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NHL News and Rumors – Today – September 25, 09

Veteran Brad May gets tryout with Wings, but is long shot to stick

Kessel deal opens door for possible Kovalchuk pursuit

Who has the best defence core?

This is an article to start a discussion on which team has the best defence core. I have broken it down to the top 10 defence cores and some people may not completely agree. This is not listed in any order.

Avoiding Controversy Key For Hawks

The big word in Chicago has been turmoil. There has been lots of it this summer and it will be lots for a young team to take in.

There were mistakes made in filing qualifying offers. The GM was fired. conveniently the son of the top hockey guy was hired, their leading scorer was lost via free agency and he spoke out about it, one of their young stars got arrested, they signed a controversial contract that belittles the CBA, major cap problems lie ahead for the team and they just lost a key role player for the season. Talk about tough going.

NHl News and Rumors – September 24, 2009

Pat Burns hopes health will allow him to scout for NJ Devils this season

Balsillie continues to finesse Coyotes bid

Forsberg planning another comeback

Murray has deals in mind

Theo still waiting on contract offer


Despite his client being the talk of the town the last couple of weeks, agent Don Baizley hasn’t been talking contract with the Calgary Flames.

Goaltending Controls Fate of Flyers

Once again the Philadelphia Flyers are poised to take a run at the Stanley Cup without a top goaltender.

The talent and depth the team possesses is terrific as their lineup is lined with star power. But its new goaltender Ray Emery who must deliver in goal for the team to meet their aspirations. After being away from the league for a year, Emery attempts to resurrect his career in the city of brotherly love.

There may not be much love for this team if again the neglect of the most important position in the game costs this franchise once again a chance to compete.

UPP Will be Back

This is a note to let everyone know that the UPP will be back again this year. It is expected to be released on Friday.

Cup Champs Aim To Repeat

Repeating as cup champions has been no easy task. But the Pittsburgh Penguins will attempt to be the 2nd team to do it in the last 15 years. The parity, the short summers and for this year the longer season due to the Olympics all stand in the way of the Pens repeating.

However 2 of the leagues top 3 players play here in Pittsburgh. With a trio of dominant centres in Malkin, Crosby and Staal along with the goaltending of Fleury, the talent here will always give them a chance.

Where's Wayne?

Bob Young

Coach Gretzky goes MIA during Coyotes soap opera – despite collecting a paycheck

Drafting Success

After the Kessel trade there’s been alot of talk about how valuable picks really are. A while ago I did a data project that tried rank the NHL franchises. There were plenty of criterion, and one was drafting success.

Before I get reemed out for this let me explain that I realize there was plenty of bias that i couldn’t get rid of and there were parts that had to be subjective.

So, this is basically how i did it:

Wings Team to Beat Again Out West

There is a feeling out there that time has run out on the Detroit Red Wings. After winning in 2008, the team lost in the finals in 2009 and with some key defections off that roster, some believe that the Wings will take a step back.

Those sentiments are premature as the Wings still have great coaching, a powerhouse lineup and experience to continue being a top team out west.

Many seem to want to write off the Wings probably because they’re sick of seeing them win. Well those people shouldnt get too comfortable. The Wings seem poised yet again to be the team to beat.

NHl News and Rumors – September 21, 09

Calder in tryout mode with Ducks

Peter Chiarelli’s take on trade: Young star wanted out

Fleury not done, yet

Former Cane Babchuk gone to Russia?

Canucks Best Bet For Cup's Return to Canada

The Vancouver Canucks had big expectations last season which were not met after falling meekly in the 2nd round of the playoffs.

However, despite some key subtractions to the lineup, the team has high hopes again for this coming year.

They’ve brought back their best offensive contributors in the twins, re-signed their top player long term in Luongo and have an excellent mix of veterans and youth to take a good run at a championship in the next few years.