2nd Tear Unrestricted Free Agents.

So this article isnt about the big names that will impact teams dramatically with such names like Gomez, Briere, Drury, Kariya and so on .. instead im mixing things up and im going to talk about the players not many people are talking about .. sometimes its the small moves that win Stanley Cups .. not the drastic moves.

I also want to point out .. People need to read the ENTIRE article before they post comments .. my last post i had a deal that said Weiss and Stewart OR Horton for Fernandez .. People mixed things up and called that trade unrealistic because “Florida is giving up 3 great players for a sub-par goalie” .. I did not say ALL THREE would be traded .. so please all i ask is read before you comment .. thanks


On to the UFA’s:

Adam Mair – a great defensive forward with not much scoring potential but does he ever get the job done defensivly. Hes a speedy forward with a ton of weight into his checks. He would be a great pick up for any team.

Teams Possibly Interested: Toronto Maple Leafs, Calgary, New Jersey

Andy Sutton – a punishing defenceman who will ask for alot of money this offseason. He could possibly be one of the best body checkers in the league. Isnt a great skater but very good defensivly and is always in good position.

Teams Interested: Boston, Florida, LA, Buffalo, Pittsburgh.

Anson Carter – a former 33 goal scorer can provide offence if in the right situation. He has speed to burn, he can lay the body but isnt a great defensive forward.

Teams Interested: Vancouver, New Jersey, Buffalo, NYR, Dallas, Minnisota

Martin Gelinas – He’s called mr.Clutch for a reason, he seems to always come through at the right times, age is catching up to him but he can still contribute defensivly and offensivly. He can notch 50 points still but wont be relied upon to be a key player.

Teams Interested: Calgary, Dallas, San Jose, Ottawa, Montreal

Mike Johnson – probably one of the most underated players in the NHL, This guy can do it all from being a clutch player, a scoring threat and killing important penalties. He has great hockey sense and knows where to be when on the ice, very fast and great skater with a decent shot.

Teams Interested: Ottawa, Boston, Florida, Edmonton, Toronto.

Robert Esche – Can still be a number one goaltender in this league, he is yet to show he can play 50-60 games in the league but for a team that needs a goalie to play 40+ hes the perfect goaltender and will come cheap.

Teams Interested: Toronto, TampaBay, Detroit, Boston, Washington

Ruslan Fedotenko – He can score big goals in big games, He loves to go to the front of the net and has a decent set of hands. Doesnt use his 6’2 frame as much as he should and that limits his overal performance.

Teams Interested: Atlanta, LA, Nashville, NYR, Buffalo

Josef Stumpel – Heres a player in the right situation could flourish for the right team, he has the capability to put up 70+ points each year but never does because of “heart” and injuries. Hes a great passer but doesnt shoot the puck enough, Since he loves to pass defenders usually look for the pass and not the shot resulting into turnovers.

Teams Interested: NYR, New Jersey, Buffalo, Philidelphia, NYI, Washington

Kevin Weekes – a capable number one guy but chances are he wont shine with it, he has the ability to be a great starter but lacks consistancy so therefore whereever he goes he’ll be the backup role player 25-35 games for a team.

Teams Interested: Carolina, New Jersey, Toronto, Detroit, Boston

Mike Comrie – A very quick skater with alot of speed to burn, he has great hockey sence and can score goals in bunches. He lacks consistancy and could get back to his 60 point days if on the right team.

Teams Interested: Edmonton, Calgary, Carolina, Montreal, Chicago

Gary Roberts – Turning 41 you would think the days of Roberts are over however he isnt ready to call it a career, he wants to win the cup once more and is looking for 2 teams in particular. He is still one of the best checkers in the league, is a great forechecker with speed and is a very physical player who can score goals

Teams Interested: Toronto, Ottawa.

Cory Sarich – Heres one of my favourites, im very surprised this guy isnt more then what he could be. Hes got an absolute great pointshot, a great body checker, he gets in your face and literally down your throat and best of all he shows up everynight. He could provide a 5th type dman to any team looking to add grit.

Teams Interested: Ottawa, NYI, San Jose, LA, Edmonton, Anahiem

Note: Some Teams I Put In There Because I Feel Thats Where They May End Up .. I Mainly Made This Article Simply Because Everyone Is Saying The Same Thing With The Names Like Gomez Blake Briere And The List Goes On.

I’ll Be Back In A Couple Of Days To Write A New Article With New Names After I Do Some Research .. Enjoy And Thanks For Reading.

P.S – If Your Going To Make Immature Comments Or Do Not Like My Ideas I Understand But Don’t Be Rude About It

Thanks For Your Time.