24 Hour Watch

According to Eklund from www.hockeybuzz.com a source told him….

P.S. take this as it is speculation from Eklund
A source says to keep an eye on the Canucks in the next 24 Hours.

Does this mean a blockbuster trade?? Could all those Elias to Vancouver rumors be real? Or does nonis have something else up his sleeve?

I guess we can only wait and see.

8 Responses to 24 Hour Watch

  1. marleau07 says:

    This will be exciting!!

  2. lacrosseroxsox says:

    it wont be the forsberg signing, ad he as indicated that he does not want to sign until later. maybe that trade finally happend with nj. hopefully we got a good scorer, if anything happens.

  3. vancity4life says:

    this would be sweet, a great excitement for vans already slightly boring offseason.

  4. lacrosseroxsox says:

    so much for this rumor, another eklund bust. but i do believe there will be a trade coming van citys way. thats how nonis likes to work.

  5. primetimer says:

    This Eklund person is full of bullsh*t , hes the exact same person that said last year canucks were going to get burnaby joe, Patrick Marlue, and alot more…………….hes full of it.

  6. canuck8 says:

    its been 24 hours and nothing has happened

  7. saw234 says:

    Like I said take it as what it is, I mean it's Eklund. I was not believing something would happen in the last 24 hours but its a rumor so I posted it. I am sure at sometime or another Nonis will pull the trigger to bring some scoring help.

  8. svenki says:

    he probably meant the bieska extension and the miller signing

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