3 is a crowd

With the trade freeze ending, speculation is that the NY Islanders will not keep three goalies on their roster for much longer.

The easiest way to correct the situation would be to send Rick DiPietro back to the minors, however it is also apparent that the Islanders want to get a good look at him or showcase him so that they can justify the trades they made a few years back sending Luongo and Weekes away. They are also 3 games under .500 and several points out of a playoff position. If they want to make a move, now is the time.

The Boston Bruin scouts have again been seen trailing DiPietro around, especially in his two starts. They would love to bring the beantown boy back home. Supposedly, they are offering Kyle McClaren and another player to make this happen.

The St. Louis Blues scouts have also been mentioned as been seen at Islander games recently, supposedly taking a good look at Chris Osgood. Osgood is used to the central division and would provide St. Louis a good goalie tandem. With the Blues recently dumping Barrasso, this speculation might be true. I think this would be the best option for the Isles depending on what St. Louis offers because it would allow DiPietro to get a fair shot at becoming the number 1 goalie while having an experienced Garth Snow to tutor him if he falters, and it would rid the Isles of about $2 million in salary considering the season is about half over depending on what the Isles get back.

Speaking of Garth Snow, Vancouver is said to be looking to bolster their goaltending situation and have made inquiries into reacquiring Snow, however Snow does not make that much and hasn’t played a lot, so I don’t think the Isles would get much back. I don’t think anything will happen with this rumor. This would make a 2 headed monster of DiPietro and Osgood fighting for time. Eventually that would wear thin because both deserve to be number 1 goalies.

If the Islanders were to move Snow, I would package him and a solid prospect (Raffi Torres or Trent Hunter) to Buffalo for Mirolslav Satan. Buffalo needs to acquire veteran goaltending which Snow would provide at a relatively cheap cost and reduce their overall cost to help the sale of their franchise go through. Satan wants to leave and could become a restricted free agent at years end. If that were to happen, Buffalo would be stuck because no team is going to unload a ton of talented cheap prospect or picks for a player to keep Buffalo within the league mandated salary structure and Buffalo can’t take on tremendous salary to acquire a solid veteran. So a package of a young almost NHL ready player and a goalie for a player who wants to leave and would reduce payroll is a good move. The Islanders could then pair Satan with Yashin and Weinhandl producing a scary number 1 line.

What do you think?

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  1. Leaf_Expert says:

    To Islander: Tellqvist, Pilar and a 1st rounder…

    To Toronto: DiPietro

    What da hell, we got nough prospects Dipietro wouldn’t hurt….

  2. Tradedude says:

    AND A 1st ROUNDER?

  3. StarsFan1 says:


    This is as bad as some Leafs rumors. Come on Satan is worth about 100x as much as Snow and a prospect will be. Buffalo has Biron and that other young goalie they don’t need Snow.

  4. fleury14NYRCHI says:

    i think they dumbest of all is the Blues…they have Brent Johnson AND Fred Braithwate…thats one damn good goalie tandem

  5. IslesFan11 says:

    Isles need to dump Osgood while he’s playing well. They could maybe get a good prospect or 2 or package him with somebody else and bring in a solid LW to play with Yashin.

    DiPietro has shown he can play at this level. Chris Osgood has been too inconsistent to get this team anywhere, I think they should take the chance on DiPietro. He went 1st overall for a reason!

  6. Seattleaf says:

    3 things making that lopsided…

    1.) Never underestimate Tellqvist. He’s been taking his sweet time readjusting to North American hockey, but he’s a solid future number 1 goalie.

    2.) You of all people should KNOW that Karel Pilar is a superstar d-man in the making. He showed that in the playoffs with his leadership and grit, until his smashed his hand.

    3.) IF… and that’s a big IF that were to happen… why tack on a 1st rounder??? Don’t you think that’s enough to make NYI happy?

    Leafs are the last team to need goaltending though. Belfour’s a solid starter now. Kidd will hold over until either Centomo or Tellqvist steps up.

  7. bsfan1914 says:

    im sorry kyle mclaren and and another player…….????????? NOOOOOO i love dipietro but hes unexperienced in the nhl and not worth that much

  8. mikster says:

    DiPietro will be the better goalie.

    Milbury thinking “Hmm….Pilar or a better d-man..i’ll take better d-man”. Pilar is a good defenseman, but not the best he can get.

  9. mikster says:

    As far as i know, nothing makes sense here. The Isle’s are starting to win…no need to really make a trade; same with the Bruins.

    Don’t forget, Raycroft is also a good goalie…not better than DiPietro, but if the Bruins acquire Rick, then Rick is stuck again in the minors and O’Connell has the bigger problem in trying to trade either Grahame or Shields when Hackett and others are already on the block.

    St. Louis would rather choose Hackett, possibly. I know i would. Osgood is a good goalie but when comparing the two so far this season….meh, Hack would be my first choice. Also though, depends how much Montreal and New York wants in return though.

    Why would the Sabres want Snow when they have three young goalies and trying to get rid of one already? That’s a no no and obviously Satan would not be given up so easily.

    Right now, nothing will really happen. I think the best hope the Isle’s have is for a team like Tampa to suffer an injury in Khabibulin.

  10. Aetherial says:


    Do you or have you ever worked with Bob Clarke? You two seem to have the same feelings about goaltending.

  11. caskade says:

    the other thing people may not know about the situation:

    the big deal over bringing up dipietro was his salary…. if he performed well enough, his bonuses would add up to almost two million for the year… and the controversy was over carrying that salary on top of osgood and snow.


    kevin haller, defenseman for the isles and currently on the injured list, has now missed 30 games this season. this means that the insurance company picks up his 1.75 million salary for the year…. surprisingly at the same time the decision was made to bring up dipietro.

    this almost two million reduction in team salary makes it a lot less pressing for the isles to trade or dump anyone for any reason…. and has been already pointed out here, they are starting to win and show the “swagger” peca mentions they felt they had last season.

    dipietro was brought up not to showcase anyone for trade, but to pressure the current team to perform. if snow and osgood could be replaced, what does that say to most of the young, unproven talent on the team? says pick your butts up or you could be next.

    and it seems, so far, to have worked.

    the isles can carry all three if necessary and now have the option to move snow if a trade makes sense for them, or just return dipietro to the minors if osgood picks up his game.

    personally, i would love to see osgood go. he’s a weak link with no clutch game…. but i think the move to bring up dipietro was a motivational one, and with the salary freed up from Haller’s contract, was never a monetarily pressing situation to get rid of anyone.

  12. nskerr says:

    Although everything you say is true, the one problem with 3 NHL goalies is that one has to sit. Most of the time it is Snow. He has been in the press box for 3 out of the last 4 games. It is true DiPietro has motivated the other two, but he is also devaluing Snow. I would hold onto DiPietro and try to get rid of Snow for this year. If he sits in the box, what will a team pay for him? A 4th round pick. That won’t help. The other thing is that if Osgood is the one to go or DiPietro is sent down, how sharp will Snow be? He hasn’t played in 2 weeks. You can’t expect hm to come in and pitch a shutout. That’s why this rotation has to end, otherwise the Islanders won’t get as much value back in a trade or their goalies won’t be as sharp as possible.

  13. Bluesrock7 says:

    unless st. louis can get a goaltender like Brodeur, they won’t change what they have. Johnson has been awesome since returning.

  14. caskade says:

    oh i totally agree with the rotation ideal…. three wont be carried for long. my main point was that there is no pressure to really get rid of any of them as far as keeping them in the organization…. that the bleak picture everyone is painting over the goalie/salary woes of the islanders and the need to deal dipietro is all bull…. the isles, as long as the team picks up its game as it seems to have done, is in the control booth when it comes to what happens with dipietro, snow, and osgood – so i wouldnt look for dipietro in a boston uniform anytime soon. fact is, as good as mcklaren is, i think the defensive tandems on the islanders are fine – actually some of the best underrated defensemen in the league. and dipietro has already demonstrated a very willing attitude towards doing what he has to do to be that #1 when it is his time, whether it be go back to the minors or play in the big game…. everything i hear and read says he has matured quite a bit from the brash egomania of his youth, and is being very much a “team player” when it comes to waiting out his chance, regardless of what that means to where he will play. i think he knows as well as anyone that with the inconsistent play of osgood and his turning down of the contract offered this summer for a LONGER one…. (wouldnt that have been a bitch if he had taken that three year deal…. isles would have REALLY been screwed)….. chances are he wont be in an isles uniform next year anyway. all the rick has to do is wait and keep burning up the minors.

    personally, i think dipietro/snow tandem is the answer… but i fear nobody is dumb enough to pick up osgood at this point.

  15. beckfan says:

    when has dipietro shown he can play in this league? hes appeared in 22 games and has a record of 4-16. thats not proven bro!

  16. acebailey says:

    As the Boston Globe stated recently (Boston.com) the Bruins will only move Mclarren for a top 30% goaltender, and none of the guys the Isles have fit that profile. Plus I think DiPietro is nearing the end of his contract. So if the Bruins are looking at Rick, it is for next year.

    This trade however does make sense to me:

    To Carolina: McLarren and Thomas

    To Boston: Irbe, Cole, and Tanabe

    Kyle is not playing right now, so the Bs have nothing to lose as long as it is a good deal for them, and Thomas was the best goalie at the last 2 (Boston) Bruins camps, however he has to play 2nd fiddle to Raycroft in Proivence so he can develop. Also it is widely known that the Canes have lost faith in their goaltending prospect Peltier.

    Weekes is the new #1 guy, and Irbe has made it clear that he will play in Latvia for free before he will be paid to be a #2 guy in the NHL. Cole is known to be on the trade block, and Canes mgnt doesn’t like Tanabe.

    This trade would help both teams, and it would take somthing like this to get Kyle.

  17. IslesFan11 says:

    I wouldn’t trade DiPietro for McLaren if I was Milbury. McLaren, first of all, isn’t even that good. He’s a crease – clearing guy, and they Isles definately could use a player like that. But he also does not put up big numbers and he hasn’t played at all this year, so he’s going to be rusty. DiPietro played really well in his 2 starts this season and has the potential to be at least an All-Star goalie in the NHL. Not to mention that he’s the best puck handling goalie in the NHL next to Brodeur. He’s like a 3rd defenseman on the ice. If I was Milbury, I’d keep this kid. There’s no reason to give up another franchise goaltender.

  18. IslesFan11 says:

    McLaren would also only be the 4th or probably 5th defenseman on the Isles and he’s injury prone. How can that be worth a future All-Star goaltender?

  19. NYIchooch75 says:

    You know…I’m sick of everyone ripping the value of DiPietro, yet touting someone like McLaren or the prospects the Leafs fan mentioned. Gimme a break. DiPietro is going to be a star in the NHL. Deal with it. There are no two ways about it. This isn’t Kloucek, Brendl or Dvorak we’re talking about. This is a great puck moving goalie who is 21 years old. He is only going to get better. Look who Oulette brought at the deadline to Philly last year….OATES! He isn’t half the player DiPietro is. McLaren on the other hand is a big defenseman WHO HASN’T PLAYED IN OVER 8 MONTHS!!! C’mon!!! How could anyone with any hockey sense say anything about McLaren?!!! The guy at best right now is worth a 3rd round pick! NOTE TO BRUINS FANS>>> HE WASN’T THAT GREAT TO BEGIN WITH. One of the best minor league prospects is RICK DiPIETRO. If not the best. Milbury is not goig to trade him for Bonk, McLaren, Arvedson or any other two-bit overhyped, overpaid player. As for Osgood…he has been playing very well lately. Take away the Islanders 6 game losing streak and the team is 4 games over .500. There is no urgency yet on the Island. If anything, the Isles will ship DiPietro back to the minors until something comes along that blows Mibury away (Kovalev, Samsanov, etc.). They are not the hapless Rangers…they will not trade away young talent o satisfy the media. So everyone out there talking McLaren up…fuck off. The guy, like I said earlier, HASN’T PLAYED IN EIGHT MONTHS!!! And he is overrated anyway!

  20. IslesFan11 says:

    Good post, you made a lot of sense. Although I think DiPietro should be the starter. The Isles are a young team, it’s the perfect time to get him in there, he played awesome against the Caps. There’s nothing else for him to learn in Bridgeport.

  21. NYIchooch75 says:

    If they don’t rush to make a trade, sending him down at least buys time. Ijust hope he doesn’t trade value for McLaren. Why doesn’t he just sign Van Impe for depth? If one of the goalies brings back some offense, then fine. Just not Bonk. Besides, Osgood has been fine the last couple of weeks, and he has won the team some games, too. I just get tired of everyone else saying how great their teams prospects are…nameley all the Leaf and Rangers and Habs youngsters. The fact of the matter is DiPietro is one of the top 3 prospects in all of hockey. Every expert on ESPN and the newspapers says it, but because some Leaf fans and Rangers fans hate the Isles, it not true? They should just start another HTR for them so the rest of us fans can be left the hell alone.

  22. acebailey says:

    Dipietro is valuable as a player who will be great in a few years, but he has no value to a team that needs a #1 guy now.

  23. caskade says:

    dipietro was returned to bridgeport this morning.

  24. caskade says:

    dipietro was returned to bridgeport this morning.

  25. beckfan says:

    First of all, Dipietro hasnt proven anything yet, so hes not that sick. Just look at Jamie Lundmark ok. Excelent in the minors but hasnt contributed on the big team. Second, when has anyone out here said the Rangers have good prospects? They dont have much as far as im concerned. Dont go off on Ranger fans unless you have a proven beef w/ them.

  26. NYIchooch75 says:

    Before you get defensive, all I have heard the last year and a half that I’ve been on HTR is how great Lundmark is, how aewsome Kloucek was, how good Mottau is going to be, how “steady” Rem Murray is and how he can be a leader for the team. A prospect is just that, a prospect! I have never ripped apart Lundmark. And I know damn well DiPietro hasn’t proven anything in the two games he has played in this year. But he has all the makings to be a very good, if not great goalie. He is quick, makes the big save when needed and moves the puck up the ice exceptionally well. He is like having a 3rd defenseman out there. So relax, I was merely making a point that DiPietro has a lot of value around the league.

    What has McLaren done besides trying to take a guys head of with 2 minutes left in a three goal game and then demand a trade after the season. Did I mention he hasn’t played ANYWHERE in the last 8+ months? At least DiPietro has been playing in the minors.

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