San Jose or Pittsburgh) should negotiations fail to produce an extension.