2011 NHL Trade Rumors – Maple Leafs Moving Tim Connolly?

The NHL is not even two weeks into the regular season, and there are already a number of trade rumors circulating around social media sites.

The latest rumor has the Toronto Maple Leafs looking to move center Tim Connolly before the trade deadline later this season. Bleacher Report is the main source of this rumor and most of the story deals on what happened last season.

NHL teams are always looking for good centers, and Connolly was involved in talks last year at the trade deadline, but nothing materialized. If the veteran can stay healthy and perform, a team in need could make contact with Toronto.

The Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke is well-known for making deals, and any deal would not be that much of a shock, but the team is looking to make the NHL playoffs with improvements they made during the off-season and team chemistry is a big concern, so making any kind of trade at this point of this season seems highly unlikely.

Look for the Maple Leafs to reconsider any options later in the year, and if the front office thinks it is in the best interest of the organization, deals could happen, but for now fans will be cheering for their team to break their playoff drought and possibly make a run at the Stanley Cup.