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1. “Hawks Continue Their Re-signing Frenzy”

2. “2001-2002 Leafs”

3. “Question For Buffalo Sabers Fans?”“Hawks Continue Their Re-signing Frenzy”

The Chicago Blackhawks have all of a sudden started to show some life this off-season. Today they re-signed goalie Jocelyn Thibault. The contract figures to be for 3 or 4 years. The Hawks have finally shown life after almost 2 weeks of nothing after signing Jon Klemm. They have re-signed most of their free-agents (at least the ones they want to re-sign. The two big ones left are Eric Daze and Korelev. Korelev will probably re-sign without a problem. But Daze figures to be a problem. Like the latest article for the Hawks says, he could be traded. Maybe to the Maple Leafs? I don’t know. I get all my rumors from this site. I sure hope they keep Amonte and Daze. Trade Zhamnov and Mironov for Sundin. Even through in a 2nd or 3rd round draft pick. That should do the trick. I think that would make people forget about all the top-tier players Smith missed out on this off-season. That should do the trick. Comment to this if you have any Hawk rumors.

Written by: Anonymous

2001-2002 Leafs

Well I would like to start off first by saying I think the Leafs were stupid to let Thomas go and why the hell is Hoglund still on the team. Hoglund is totally useless when he isn’t doing his usually inconsistent scoring. Why is there all this talk about Farkas making this team? Here is a news flash “Farkas is not, nor will he ever be Scott Gomez”. Farkas has done nothing at all to lead to any kind of optimism in St. Johns’ or when he was up with big club. Alyn McCauley is so useless and I don’t know why he has lasted this long in the Leafs organization, the Leafs get rid of dead weight after 3 years poor play (Mike Craig, Rob Pearson) usually so I think you get the idea. As I see it the Leafs will have only 2 roster spots open, Hoglund will be traded and most likely Antropov as well because are going for it this upcoming season and need now players not promise players! So the Leafs should not waste roster spots on players like these. Here is what I think the forward line will be minus the 2 spots. So let’s hear some ideas to fill those spots by trade or by what’s left out there free agent wise.

Line 1. Roberts / Sundin / Renberg
Line 2. ? / Reichel / Mogilny
Line 3. Tucker / Green /?
Line 4. Valk / Corson / Domi

For second line left wing I would sign Hull (it’s not far fetched because (1). Hull said he would love to play for an original six-team (2). Toronto plays a wide open style (much to Hull’s delight) and (3). Hull said he would take a pay cut if he gets a 2 year deal (this would be a bargain considering how many goals Hull will score by playing with the wide open Leafs and the fact that he is pissed off at the Stars for thinking he is washed up, so Hull is out to prove something). Plus with the signing of Hull you could drop Roberts to the 2nd line with Reichel (who he played with in Calgary) and put Hull with Sundin. Could you imagine Hull on the power play getting cross ice passes from the right side from Mogilny or vice versa?

For the 3rd line right wing I would sign Scott Pellerin a good two way winger with killer speed and who is fantastic on the penalty kill. “Stumpy” would have been perfect here but well he is gone now!

Tell what you think of these ideas and give me some of yours!

Written: anotherleaf-fan

Question For Buffalo Sabers Fans?

I am from Detroit and a Red Wings fan. I, along with the rest of the city, am excited about Dominick joining our team. I am a little sad however about the loss of Kozlov who has been one of my favorite Red Wings. In all of the excitement about the big trade it seems that Kozzie has been lost in the shuffle. I was interested in how Sabers fans felt about Kozlov and what you expect from him this year. He is a good player, especially in the playoffs, who has been underachieving the past few years. I feel that it is possible with some increased playing time and responsibility in Buffalo Kozlov may return to the 30-goal club again this year.

Written by: cantonphil

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