3 Ds go down, Detroit shoppers again?

Scotty Bowman reported on Team 1270 that Datsyuk went to the hospital with a leg injury last night after the game with Calgary. X-Rays won’t be in until Friday, and depending on the outcome Detroit could make another big deal due to losing Draper and Dandenault on the same day.

Scotty Bowman has been a pretty reliable source on trade rumors in the NHL in the past couple of weeks. He called the Zhamnov and Lang trades over the past couple of weeks, and he now thinks the Wings could make another deal. Bowman didn’t name names, but the buzz in Detroit is it could be Lindros in a Wings uniform. Yzerman has campaigned for him in the past and he would fit in nicely with Lang and Dats down the middle in the playoffs.

This all hinges on the severity of Datsyuk’s injury, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Ken Holland pulls another trade by Monday.

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  1. NHLER21 says:

    again i say suckssouth why bother to reply.Your thoughts of reason suck and so do you. Please find a hobby for your own sake before you completetly lose it.

  2. vladiator says:

    sorry bignorth…out of town a couple of days… based on straight statistics, your arguments are all correct. nhler21 has no leg to stand on.

    nhler21: you are right in that all teams have had to deal with injuries, but there is no team other than the kings who have lost more man games than detroit. i think i saw just this morning that they’ve lost over 300. to be able to continue to win with that much manpower lost is a testament to the management, coaching, farm system, and players. here’s how remarkable it is. the kings roster was pretty stacked, and while their farm system is good bc they’re still in the hunt for the playoffs, the redwings are in first bc of the play of their minor leaguers.

    another thing to note is that the wings have much less turn over year in and out than other teams. that translates into a tighter knit group that truly is a team. the last time they won the cup, they only acquired a depth defensemen that didn’t even play in the playoffs.

    you need to learn to seperate fact from fiction.

  3. vladiator says:

    you just proved my point you dumbass. the rangers are more active, which shows you can’t buy the cup. the rangers couldn’t even make the playoffs and they had the most star studded line-up in the league….

    thank you dumb *****

  4. NHLER21 says:

    really talk about a stupid mother *****er the last time they won the cup they acuired hull,robilltie(sp),hasek all in the offseason. please stop posting your garbage and stop trying to play the hero ***** boy

  5. MNWinger39 says:

    You talk tough for a little girl, I think your parents need to have YOU off the computer. Your probally a St Louis fan that is all mad because Nashville “a very talented team in my book” is beating you in the standings and your on the verge of no making the play-offs. Quit crying!

  6. vladiator says:

    you’re right, they did acquire them in the off-season. hull was wanted in dallas, hasek wanted out of buffalo, so they traded kozlov for him, and since they lost kozlov they got lucky luc. but acquisitions in the off season are a much different subject than trade deadline rentals. rentals are brought in for temporary fixes…and is the biggest indication someone is trying to “buy” something in the near future when they don’t intend on signing them. off season acquisitions are long term investments. on top of that all teams make acquisitions in the off-season either through trade or draft or free agency. this is how it is for every team, and to say that the wings are wrong in what they do when every other team does the same thing is foolish. furthermore, nearly every team in the hunt for the playoffs has been more active this year and the last couple at the trade deadline than the wings have…toronto is a big example of that.

    one question that bignorth asked you that you never answered was what team do you support? well, who is it puss boy? you can use all the mother*****ers or whatever else you want to call us, but it doesn’t change the fact that you are a puss and can’t reveal who you back, and that you are a complete dumb-*****. do some research. if anything that you had to say were even remotely true, then it would be talked about at every televised game…how mike illitch was ruining hockey…but the truth of the matter is that nothing of that sort is being discussed.

  7. NHLER21 says:

    Listen virginator.At least i don’t expect others to fight my battles.Your thought are your and nobody else here backs them.I’ve seen many articals on the redwings and their inability to stay competive without the free agency.As for your opinion on every teams use free agency is bullshit.The wings could not win a cup before they started buying players and now they can’t stop so the cba will make them.Please next time kepp it short ansd please at all cost stick to the topic virginator.Oh yeah because you trade draft picks and pick up high priced players does not mean your team and management know what their doing only that teams realize they can’t compete with mike illitch money as most owners can’t,so teams trade their stars so they don’t come away empty handed when their stars go to the rich and very pricy wings.Detroit and the rangers have messed up the free agency climate over the last decade with their frivaless spending.Most owners are worried about the cba’ but not the frivaless spending wings who keep buying player after player.This stuff needs to end because unlike you I actualy know how to see between the lines.I don’t except a person of low intelligence like your self to understand this concept and forgive you for your ignorance.

  8. bignorth says:

    I’d like to say that I back him. Your the only one on your own. Who cares what articles you’ve read. Articles are meant to express one’s opinion. What’s the difference between Bozo the Clown writing an article and you. What players are on the Wings team right now that they got from free agency?…Hatcher; hasn’t players since the third game, Joseph; been injured half the season, Hull; only consistent player they’ve had from free agency, Whitney; didn’t really even pay much for this guy, Thomas; was injured for more than a month. The players they ‘buy’ would be the guys they have lost for half the season.

    Your comment about the Wings trading draft picks, but not really knowing what they’re doing. I’d like to see 4/5 of the rest of the league be able to pull off the trades the Wings have. Don’t even say that they could because they haven’t. I’ll go with what they’ve done, not with what you say they can. Stars like Hatcher, and Joseph, and Whitney sign with the Wings because they want to win. Pay attention when you watch Sportscenter. You might learn why Detroit has as many stars as they do. Again, I say Detroit hasn’t messed up free agency. They’ve signed five big name players in the last 3-4 years. Wow, I can really see the effect its made on F.A. It really messed it up didn’t it? You whine about the Wings buying players. 7of the 8 teams in a playoff spot right now in the East has traded for a “big” name players, along with their paycheck. They Wings aren’t the only one who spend money. You try to make it seem like they have twice the payroll as everyone else in the league. They don’t. Shut up. Stop talking. Your vision is blurry. You talk about low intelligence, but you can’t even spell accept correctly. (You spelled it except). Stop. I win. So does Vlads.

  9. NHLER21 says:

    the virginator and suckssouth sounds like a anal disese. Please your probably his b@tch or maybe it’s the other why maybe he’s your b@tch. neither of you have proven anything accept that the wings do have twice the payroll of the rest of the league their our only a handful of teams like this detroit is one of them.Please come with something other then the same thing post after post.Your no more a true fan of the game of hockey then bozo the clown.If you actually knew any thing about hockey you would know that it was never meant to be this way. Tampa bay is a 32 million dollar team and isn’t it funny how you said that they dont over spend considering that detroit is behind them in points and unlike detroit they made it to the second round of the post bowman era.

  10. NHLER21 says:

    Just one more thing most teams that made trades didn’t sign a bunch of free agents in the offseason. Detroit and it’s owner have no clue as to what they our doing with out bowman.Face it detroit is just a over spending can’t win a thing without the money team.When detroit can put a team on the ice thats price tag is closer to the rest of the league then and only then will you prove your point. ottawa 43 million,philly 42 million,colorado 52 million,tampa bay 32 million,toronto 50 million,vancover 45 million,san jose 38 million. I just listed the top 4 teams from each confrence every other team other then detroit look very close in payroll. So see my post is accurate and you are just trying to deny that the wings can only win when they spend money. If they could win with a cheaper payroll they would any owner will tell you that.

  11. bignorth says:

    You abandoned logical arguing a long time ago. I win.

  12. NHLER21 says:

    i guess one goal from a 72+million dollar team is logical. Please you just can’t come to grip with the reality that your team showed just how important free agents and restricted free agents are to their team by losing lang tonight and tying a game at home against a team with half its payroll.

  13. vladiator says:

    actually the point that has been proven is what we’ve been saying all along…you can’t buy success in the nhl. tampa is a success story, but is also in the minority on the other end of the spectrum. have you not seen all the trades lately. almost every playoff team has added multiple players except for the wings…one…lang.

    question, do you go around to the other “big spenders” message boards and post the same nonsense? boards like the rangers, leafs, stars, avs, senators, isles, etc, and post your nonsense about trying to “buy” the cup? with your arguments, you lead one to believe that whomever your team is, that they’ve never made a trade or bought a free agent. there is no team in the league that fits that discription. so tell me, you juvenile, dimwitted idiot, what unlucky team gets to consider you a fan? like bignorth stated…we win, you lose!

  14. NHLER21 says:

    f@ck off you are now making excusses for your team but i wouldn’t expect anything less from a wing fan. See i grew up in that sh@t hole called detroit and never liked them to begin with.Why not have mike illitch take all that excessive money he spent on the wings and put it to good use on that sh@t of a city you call home.

  15. vladiator says:

    mike illitch is committed to building the best team possible to try and win, and to put a product on the ice that brings the fans, and if that means spending more than others, he’s going to do it. that does not, however, guarantee the team wins, or he gets a return on his money. all major sports owners know that there is a big chance they will not make the money back that they invest in their team. perfect example, last year, illitch lost millions because the team did not perform (showing once again that you can’t “buy” the cup). there are other owners that can afford to invest the same amount of money in their teams, but they choose not to because the fact is, most would not make their money back, and that loss doesn’t sit well with some. also, fan support has a lot to do with it. for example, regardless of how far the devils go every year, the owner would lose a tremendous amount of money if he spent the same as illitch bc the gate at their rink is one of the lowest in the nhl…pretty sad for such a great organization. i could go on, but i really don’t think you comprehend reality.

  16. vladiator says:

    awe, poor baby, i’m so sorry you had a shitty childhood, but how is that illitch’s fault? once again, can you show me one team that doesn’t make off season acquisitions, or trades…a team that only builds throught the draft? and, please share with us, what unlucky team gets to claim your support? who is your mystery team puss boy? once again, we win, you lose!

  17. NHLER21 says:

    I suppose overspending year after year, after year, after year, is reality. The fact is your team allows players to come over and demand what they want because teams like detroit pay that. See teams with cost efficent owners are the way to a more level playing field. With a cap players will not be able to demand so much cause teams like the rangers and wings wont be able to over spend on a single player with worry of losing two because of the cap, more or less the frivaless spending will stop and we will see a different not so good wings team. Put that in your crack pipe (I’m sure you have) and smoke that virginator.

  18. NHLER21 says:

    See once again I’m not *****ing about building a strong team but your team never seems to quit spending like I said the top four in each conference was listed with there payroll detroit is the only team not in the same price range give or take a few million. As to a bad childhood? I grew up just fine a never wanted for anything. I never said it was bad just that I had lived their to be honest my mother in law is a die hard wing fan.So please forgive me if I feel that the Wings are a prime reason for a cap.

  19. bignorth says:

    I know. You hate Detroit…you won’t give us the team you like…you complain about them being able to spend money…what part of Chicago are you from?

  20. NHLER21 says:

    So smart or should i say thinks is smart.Detroit is a spend, spend, and spend more team.If not for deep pockets the wings would not be where they are.See you talk about playing with your farm players,but what would have happened if they were already playing and those injurys happened? See detroit only use their farm players when one of the many stars go down with injury. When most play with them all the time.So please at least post some sort of real hockey related topic or shut the hell up already.Why not do us all a favor sucksouth take you and virginator and go be whatever it is you two our.

  21. NHLER21 says:

    If you win why bother replying then suckssouth?Go smoke another crack rock you hood rat.

  22. bignorth says:

    I win. Don’t bother to reply.

  23. NHLER21 says:

    Like your opinion matters.People don’t really matter from detroit unless theres a crack convention where you probable reign supreme do to your vast knowledge and experince with it.So like i said go and smoke a rock you crack baby you.

  24. 19Yzerman says:

    You are so worked up about the Red Wings that you left out the Y in STANLEY CUP and you also should have used Caps so that those words stand out.You also used a word out of context.Its ARE not OUR because its quite apparent that you are no Wings Fan.Perhasp you should be barking up the Rangers tree about high payroll and a bad record and the Blackhawks tree about the drought.Since I have seen the RED WINGS wins THE STANLEY CUP 3 times in my life I can say there is one thing I would like to see more.Is you telling any REAL NHLer that they are a Soft Mer Fer.Your inferior intellect speaks for itself.Next time you post something I suggest you proof read and screen out your erros. Buying the CUP has not happend since Fredrick Aurther Stanley purchased it for 10 guinies ($50).using a high payroll only serves to put you in good standing to have a chance to win.

  25. NHLER21 says:

    Looks whos talking about misspelling. What is a perhasp anyway?You need to shut up and know your role B@TCH. Hows that for a stand out? Please you have no clue to what you are saying.

  26. 19Yzerman says:

    Yes there are 2 S’s and 2 L’s .Perhaps is in there also look it up.Mr Webster wrote the book called a dictionary for people like you to use.Individuals who think they know everything don’t end up using them. use this web address to discover your true IQ. http://web.tickle.com/tests/uiq/ I am quite sure you will not be a stand out there.I bet you would be affraid to discover how low your score would be and would rather not face that fact.Lanch sucks peter”s foreskin and so do you.

  27. 19Yzerman says:

    NHLER21 is a proud NY Rangers fan.

  28. NHLER21 says:

    Yes you did have a mispelling. Please your insane babbling is funny at best.Seen you have appeared and have chosen this path then so be it,but don’t mistake my kindness for weakness BUDDY. If what you were saying was true about the wings why bother to respond.My opinion is the same and haven’t wavered from it.Please do you really think anybody on this site really gives two sh!ts about you or your soft,old,over spending,slow a@s team.

  29. NHLER21 says:

    Yeah there you go. Didn’t I tell you to SHUT UP AN KNOW YOUR ROLL BIT@H!!!! You come out here trying to act like you know something about hockey and all you have done was make a joke of you and your home town team.Go crawl back in to the hole in the wall you *****roach before your terminated!!!!

  30. 19Yzerman says:

    Datsuk is still learning english so it would be a while before he would wear the “C”.I think Hatcher at age 31 would be the most likely one.With or without any of the above mentioned departures. Well OK Lidstrom if he stayed.Its the possibility of he going that makes Hatcher seem more likely.Lang is 33, McCarty is 31, Whitney is 31, Schneider is 34,How about Fisher at 23?? This is something that the Wings have with Yzerman that may not happen for a long time if ever again.A Captain of the same NHL hockey team for 17 years.

  31. NHLER21 says:

    I told you nobody cares about your opinion.Leave you sack of dog sh!t go back to the hood you rat.

  32. bignorth says:

    When have I ever said I was from Detroit? Never, because I’m not. I win. Because I WIN I get the last say. You lose. You shut up.

  33. NHLER21 says:

    Your a hood rat don’t try to deny it. Crawl back to the hood SHUT AND KNOW YOUR ROLE BIT@H. You will never win. Your just a low life detroit hood rat like the rest of that city of thrash.

  34. 19Yzerman says:

    Mike Ilitch is in the Hockey Hall of fame.Thats a reality.The silly notion that the NHL has been offering The Stanley Cup for purchase?Now that is a FALLACY.

  35. NHLER21 says:

    Mike illitch is in the hall of fame for what he did for hockey as a whole not because of what he did for detroit you FU#KING IDIOT.Your just another hood rat thats reality you knowing anything about hockey thats funny.

  36. 19Yzerman says:

    Mike illitch is in the hall of fame for what he did for hockey as a whole????Ilitch is in the Hall of Fame and that is a reality.Thats all I said.You jumped to your own conclusion about how I figured he got there on your own because that your nature.Funny?I think its funny to watch you get all worked up and post your profanity which is also your nature.Now that your spelling ,grammar and punctuation have improved.If you can lose that chip on your shoulder and have a debate without trying to dish out a classic NHLER21 typo bashing for everyone.You MIGHT be worthy of some future correspondence.For now YOUR TERMINATED!!!

  37. NHLER21 says:

    Please your nothing more then some low life hood rat out of detroitthe city of thrash.I’m not sure what makes you think I care if you like me or my opinion don’t much care if you do or don’t. What ever you do though try and be a little smarter about your battles.I have no idea why I bother to go in to a battle of witts with someone whos unarmed. Please take your punk AS@ back to the getto boy.

  38. bignorth says:

    I’ve been to Detroit three times in my life-all for Red Wing games. If you try to continue saying I’m from Detroit, then it only says you’re some little kid from New Jersey or something and don’t know how to give up arguing. I’ve won every argument we’ve had by disproving what you’ve tried to say. I have no need to prove anything. I prove my arguments indirectly by disproving yours. Therefore I win. Just stop.

  39. NHLER21 says:

    Your from detroit you probable live in a ghetto as@ house with your getto as@ family.Please take your as@ home to your ghetto as@ tv and Ghetto as@ family and eat your self a pot pie BIT@H. Your thoughts are poor and unfounding, and you only keep proving how stupid and retarded you are.

  40. bignorth says:

    Stop. I win.

  41. NHLER21 says:

    Listen hood rat take your BIT@H AS@ back to the hood and smoke another rock.Please your a piece of detroit trash you suck and so does your team.

  42. bignorth says:

    Actually I’m from Cadillac Michigan. It’s three and a half hours away from Detroit…in northern Michigan just in case you’re too dumb to figure it out. If you’ve ever studied pyschology what you have is known as displacement. You place the feelings you have that you are too ashamed of to identify and place them on someone else, in case, me. Indeed, you are the one who is actually from Detroit. You are a hood rat, and smoke rock…whatever that is. You are the one who is Detroit trash. And it is you who actually sucks, no implications made, and so does your team, probably Chicago, or whatever team that may be. I’ll be the man and stop talking because you are useless. I should’ve stopped talking back when you stopped arguing the Red Wings and started talking gibberish about you being from Detroit. Good luck to whatever team you like…good luck to you wherever you are from…and I pray you mature when you try to talk to people. Amen.

  43. NHLER21 says:

    Actually your from the ghetto and your nothing more then white hood thrash from detroit.Your a BIT@H who smokes rocks and know nothing about pyschology or displacement, your displacement is your inabilty to find a home other then thatr trash infested city of detroit your no more from cadilliac then me.stop trying to make you sound more then you are .Please know your roll and shut up BIT@H.Your a hood rat and white ghetto trash for sure, you probable live in the white trash trailer court in detroit makes sense since your probable out getting a rock as i write this.

  44. NHLER21 says:

    Your probable a crack whore who works 8 mile and woodard.please your probable a toothless crack whore nothing more so please take your whore as@ home to the ghetto know your role and shut your mouth accept when your sucking dic@ that is you ghetto AS@ whore.

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