2K or EA? That is the Question

This is the time of year that I generally get most excited.

All of the major NHL moves have been made and the rosters are nearly set for the upcoming season. This year, however, does have some premier talent without places to play, and the whole Malkin defection. Pushing that to the side for the time being, let me get to my point…

… nows the time I start scanning websites trying to find out when the new crop of NHL Vids are going to come out, what innovations there will be, and who will grace the covers.

Now to my question.

Which game, in your opinions, is better?

Not because I’m looking for something else to argue about, but I’m actually wondering.

I am a seasoned veteran in the EA series of hockey games, and would consider myself an expert at every hockey game EA has to offer. Not unbeatable, but wicked-amazing.

I had the 2K4 (maybe?) with Roenick on the cover one year (2004?), which was the only year that I had more than one version of the NHL games.

I really, really liked it, as it had some different characteristics that made it fun. The graphics weren’t as good, the fighting was way better, but I spent the majority of that season playing EA Sports, and the 2K series is only a distant memory to me now.

It’s hard to go back and forth, as once you get into a serious season, or dynasty, there’s little time for fooling around.

EA Sports has changed their approach to gameplay this year by putting everything on the 2 analog sticks, and the face buttons have been relegated, which makes me nervous, but also excited to have to adapt, once again.

Also, in Dynasty Mode, the Salary Caps will be there, so you have to be as wise and calculating as say, John Ferguson Jr, or the saviour of the West, K.Lowe.

I am super pshyched to play, and the release date is always on my mind (EA in stores 9/14/06)


Does this curse exist and hold any water?

Hopefully not for all of you Alexander the Gr8 fans.

On the 2K7 cover is Joe Thornton, though there is no 2K curse, and I’m pretty sure even a curse couldn’t stop that guy.

Anyways, thanks for your opinions in advance

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  1. maximus_habs says:

    The things about 2k is…the graphics are HORRIBLE !!!

    The players are so ugly huge body small head…and the puck friction isn’t that great…in 2k when a player handle the puck the puck can be at 1 feet from the puck and he’ll control it…not in EA…

    newayz…as alwayz,i’ll play EA first…then play 2k in april…lol.


  2. maximus_habs says:

    dude are u kidding or what ??? In both EA 2005 and 2006 i made the top 10 on Xbox live and scoring or conceding a goal has never been a problem…2004 was horrible in the end coz i ended up scoring 32 goals in a 5 minutes period match…2005 the best i did was 16 on xbox live as in 2006 it was a 22-0 victory against an unknown dude…either u suck or i am that damn good !!!

    lol just KIDDING !!!!!!!


    don’t bash me i don’t bash anybody

  3. ranger_fan says:

    Thats why NHL 95 was the best. You could always do that wraparound and put it in every time!

  4. habmania says:

    buddy dont tell me my knowledge is limited…ur a leaf fan and ur 2 dumb 2 realize that u’ve been a loser since 67..

  5. Uncleben says:

    EA All the Way.

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