#33 goes to the Rafters

Mark your calendars, boys and girls. Oct 28 will yet again be a night for Patrick Roy to be larger than life on (inter)national TV.


His will join Ray Bourque’s #77 (I like Ray, but his # should NOT be retired in Denver, IMO).

And how come the Nordiques #s aren’t hanging in the Can? Can we give a little respect to Stastny, Temblay, Goulet, and Tardif?

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  1. Donovan says:

    Here’s some trivia:

    Does anybody know the first jersey retired by the Avalanche/Nordiques? I think it was the only one until Bourque

  2. Zamboni says:

    I’d guess Stastny.

  3. original6dan says:

    I believe the order (and years with Nords) goes something like this:

    #3 Jean Claude Tremblay 1972-79 (WHA) 5 cups w/Montreal prior to 1972

    #8 Marc Tardif 1974-83 (WHA/NHL) 2 cups w/Montreal

    #16 Michel Goulet 1979-89 (NHL) No cups, Retired from the Blackhawks in 1994

    #26 Peter Stastny 1980-90 (NHL) No cups, Retired from the Blues in 1995

    (Stastny’s 26 was retired in February 1996 in Quebec City, after the team moved to Colorado.)

    But these numbers have been worn since they moved to Colorado – no appreciation for history!!!

    When all is said and done, there are now 5 Quebecois (counting Bourque and Roy) and 1 Czech!

  4. wheresthesoda says:

    Mike Richter’s jersey will be retired

    February 4

  5. dave1979 says:

    yeah sure original6dan im gonna mark my calender to see that a$$hole, roy on tv. i would be happy if i never saw that goof on the television or anywhere else for the rest of my life.

  6. goilersgo says:

    Grant Fuhrs banner will be hung up

  7. original6dan says:

    Hey, I can’t stand the guy either… I’m glad he’s gone. I may have glossed over it a little, but I was kinda trying to point out that he was a career attention-grabber — it’s always ME ME ME with that guy.

    Go Brodeur!

    Break those records.

  8. dave1979 says:

    sorry dan i guess i interpreted the post wrong and i do see your point now…….and you couldnt have said it better…..roy is me me me and i just cant STAND him…though admittedly he is good…..i still love seeing the clip of him showboating last season when he thought the puck was in his glove and he held it up all showing off and then someone popped the puck which was actually loose in for a goal….HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAAAA

  9. Donovan says:

    We have a winner! I owe you a coke. Send me a pm with your address and I’ll ship it to you

  10. jinxproof says:

    that’s because you’re retarded. plus, he would kick your ass all the way back to 1979. by the way, dipshit, it’s spelled “calendar”.

  11. swedishvoice says:

    Hope #3 goes to the Rafters in NJ this seson…

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