5 days till Christmas!!!

It’s that time of the year folks! Who’s going to buy, and who’s going to sell? Some believe that there won’t be much movement this year. And that’s what we said last year, and there wasn’t. But there was that one deal that came directly out of the blue(Nieuwendyk and Lagenbruner for Arnott and McKay). And you know it’s going to happen again this year, it’s just like christmas, you know something good’s going to happen, but you don’t know what it will be.

I think one thing has been established over the last two weeks, and that is that Jerome Iginla isn’t going anywhere. You know one thing really makes me mad about this guy, who is one of my favorite players in the league. He knows now that he can turn it on whenever he wants. He didn’t want to leave Calgary, so he turned his game up a notch or twenty when he was rumored to be gone. Now that it’s all but dead, he’s gone cooled again. I still wouldn’t be surprised to see him go on Tuesday, but it’s just that the deal would have to be two good young players, a top line prospect, and a 1st round pick for this year. The teams that could pull it off: Colorado(Tanguay, Vrbata, Nedorost), Detroit(Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Kronwall), Nashville(Hartnell, Upshall, Hamhuis), Philadelphia(Gagne, Williams, Woywitka), New Jersey(Gomez, Danton, White), NY Islanders(Isbister, Martinek, Torres), Ottawa Senators(Havlat, Phillips, Spezza, probably too much there), and the NY Rangers(Lundmark, Dvorak, Murray). So there are a lot of teams that would have enough to land him, but nobody wants to blow up there system too bad. Team most likely to land him: Ottawa, it would be a shocker, but I believe that they’ll go for it at the deadline. This team will have a good owner with deep pockets by next season, plus the players that defered money, will give them enough to afford him for the rest of the season. However, I’m not saying this will happen. I predict Iginla will stay. No GM wants to give up that much for one player(even though Iginla is worth it). Boughner and Conroy will both be moved though.

The next guy I want to address is the Kings Zigmund Palffy. Will this team make the playoffs? We’ll find out later tonight(Oilers vs Kings, 8:30 MT, 10:30 Est). Should the Kings lose this game, they will all but be out of the playoff race. This could lead to Ziggy Palffy, Aarron Miller, Bryan Smolinski, and Mathieu Schneider all being on the move. Palffy is obviously the most attractive of all these players, and you know Philly would love to get him if they can’t land Iginla. Again Gagne or Williams would probably be involved, as well as Woywitka, or Pitkanen, and maybe a first round pick(there’s, not the Coyotes). I can’t see Palffy going anywhere though. The Kings are a lot different from the Sharks. The Sharks simply played bad this year. The Kings had so many injuries, and if they keep the team there, and add a player or two, they will contend next year. You all know the players that the contending teams could move, so I’m not going to repeat them. So I think that of those teams, if they don’t land Iginla, I think they will take a run at Palffy, except for Ottawa, Colorado, and Detroit. Again, I don’t see Ziggy moving, but I hope so because it makes the day better!

The team that I predict will do the most unloading is Phoenix. Amonte was a mistake, but if he’s playing with the right guys, he’s more then worth his 6 million a year. Daymond Langkow is a guy who I would love to see the Oilers pick up, a hometown boy who should be somewhat cheap, but has 50-60 point ability. Teppo Numinum(Mr. Jet/Coyote)is drawing a lot of interest from the Wings and Flyers(so I hear). I expect one of these two teams to land him, but if the Leafs are serious about a Cup, he would look terrific in the Blue and White. And of course, Sean Burke WILL go to the St.Louis Blues. They are too desperate(the Blues)to do something. It will go down to the last second, with Pleau trying to hang on to Jackman(as he should), but in the end, will end up overpaying for Burke, just like he did for Tkachuck. I think Kelly Buchburger will be dealt as well, of course it won’t make much noise. But this being his last season, he will either end it as an Oiler(as he should)or with a contender. Either way is very possible. Expect all these players to be on the move for Phoenix, as they know Burke is only a year or two away from being done, and the rest of them aren’t part of there future(Amonte was, but what a bust!)

Finally there is the San Jose Sharks, who are already beating the rest of these teams 1-0-0-0. But if Vincent is telling us the truth, he will wave his no trade clause in the next few days. He said if Nolan’s gone, I’m next(to put it simply). So look for him to demand one. Look for Marchment to go either to Toronto, Edmonton, NY Rangers(a Slats favorite), or Ottawa(even though they’re stacked on d). Adam Graves will be on the move as well, unfortunatly his best days are behind him. But none the less, still a good third line player. Selanne will stay, but could be gone in the off season, but more of a player for player trade, rather then prospects. I don’t think they want to completly blow up this team.

Anyways, whatever happens, whatever you disagree with, one thing is for sure…it will be one very exciting day! Let me know what you think, or how dumb my comments were.

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  1. AmericasteamRedWings says:

    I love trade deadline time…….My only argument to you would be that there were 17 trades made last year….quite a bit, if you ask me!

    Also, there is a rumor floating around the Wings are trying to land Selanne.

  2. rooney says:

    amonte would look good in the red, black, and white in new jersey. he would look good on a line with elias and gomez

  3. bender says:

    Good stuff TC. First off lets get to the Oilers, they did a good job beating SanJose and now they really need to beat the Kings tonight. Go OIl. So glad to See Smytie back.

    And please don’t ever mention Pitkanen’s name in any trade rumors again, LOL. He is gonna be one special player and if Clarke deals Gagne, Williams and Pitkanen away. I am seriously dropping my love for the Flyers. I don’t care so much for Woywitka, trade him all they want, and I could live with either Gagne or Williams going, but not both.

    I’ve heard lots of stuff about the Oilers some good and some bad. I know that their are a lot of Laraque fans out there(goodness knows my Cuz is the biggest) but I really think the OIlers should trade him. In this day and age, fighters are getting obsolete. They only hurt you in the playoffs. Sure he’s great in the offensive zone on the boards, but with the playoff trap, you gotta get the puck there first. I would be the first to admit the Flyers have got to trade Brashear or Fedoruk away, or sit them a lot in the playoffs. Look at what philly did two years ago when they had Williams and McAmmond, they sat for fighters, and we got booted. I heard Isbister’s name, and even though I hate Tucker, he could be good for the OIl. They both skate well and are gritty. Instead of trading Grier they should of got rid of Cleary, or Horcoff. They need a team that can skate and finnish their checks, something that got them past Dallas eons ago. Anyways, I think I’m rambling, great title TC.

    That’s all from the LLB.

  4. bodiddley says:

    I hear you man deadline day is one of my favorite days of the year. But the blues aren’t trying to hold on to jackman he is off limits, the yotes however want salvador whom the blues don’t want to lose but will if they want burke. pheonix will probably get papineau and salvador in the end.

  5. Isles22 says:

    If the isles trade Isbister than Torres should take over that job that izzy was supposed to do. Martineck and isbister and a first round draft pick to buffalo for satan or to the kings for palffy? And comments?

  6. Isles22 says:

    And for the record trade deadline time is just like a penalty shot in overtime in the seventh game of the finals, it just takes longer to find out the results.

  7. mikster says:

    Torres will be one heck of a player.

  8. Pock says:

    Exactly the one player that team needs!!!!!!!!!!!! Get Amonte, a bonified scorer for the powerplay and look out east.

  9. habsoverserver says:

    Look for Montreal to unload McKay, Gilmour or Kilger for a pick. Perrault and Brisebois are available for the taking, but are low on the list for any playoff teams.

  10. wayne2 says:

    As a senators fan,maybe Guilmour for a low pick.Perreault`s one of Montreal`s most underated players.We happen to need grit, thats all.

  11. Pock says:

    Great post TC. So many teams that close, but not wanting to hurt the chemisty. Devils for one, right now i think they have the ability to win the east w/ the team they have, however, other teams arent going to stay the same. And being a big devils fan, w/ the team they have i don’t think they could beat whoever comes out of the west. Detroit moves the puck so very well, Colorado a definate force; the top five there could go all the way. I turned my computer on this morning hoping to see Drury and Boughner leave w/ Jersey, and low and behold theres the Leafs making an outstanding move picking up Nolan, and there not done either. Tucker will be on the move soon, think he would have been included as well to possibly put Marchment in the deal if not for his suspension.

    Philly will be the big dealers come d-day, Clarke is going to improve that team and make a strong contender out of them this year, thats were i see Palffy going. Satan will end up on the isle, Burke in St. Louis. Who will the devils get? Not if, but who. Lou will make the right deal, he always does. Personally I like Brad May, or from S.J Damphousse and Marchment, this one I could see, I don’t think Amonte, although he would be the answer to a team having problems scoring.

    I think Drury will stay in Calgary, they can afford him, and stated they have another 3 mil to play w/ next year. And there record may not show it, but they have great work ethic, and some talent to go along w/ it, alot if the same as Nashville. If St. Louis doesnt pick up Burke, then i can see Hedburg heading thast way.

    The next question: How are the playoffs going to be reffed? Playoff hockey is alot more tighter played style of game. As the season has progressed they seem to let alot more go, but this is the second season, and teams like Ottawa and Detroit thrive w/ there speed can manipulate any defense. I hope the Canucks go to the western final, whoever comes out of there will be as banged up as whoever comes out of the east. Anyways happy hunting.

    Go Devils Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Isles22 says:

    Do you know why they haven’t kept him up. Maybe they should put him in isbisters face to show him how to put an effort in game in and game out.

  13. mikster says:

    Not sure, i guess he isn’t really NHL ready as far as offense goes. I compare him to Garth Murray of the Rangers, except Raffi will have more offensive upside.

    Once Izzy is gone, Torres will be, or shluld be, called up. He is exactly what the Isle’s need for crying out loud. Can’t wait to see him in an Isle’s jersey for years against the Rangers!

  14. Isles22 says:

    That’s what i’m talking about!

  15. titans says:

    Come on people…it’s just the NHL trade deadline. So stop planning your deadline parties or whatever it is you people do. It’s fun yea, but lets not get carried away.

  16. TheMinister says:

    Dude, you spend the most time of anyone on a site called http://www.hockeytraderumors.com and you are telling people HERE not to get carried away. These people share a love man.


  17. bender says:

    Hey Question for you guys!!

    Why wouldn’t Calgary want to trade Iginla??

    Are they gonna make the playoffs this year. Did they make it last year with the wonderful season he had. The only time they made it into the playoffs was his first year with the flames. If Calgary keeps Iginla and his 7 Million dollar contract, then they will definately not be able to sign another big name or trade for one(to help Iginla) to make them a playoff team.

    I wish that the flames could keep him but truth is, he’s hurting them in the long run. Also, If he was really a team player he shouldn’t have taken the Flames to the bank. The flames should keep Drury and put some players around him that can play and not take up a lot of payroll.

  18. Tony says:

    I don’t think the Wings will make any moves this year. They have alot of good young players for their future that they don’t want to get rid of. Plus they just got Yzerman back and soon they will be getting Fisher back, so its almost like they are getting a forward and defensemen for the playoffs anyways. The forwards are the same as last year except you add Zetterberg into the mix (possible rookie of the year), and the defense lost only Olausson who was replaced by Woolley. Cujo is playing great and Detroit is 10-0-0-1 in their last 11. No point in giving up future palyers unless you get a really good trade.

  19. Nothingman says:

    I agree implicitly with Pock, send Amonte east. Flyers or New Jersey would love to have him.

    Phoenix didnt work on so many levels for Tony.

  20. Nothingman says:

    This is the first insightful article I’ve read that doesnt just dismiss Amonte as finished, but rather details him as a man in the wrong situation in Phoenix. In truth both NJ and Philly would be much more desirable locations for him (remember he aint finished yet, he scored only one point less than Guerin last year and hasnt exactly been playing with Mike Modano all this year).

    If not them, that th Isles, Colorado and St Louis (blockbuster with Burke) could all happen.

    He won’t stay in Phoenix.

  21. bender says:

    I was on the ESPN website and Al Morgani reported that Fedorov may be on the move this summer, especially since with the emergence of Zetterberg and that other young guy they have, lol. So I back up your claims that Detroit will not make any moves. Why get rid of these guys when they need them to replace Sergei “why would he divorce Anna” Fedorov.

  22. titans says:


  23. BlackJackman5 says:

    if the san-man keeps standing on his head, it alleviates the need to trade for a goalie, thus diminshing phoenix’s return all the more……

  24. TC_4 says:

    I just want to thank everyone for the nice words. Everyone except titans, but I think the guy is drunk most of the time anyways. I’m just kidding, I’m not going to get on anyone who is “down with the brown” of course, the brown being brown bottle!

  25. Glen says:

    FYI, this is just my speculation, but here are a few names that were “Healthy” scratches tonight. There may be a reason behind these scratches, but they look strange to me.

    1. Roman Hamrlik – Solid puck moving dman, doubt there’s any chance of him being moved with the way the Isles have been playing. But who knows?

    2. Mike Ricci – Nobody has said anything about Ricci. He’s a player that excels in the playoffs, much like Claude Lemieux. His play in front of the net could turn around a teams Power Play just in time for the playoffs. Good passer also. If traded, he could be the biggest acquisition at the deadline

    3. Jan Hrdina – One of those “expendable” Pens. Not sure if anyone is willing to pick up his salary. Plus he may fall off the face of the earth without Super Mario feeding him.

    4. Jan Hlavac – Great skill, but holds onto the puck for days at a time. Might be reunited with a Cech linemat in Dvorak, who knows or cares??

  26. TheMinister says:

    Oh, titans, you make me laugh. If you only knew…

    There is so much anger from you over so little. You must be a very scared and unhappy person.

  27. Nemix says:

    I agree with the oilers comment. What burdens me about this team is there hasnt been any progression since they requalified for the playoffs in the late nineties..They have literaly had to fight tooth and nail to stay in the last spot and lucky if they do so.. Unlike past years they dont even cycle the puck in the playoffs.. Thier mode is high school floor hockey..you know take it to one part of the boards slam ,hit..thro it on the boards..hit there. no idea of where the ball will end up. push it further down the boards..hoping to dear god for some reason it will bounce off the boards and head into the oppositions net or some wierd bounce.. Most of the times , all the opposition needs to do is to have someone wait to see the puck flying on the boards and take it out to centre ice for a good scoring chance,,think someone needs to tell the oilers to try controlling the puck and putting it to open ice once and a while.. or have thier defensemen move in and just shoot it on net rather then dump it on the boards again. Usually results in no shot on goal and losing sight of the puck . Hecht should of stayed.. 16 goals fine but now they need 5 players put together to make up that difference.. horcoff, cleary, staios, swanson, fergueson all need to go or be in the ahl for a while , cleary is ahl player not nhl… im not sold on chimera being nhl level yet ..Lack a shot from a point.. a playmaker away from the boards and decent role players aware of the pucks movements.. Hire someone away from ottawa’s scouting department for new player evaluation. Granted , hamilton is good.however can any of these players come in and be just as sucessful nhl level… no. Look at the sens farm team.. they come in and know thier role and can show dependability at the nhl level. Pretty much whait it comes down to.. its not a money concerm, look at ottawa.. more or less judging someones ability, good idea of sence of a player..and putting them to where they will be the most sucessful playing in a system. Draft and up…

  28. swedishvoice says:

    No the devs don’t need a overpaid underachiver… The devil will primery try to land Miro Satan, if that don’t work out they will go after Chris Drury, Christian Huselius, Radek Bonk or some one like this… I know that ther are talks betwean Luo and Lombardo that will try to land Selene, the devs have offred Gomez and Olie, but Lombardi whants Berglund (or maybe Gionta), Danton and a pick for selene.

  29. Nemix says:

    ou may be right.. What i disagree on is the perrault situation.. They have him playing as a winger now.. HE isnt a winger, problem solved… move gilmour , put perrault back at centre ice…

  30. Nemix says:

    Too much complaining can give you gas

  31. TC_4 says:

    Hlavac wasn’t a healthy scratch, the guy broke his finger. And I said a week or two ago that the Leafs should try to land Ricci in a Nolan package. Obviously the Sharks are aware that they will get more for him and Nolan if they are shipped in seperate deals. But yeah, there was a lot of teams I didn’t mention that will be selling. Carolina, Pittsburgh, Columbus, Montreal(maybe), Buffalo, and Florida will have some pieces to give away too. I just felt that those teams I mentioned were the richest in players to trade away.

  32. TC_4 says:

    I hear you man, it’s pathetic how people just dismiss a guy and his abilities just because he had one or two bad years. I thought when Phoenix got him, it was a steal at 6 million per. Your absolutly right about NYI, Colorado, St.Louis, Philly, or New Jersey. If one of these teams is smart enough to trade for him, then he will flourish.

  33. Nothingman says:

    You can’t just dismiss amonte because he’s had the first sub-par season of his career on a sub-par phoenix team.

    He scored one less point than guerin last year buddy, and if amonte was playing with modano this year, he’d have guerin-or-better numbers again.

    He ain’t no underachiever

  34. Nothingman says:

    On any given one of those teams he would be on lines such as:

    COL: Amonte – Sakic – Hejduk

    STL: Tkachuk – Weight – Amonte

    PHI: LeClair – Roenick – Amonte

    NJ: Elias – Gomez – Amonte

    DAL: Amonte – Modano – Guerin

    All quite a bit better than what he’s got now don’t you detractors agree?

  35. nskerr says:

    If the Isles could get Satan for Isbister and Martinek and a pick, I would do it in a heartbeat. But Torres has virtually no offensive skills. I would rather promote Hunter. He is one of the top players in the AHL. Secondly, half of the Isles defense is out. They can’t afford to trade a defenseman unless they make another move and get one back.

  36. nskerr says:

    The Isles won’t go after Amonte. If they won’t pay Palffy, they won’t pay Amonte.

  37. nskerr says:

    Hamrlik isn’t healthy. He has been scratched the last 2 games with a hip pointer.

  38. Aetherial says:

    They are good enough without him. I still see them looking for a D-man instead.

  39. Swedish_Bruins_fan says:

    I would love to see Amonte coming “home” to the Bruins. It’s not very likely though. 6M is a lot, especially when you already have a guy like Lapointe making that kind of money. I don’t think that the Bruins will go after any of the big players considering the Bruins’ history with $. It would be great if they spent a little bit more though. The good thing is that they don’t have to worry about ending up like the Senators, Penguins or Sabres. The Bruins will continue to be one of the richest teams that doesn’t spend money

  40. Tradedude says:

    I thought the Nolan trade should have included Graves as part of the deal, would be smart of Quinn to add him as a part of the deal.

    2 players that I think will be a leaf is Graves, and Zhitnik….well atleast I hope.

    The leafs need a #1 defense. Like having McCabe or Svehla as a #1 defense just won’t get you to the stanley cup. If the Wings last year had Svehla, Kaberle as their top defense, you think they would have won the cup. Dun think so bucko.

    I think we should land either Numminem, Zhitnik or Miller.

    Than Graves just a mini trade for a pick or prospect. He’ll be good cause he’s a true play-off performer.

    P.S. I already miss McCauley :(:( me sad

  41. NYIchooch75 says:

    Mikster, I almost fell off my! You complimented an Islander! BRAVO!

  42. JohnFlan22 says:

    I wouldn’t mind to see Hunter traded actually, he’s got skill but no consistent desire. Considering he got so hyped up after the playoffs last year he should have been flying with confidence in training camp and he was basically a no show. Torres either won or was runner up for best stickhandeler in his entire junior league as voted by the leagues coaches so even though he might not have the confidence with the puck yet at this level at least you know that when he finally does he’s gonna compete night in and out and will be pretty darn good. I would like to see the isles get Aaron Miller from LA. He’s probably the best fit for the isles on D. I really wish we could dump Yashin on some poor Schmuck and then this off season go after Fedorov like wild rabid banshees. Maybe the wings would take Yashin? He probably would return to form playing with guys like Hull and Shanahan on his wing. That would be the Sweeeetest out-of-left-field deal in the history of the league (for isles fans anyway) Yashin for Fedorov straight up. Woooo-hooooo! Prayin’ to G*D!!!!

  43. AmericasteamRedWings says:

    True, I think they will land at least one d-man, but they could make a move for Teemu as well(to replace Robitaille).

    To Detroit: D Teppo Numminen

    To Phoenix: D Mathieu Dandenault, W Sean Avery.

    To San Jose: C Boyd Devereaux, RW Jason Williams, 1st Round Pick.

    To Detroit: RW Teemu Selanne.

    Sounds good to me.

  44. guinsfan4life says:

    Hey Glen..

    Hrdina was scratched for the game last night because he has strained hip flexor muscles in his hip. He has been in and out of the lineup for the past 2-3 weeks. He definately is expendable, especially because he is having a horrible year and needs some really good wingers to be productive.

  45. yzerman19 says:


  46. Donovan says:

    The Leafs don’t need Graves. They have too much grit as it is (Tucker, Corson, Domi). They probably won’t get Zhitnik, as Buffalo has been told not to trade him or Satan. A possibility is Boughner (or even Regheyr) which I personally think would be best

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