#1: Need a goal scorer period M.Hossa especially that ryder is leaving we’re going to need a right winger that could put it in the net

#2: Need a shut down player someone big and good in faceoffs someone cheap not to expensive like C.Gratton in tampa i still think Handzus has potential to be a #2 center he always has good ability in philly and chicago when he played but to expensive for the risk

#3: We big time need a DEFENSEMAN a shut down tough defenseman that could play minutes i don’t know why people don’t talk about B.Jackman more this guy hits hard and fights nasty player plus will sign for 3.5 million to 4million something like rivet signed except he’s younger and stronger go get him
IF NOT HIM THEN D.BOYLE check what other’s are offering and check what tampa is asking

well those are my assesments what do you ppl think???
those that think we can’t afford to get those players we actually can we have enough room to get all of them and the prospects to get them, but if we can make the deals make the hossa and gratton trade we need those big time defense we could work with if the forwards help them


  1. Habfan17 says:

    If you can believe everything you read, Ryder will be traded. Hossa would be nice if a) He agrees to sign a contract before he is traded, b) Mtl could get him for Ryder, Grabovski, and a second round pick next year, or first round pick in 2009. This draft is supposed to be very good so I wouldn't want to trade the 1st round pick this year. The 2009 draft is also supposed to be strong, but if things keep going well, it won't be in the top 15 picks anyway!

    A shut down centre would be nice to fill in until Chipchura develops a bit more, as long as it doesn't take too much to get one. Manny Malhotra might be an option. It may be worth Mtl's effort to try to get Malhotra and Svitov for Perezhogin and Kostopoulus or Locke. Svitov is young (24) skilled, and big ( 6'3", 228lbs) With Kovalev as a mentor and with Plekanec, and the Kostitsyn's, he may feel more comfortable and reach his potential. Perezhogin doesn't want to play here anyway.

    Barret Jackman may be a good addition, but there is an injury issue with him. Jay McKee might be a better bet if Mtl were to trade with STL. Remember what he did for Buffalo. I think he would be great in the playoffs. He loves to block shots. STL may accept Gorges and Dandenault for him. Or, it might be better to send a late round draft pick to Philly for Denis Gauthier. He hits hard and could take some of the pressure off of Komisarek.

  2. percussio says:

    It all comes down to cost.

    Is it truly worth sacrificing your youth for a playoff push ? How many teams have we seen throw their picks and prosepects away, completely giving up their future and not making it far in the playoffs AND not even getting to the playoffs next year.

    I agree that we need some real scoring on Koivus line. Higgins seems to be waking up finally and Saku working a little harder but this line needs to be a scoring threat and take attention away from Plecaneks line. So landing Hossa AT THE RIGHT PRICE, Im all in favor of it.

    What are we trading for a shut down player ? Is it Smolinski and some lower pick, sure why not. Anything bigger than that, no thanks.
    Chipchura will be our 2 way center heading the 3rd line next year. Why waste picks and prospects.

    Defenseman ? Another 4 million dollars on a Dman ?! What about O'Byrne at 6'5 230 lbs who gets an average 3 hits and 3 blocked shots a game, only 22 years old and costs $600 000. Nobody says to get rid of Komisarek and it took him 4 years to get to where he is, Ryan has played 13 games.

    You did calculate that you have to sign other players next year right, unless this guy would purely be a rental. Then again the question is, how much do you pay for a rental.

    Not Gaineys mentality. You win as a team, as a corps, not with mercenarries. Where are peoples pride these days ? This "new" NHL is gutless when it comes to this increasing trend of hiring mercenaries.

    We can throw away our future for some wilthing hope in the playoffs and Im sorry, but we arent winning the cup, the top contenders will have a field day with us.

    Or, you can wait till the free agency to sign key players, get rid of some UFAs and dead weight (Brisebois, Smolinski, Dandenault, Begin, Ryder) move some kids up (Chipchura, Valentenko) and be right on time for the Habs 100th anniversary, right on time with Gaineys plan. The organization we would be serious contenders by then, and we are right on time.

    So why waste what got us here in the first place … youth, intelligent drafting, a core of players with leadership and passion. Give the younger players some playoff experience and time to develop.

  3. habfan1 says:

    like were you're going with this but maybe we could go with two out the three needs you mentioned. i would love to see hossa here but atlanta is asking for the world. as for the lock down center grattons a good choice but i'd rather get  stoll or possibly svitov. on D the one name that catches my eye is brad stuart, i believe this guy would be a great rental with the potential to resign him. imagine a D core with komisarek- markov- hamrlik-o'byrne – bouillon/gorges and stuart (if he resigns) for the stretch and next season.so maybe we should focus on the lock down center and the defense men.

  4. percussio says:

    If he resigns, what do you do with Valentenko and Emelin, not to mention Fischer and McDonaugh and possibly Subban ?! 

    Look at Stuarts stats and +/- not to mention he's been benched for brain freezes in his own zone as well. I seriouly doubt he is better than most of the above mentioned players.

    Lets not forget the UFA status, the 3.5 million salary and the fact you have to trade something for this guy. No thanks, its a pass in my opinion.

  5. habfan1 says:

    he would be a great short term aquisition, until the young lions are ready. as for +/- and brain freezes that you mention, the guy plays for the L.A kings a team that not even rob blake looks happy to be in. like i said in the right invirement i believe he could get back the spark he once had with the sharks. i really like your knowledge on hockey and you put up great points to back what your saying , it's great to see that there's people outhere that still now how to watch this great game

  6. Habfan17 says:

    I agree, Stuart has been moved a few times and this worries me. If you noticed, I didn't propose moving any of the d-men you have mentioned.
    Gainey is smart and knows that a strong defence and great goaltending are key to winning the cup.

    With Markov, Komisarek, Hamirlik, and O'Byrne, Mtl has a strong group for the next 2 years until Valentenko, Fischer, and McDonough are ready. From what I hear, Emelin could play now, so if they get him over here for next season, he would have a year while Hamirlik should still be productive. I love Subbans' attitude and desire to help bring the cup to Mtl. His outspokeness is welcome. he REALLY WANTS to play in MTL I think that attitude would rub off on others and be worth more than points! Don't forget Carle, he is supposed to be very good offensively!!! This would make Bouillion, Gorges, Dandenault and Brisbois expendable if not this year, then during the off season.

    I do think Mtl could use a d-man for this year that would make opposing forwards nervous. If one of the youngbloods is ready ( Valentenko) great, if not, a late round pick for a guy like Gauthier could help, especially since guys are keying on Komisarek right now. With O'Byrne and Gauthier, there would be more deterents to opposing forwards!

    Gainey himself has mentioned on numerous occasions that he will get a strong face-off man if the current guys don't start winning face-offs. Again, I wouldn't want to trade solid prospects, and it seems that there are a few centres on the way. It may be better for MTL to forget Hossa, he will cost too much. Maybe Gainey could get Legwand for Ryder, Grabovski, and one of the spare parts (Dandenault/Kotsopolous). With the speed Legwand has on a line with Higgins and S. Kostitsyn, they would make a great 2nd line. With Koivu, Latendresse, and Lapierre on the 3rd line, and Begin, Streit and Smolinski on the 4th, there would be 4 balanced lines that would be hard to match during a long playoff run. Don't forget that there is Lahti in Hamilton who could replace a winger if need be. He is big ( 6'2" 200lbs), decent offensively ( 56 G.P, 20G, 16A, -3 +/-, 87 PIM ), and with the time to get used to the North American style, would probably fit in nicely!

  7. habsrock99 says:

    There's a reason why Nashville signed Legwand to a 6 year deal this year, becaue he's the cornerstone of the franchise and he won't be going anywhere otherwise Poile wouldn't have signed him.

  8. Vinnypleasecomehome says:

    We need Hossa and drum roll please…………….ZACK STORTINI!!! right now and a big name Canadian born center who can score 50 goals/100 pts in the offseason. Then, "Hello Lord Stanley, how've you been? I've been well thank you. Would you like a warm cup or Earl Grey?"

    simple as that.

  9. devo2121 says:

    Everyone keeps talking about the habbies landing Hossa before the deadline, and i think hossa's a great player but what about another star, forward.

    No one has even mentioned Olli Jokinen in a long time, plus he's a finnish born player, who played with koivu on team finland, in 2006 when they won silver.

    All in all i have nothing against hossa, but even though jokinen's price migght be higher i think it would be well worth it to pick up one of saku's fellow country men to get him on the score sheet again.

  10. habsrock99 says:

    Instead of Stortini, how about the new-Chris Nilan Danial Carcillo? The guy would be perfect as a Hab. And he's not a liability offensively like 90% of the Tough Guys are.

  11. yarfangor says:

    why we havn't mentioned Olli? Because we have an actual chance for Hossa, we are favored to get him. Olli is gonna go to toronto or calgary. And we need a complete player, the best player known to man, he scores, passes, makes incredible plays, literally a man who could turn ice into slushie wine. Who you may ask? JESUS BABY! WOOOOO…… Because honestly you can throw any name at Habs and sure he will look great here, but it wont happen, Hossa is plausible, thats it.

  12. KomPlete_Karnage says:

    In my humble opinion,the habs have their weaknesses in 3 roles,like yourself.

    Plan A:
    I really believe that Koivu,even if he had somewhat of a good game yesterday,is slowing down for good.I know he did amazing things,the battle with cancer,the comeback…But that's about his biggest feat in career,except MAYBE the year he was the first scorer but got injured.He is ,or was a good hockey player,but time and his illness got to him,and that shows.at this rate,he's going for 55-60 points,not sufficient enough if you consider his playing time.

    So I think if we shall make a pitch,we should look at Florida.Olli Jokinen is 6'3 225,scores,hits and he's tied for the two next years.But,you got to understand you won't get him cheap.A first pick in a strong draft seems pale,so you gotta add ALOT more.Streit could be expendable,since he's going to ask for 3 millions+/years at least for the next 2 years,since he's top 10 in points for a D.I don't think we need Lapierre,I think Chipchura will be the 3rd liner of the future for the Habs.But he's french,so I think that is a big + in MTL.

    But here's the thing,the Panthers would want more.Somebody like Chris Higgings,instead of Lapierre.The question is,would you make it?I ,for one,am not sure.Higgins is still really young,and remember that most american players blossoms later,due to a buttload of facts that you probably all know about.

    A good winger would be great,but on the second line(Considering Koivu is still there).Sergei K is fit for that role,but Dany Dube talked about putting him at center,and it kinda made sense to me.Great vision,great passer and a decent nose for the net,he would look great with a guy like…mmmmm…Prospal?Afinogenov?Guerin?Heck,I don't know…But I've heard a name in a lot of rumors and I would be very interested in getting this guy: ERIK FREAKIN COLE.THE HAB KILLER.Big,not scared to go in front of the net,gritty.Every goddamn thing we need.Period.Give them a good offensive D (Streit), and a struggling winger that could bounce back like Samsonov(Ryder).Ask for a low pick(4th-7th) if you can…

    And lastly,the other problem can be solved by substrastracting guys as regulars,and adding others…here's my idea of a good line-up,if we stand pat.

    A.Kostitsyn-Plekanec -Kovalev
    Higgins -S.Kostitsyn -Ryder/Koivu
    Begin -Smokes/Chips-Kostopoulos

    Reserve:Dandenault,sometimes Smolinsky.

    You roll 3 lines most of the times,Carbo,that's how we win Cups,do you ,as a player,remember playing 18 minutes in a Cup final game,Carbo?Hell no.Demers and Hitchkcok wouldn't have done that.

    and the D


    Reserve:Gorges and Brisebois : Both gone next year to many good D knocking at the NHL door:Valentenko,Carle,Subban,McDonagh,Fisher?Too much D,so see ya guys.


    Thanks,anybody is hearing any montreal journalists talking about Danny boy in Philly at -20???That's what I was thinking…

  13. Vinnypleasecomehome says:

    Koivu & Jokinnen are  both centers. I would accept a european winger like  Hossa but we need a Canadian born first line center that can wear the C and punch a face in and score.

  14. teezer6969 says:

    Well love comments from people but if you trade for these players you  have to resign them else dont get them for draft picks and prospects only if you trade prospects that wouldnt make the team anyways like a locke or milroy or ferland grabrovsky is to skinny and ryder wont sign here so my #1 move is get hossa but if we want to win we need a shut down center to play against teams best players….

  15. darcysucker says:

    you mentioned trading smolinski and a pick for someone, well Smolinski has a no trade clause, so you can't really trade him, we're stuck with him till the end of the season

  16. Canadiens81 says:

      It would be great if the Habs could get Erik Cole.  But I wouldn't trade away Streit.  Yes he has a poor +/- but he is good on the PP.  We should play him on the 4th line(He's played pretty good there) and put him on the point on the PP(We should do this next year when one of our many d-man prospects are ready to come up).  I know most Habs fans are hating on Latendresse but give him time he is still young.  They have him on the 3rd or 4th lines in a checking role when really he should be on the 3rd line with Sergei K. and a better center than Lapierre.  If we could get Cole and Hossa(in a perfect world) our lines could look like this:

    Andrei K.-Plekanec-Kovalev
    Latendresse-Koivu-Sergei K.


    I think we would go far in the playoffs.

  17. KomPlete_Karnage says:

    That's a dream lineup,i would sleep with Bob Gainey if he pulled that….

    I believer you think I want Streit out,but actually,he's one of my tops.BUT

    1:To get value,you gotta give value
    2:Markov,Komi,Hamrlik,O'byrne is the top 4 for next year….unless Big O goes.

    Your Cole-Higgins-Hossa line would be a killer…

    But look:

    Cole-S.Kostitsyn-Hossa doesn't look bad at all,if he would be willing to go at center,imagine the whirlwind caused by this line…

    If we really had Hossa+Cole,we would be in the East Finals against either OTT or NJ…If not,we should get eliminated in the second round(I hope not,but in all fairness)

  18. Canadiens81 says:

    I agree that if we had Cole and Hossa we would go far.  I'm hoping if we are able to get Hossa we won't have to give up Higgins.  I don't know if we would have to give for Cole I heard Carolina is trying to trade him anyways.  And I was thinking we could trade Bouillon instead of Streit seeing as he is not a free agent at the end of the year and thus wouldn't be a rental.  But I guess we will have to wait and see what Bob Gainey does. 

  19. percussio says:

    Jokinen IS the Florida Panthers … I think Jacques Martin goes before he does. I doubt that despite the rumours, he will be moved. You build around this guy, he's a true first line center.

    Sometimes all I want to do is move Koivu but year after year they keep him because he's the heart and soul of the team even though the Habs have some great leadership who are coming up.

    So imagine, if Koive stays, why would Jokinen go ?!

  20. percussio says:

    I appreciate the compliment. I try to have a little objectivity and knowledge about what Im posting … most of the time anyways  lol

  21. percussio says:

    We need a Gordie Howe hat trick type player ! I also see you've noticed that only 1 non Canadian captain has ever won the stanley cup.

  22. percussio says:

    1 – Olli is a captain and the centerpiece of that team. If he goes, its as a rental and he's way too pricey for a guy like Gainey for a mere rental.

    2 – Sergei definetely is all those things, he would make a great center, you just have to watch him play and pay attention to the details and you can tell. In my opinion he is a better and more complete player than his brother Andrei. But by making him a center, you move Koivu … never gonna happen, lets be realistic. You move Koivu and thats a lack of respect and a big message you send. He would be traded before that happened.

    There's no way the captain is leaving his position and if anyone goes to center, its Higgins ( natural center). Kostitsyn is a natural left winger like his brother.

    Maybe as a 3rd center for an offensive flavoured 3rd line.

    Latendresse – Kostitsyn – Lapierre

    I would prefer a better right winger but at least Lapierre has the speed. Latendresse needs to fill out his role of power forward a little more and should hit hard along the boards then obstruct the goalie.

    Cant wait for Pacioretty though. Next step for upcoming years … acquiring right wingers !

    3 – Samsonov … in montreal ?! Are you insane !!!!!!! It'll be a cold day in hell before Sammy steps foot in montreal.

    4 – Chipchura is most likely remaining in Hamilton. I think the organization wants him to gain a little more experience first. Smolinski isnt doing his job all that well but to bringg in Chips at this point, I doubt thats a move they'll make. Persoanlly though, I would. Get rid of Smolinski for 3 hockey sticks for all I care. He may be of worth in the post season though, we'll see. At least he has experience.

    5 – We need Streit for the powerplay and he'll play on offense for the sheer sake of giving him ice time. He's only good to us on the PP with 30 of 39 points coming from there. He is not great on D, he makes more and more mistakes as of late. I would not move O'byrne. The better and more confident O'Byrne gets, the more offensive chances Hamrlik can afford to take.

    Gorges has been playing great hockey. He's an excellent 6th D man and Carbo loves his attitude. A real team player. Always shows up and never complains.

  23. lwhite says:
    1. A first line player beside the Tinman(Kovalev) 
    2. 15 less Europeans                                       
    3. A plane ticket for the over-rated, over-paid Koivu                          
  24. NSkid says:

    I agree. If the Haps could get any of those 3 the Haps will make a good playoff run. Maybe not the cup but im not exspecting that to happen. but in the next year or 2 they will be the #1 team of the NHL~!

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