2010 Offseason Predictions

So, what do you guys think will go down the rest of this offseason? So far, it’s been fairly quiet, but rumors and news are coming forward like crazy now. So far this summer, we’ve seen a few things go down. First, Rob Blake announced his retirement. It’s a shame to see a guy this good go, but everyone has a point where they’re just done. Then, we got news of a deal between Montreal and St. louis. The deal looks like:
To STL: Jaroslav Halak
To MTL: Lars Eller , Ian Schultz

St. Louis desperately needed goalie help with FA Chris Mason looking for money they just couldn’t give him. Unfortunately, they had to give up one of their top center prospects in Lars Eller in a package to get Halak. But hey, you gotta give a little to get a little. The next big thing that happened was word of a possible deal coming soon between the Bruins and the Panthers. Rumors ran rampant, saying they were getting Horton, saying they were getting the #3 pick, and some said that they would get both. There was tons of specualation as to what would go back to Florida, until yesterday around maybe 1 PM EST? Word broke out of a deal for Nathan Horton between the Bruins and the Panthers. After the smoke cleared, the deal looked like this:
To FLA: Dennis Wideman, 1st in 2010 (15th overall), 3rd in 2011 (BOS)
To BOS: Nathan Horton, Gregory Campbell

Then, one of the best defenseman to ever play the game decided to retire. Scott Niedermayer. Hate to see a class act like him retire, but like I said, everyone’s got to at some point in time.

So, what does everyone think happens over the rest of the summer? Here’s my list of what happens.

1. Columbus trades the #4 pick for Jason Spezza /Edmonton trades Penner , Cogliano , and possibly Smid for Spezza

2. Edmonton caves to pressure and selects Taylor Hall 1st Overall, leaving the Bruins with the better ALL AROUND player (not the better player, better all around)

3. Boston trades Tim Thomas. Lots of speculation surrounding this. Tampa Bay, Philadelphia, and San Jose appear to be the front runners for him. So, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say To SJS: Tim Thomas , Andrew Ference To BOS: Ryan Clowe /Joe Pavelski /Devin Setoguchi

4. Philadelphia lets Michael Leighton walk and signs Dan Ellis as their goalie.

5. Philadelphia will trade one of Danny Briere or Jeff Carter so there is no more logjam at center.

6. Chicago will not deal Patrick Sharp , but does trade Versteeg to NYI for prospects, Byfuiglen to SJS for a pick and a prospect.

7. Bruins place an offer sheet on David Perron

8. Yzerman trades anyone not named Lecavlier, St. Louis , Stamkos , or Hedman

9. Toronto deals Kaberle , but is dissapointed with the return they get. (To ANA: Tomas Kaberle,

Nikolai Kulemin To TOR: #12, Joffrey Lupul)

10. To ATL: Alexander Semin To WAS: Brian Little, Angelo Esposito , #24

What’s your take on the rest of the summer?

13 Responses to 2010 Offseason Predictions

  1. inurface says:

    to all leaf fans … did we just have an earthquake???
    i just heard a thump

  2. nordiques100 says:

    i'm in another part of ontario right now and felt the same.

  3. NHLman says:

    My take on the rest of the summer is that you are wrong on everything you've said.

    3. Really? Really? The Bruins who are looking to dump Thomas to save cap space are going to get Pavelski or Setoguchi? What are you smoking? There are many goaltenders available this summer, Boston will be dealing from a weak position.

  4. arigold says:

    Way, way way way way way too much for Tim Thomas.  Goaltenders are a dime a dozen this offseason, so theres no way they get that much for a goalie like that.  Plus the whole reason they're letting go of Nabokov is because they plan on going for someone cheap in goal.  If they're gonna pay Tim Thomas, they might as well pay Nabokov and keep him there because he's the better goalie.

    I agree that Sharp isn't going anywhere, but something tells me the Leafs hang on to Kulemin.  This whole dispute is the same thing every Russian forward does, but in the end he'll resign for a reasonable price.

  5. Kev_Leafs says:

    I thought you might have been referring to the Kaberle + Kulemin for Lupol and 12th overall above.

    But, it did feel like an earthquake for real where I am.


    It was the hockey Gods…. I heard it was an 5.5 earthquake…

  7. inurface says:

    yup 5.4 mag earthquake accordin to ny news lol
    k time to get back to cod6 ………..boom headshot ,,,ah he knifed me…doh.

  8. UpInFlames says:

    I think Boston would be happy to get even one of those guys to dump Thomas but all 3 wow what are you thinking lol?

  9. Kev_Leafs says:

    I believe his '/' means 'or' not 'and'.

  10. mojo19 says:

    I love how Boston picks up Ryan Clowe (or Pavelski or Setogucci), make an offer sheet to David Perron, and Toronto gets *****ed over moving Kulemin and Kaberle for #12 pick and Lupul.

    This article was trash. Go ***** yourself.

  11. futurebruin says:

    Chill out man.  It was what I think will happen, and I base it off of specualtion, reports, and rumors.  To be honest, it has been reported that SJS may be considering moving Setoguchi, Clowe, or Pavelski for Thomas or another goalie.  I didn't say they sign David Perron either, I just said they place an offer sheet on him because I have a feeling Chiarelli will be moving cleaning the team of all the trash guys he had on the team (i.e. Wideman, Hunwick, Ryder, Thomas) and moving forward with more youth that has lots of potential.

  12. HABSSTAR says:

    I think you should hold back your feelings and tell us what you REALLY think. lol

  13. NeelyBruin4Life says:

    Wow, that's all I can come up with is wow.
    Do you watch hockey?? I'm by far no where near a Leaf fan, but, the entire city just puked. Chi already dealt Byfuiglen before you wrote this. Thomas for all that? Perrron in Boston? I won't even go into the no show Semin…..

    Try again, uberfail.

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