3 vs 3 Buffalo, LA, Edmonton NOT OUT YET!

It’s up to these 3 teams to stay hot from now on and time for the Islanders, Nashville, and St. Louis to not stay or become cold. 8th spot is still not a lock as Buffalo, LA, and Edmonton race for a playoff shot to sneak in and make some noise.

Who will make it? Well, let’s look at the stats…..FROM THE EAST:

Buffalo right now is 4-1-1 in their last 6

with 2 no brainier must wins against



But then go on to play a hard one against Toronto and the last game against an at times type hard Montreal team.

But with four games left 8 points is all they can get, and they sit 6 points back behind the Islanders because a tie in standings won’t do the job since the islanders have won the series between them.

The Islanders have 4 more games to play up, really only needing a win to get there. But the question is. can they do it?

They have been 4-2 doing a good job holding on but they have to play……

New Jersey



and then Philly

New jersey may in fact be hard, but they have had Problems of late. Montreal may give them a good game but who knows? If they hit Carolina Lavolette would love to stick it to his old team, and that leaves them with Philly to play.

Most likely outcome…. Islanders can pull off at least 1 more win. But if Buffalo pulls a 4 game winning streak out of there hat and stay hot can the Islanders win a game and get a tie? Now is not the time to loss 3 of there last 4.


with 4 games left for each team LA and Edmonton. Nashville and St. Louis are the teams to catch,


Los Angeles has been cold the last 6 games going 0-5-0-1

and seem to have not much of a chance with All Hard teams to play like


San Jose twice

and Calgary

They have been cold and if they play like they have they are done.

Edmonton on the other had is in the hunt. they are 5-0-0-1 in their last six and play teams like

a no brainier must win against


a must win in St. Louis which is very important

a strong Dallas team

But then, last playing a falling Vancouver team who has lost 2 top payers and others as well.

Now Nashville is playing hard as well but are 2-2-1-1 in their last 6 and need to pick it up a little

They have 2 no brainers must wins themselves against Chicago

a vital game against St. Louis

and then last against a strong Colorado team

St. Louis is still under some pressure but have a game in had with 5 left and hold the upper hand, as most likely 1 of these 2 teams (Nashville and St. Louis will be in for sure)

They are 3-2-1-0 in their last 6 playing solid as of late. But they play many important games.

an easy one against Chicago

Important game against Edmonton

Strong team in Detroit

another important game in Nashville

and last against an at times type easy Minnesota

All of Edmonton’s and Nashville’s season’s depend on these games against St. Louis as the tide could tern with a win for either of these 3 teams.

Looks complex when you see it. Just remember anything could happen, this is hockey. As of this point for all 6 teams……. every bounce, bad call, scoring chance and penalty will effect each teams chance.

My prediction,

Edmonton and St. Louis make it in the West while Nashville falls out back 1-2 points and LA takes and early exit from any chance once they play Colorado.

For the East

Islanders make it in 1 point ahead of Buffalo