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Tampa Bay Lightning Sale

A new story is emerging from of the the NHL’s sunbelt team. Apparently a perspective owner is being approached and is in talks with the NHL and Bettman to buy the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Too great a cost? Why the Bruins' pursuit of Kovalchuk has stalled

“How many players are really worth $7 million, let alone what a guy like Kovalchuk is going to demand?” said a league GM. “If you’re going to be in that stratosphere, you not only have to be great player, you have to be a leader and you have to make other players around you better. You can’t have any maintenance.”

So what happens if the Bruins can’t land Kovalchuk? Here are a few other players who may be on the trading block and could possibly be a good fit for the Bruins. They may not be an impact player like Kovalchuk, but they also may not command as steep a price.

Maple Leafs Rewind

I have seen this type of article done before, and it served a very important purpose. Making Leaf fans miserable. I will now look back until 05/06 and see what could have been….

Starting with the 05/06 trade deadline: The Leafs were virtually hopeless at this point, so rather than trying to sign McCabe they deal.

Burke stuck playing the waiting game


Who will be the first to go?

Brian Burke, victim of unmovable contracts, questionable signings, the Phil Kessel trade, his own reputation, and a hockey team gone bad is poised to do something.

Exactly what that is, when that is, who it involves — and clearly, it’s something more significant than the laughable trade request from Jamal Mayers — is on the horizon.

Will the Ducks trade Neidermayer?

Given that they’re still just a few points out of a playoff spot with 29 games left, it’s hard to tell whether the Ducks will be buyers or sellers when the March 3 trade deadline rolls around.

Boston Bruins Rumors

Pierre LeBrun

In the meantime, Chiarelli confirmed he’s working the phones trying to make a deal ahead of the Feb. 12 Olympic roster freeze and March 3 trade deadline.

“I’m looking every year [to make trades] but maybe more so this year because of the way we performed,” Chiarelli said. “Having said all that, we want to be in the playoffs and we want to succeed in the playoffs.”

Atlanta Thrashers' Ilya Kovalchuk is in high demand

At least four teams, including the Los Angeles Kings, are in contention for the high-scoring left wing who reportedly wants upward of $10 million a year for 10 years.

The Kings are a prime contender to acquire high-scoring left wing Ilya Kovalchuk from Atlanta, but they’re competing with Vancouver, Boston and another Eastern team for the two-time 50-goal scorer, according to hockey sources who were not authorized to speak publicly about the matter.

Trade Deadline: Leafs

Its about that time again. The leafs are going to be missing the post season (again) and are now “sellers” at the trade deadline. So…let’s have a look at who is available this year…

The last piece

Mike Brophy –

Acquiring the biggest name at the trade deadline does not guarantee playoff success.

Who would you rather have: Marian Hossa or Bill Guerin?

The answer seems easy: Hossa.

He’s younger than Guerin and, truth be told, a better player.

B’s facing a bear market for potential deals

The Bruins are mired in a 1-7-1 slump. They’ve fallen out of a playoff position in the East. And they’re coming off their most horrid performance of the season, losing 5-1 Sunday in Carolina against the team with the worst record in the NHL.


Darren Dreger-

The prospect of the Olympic roster freeze at midnight February 12th is expected to spark a trade or two before then; however multiple NHL sources describe the current state of trade discussions as ‘very quiet.’ That said the potential list of players available is growing on a daily basis. Here are the top 10 players expected to be dealt on, or before the March 3rd NHL trade deadline.

Heard this before? Thrashers scrambling and star unsigned

Jeff Schultz

Here we are again. The night starts with the team ranked 25th of 30 in the standings, the stands are half-empty and the talk leading to another trade deadline is not about the potential inbox but the likely outbox.


Rugged Maple Leafs forward Jamal Mayers believes he has at least a few good years left him in, but doesn’t see Toronto in his future.