5 days till Christmas!!!

It’s that time of the year folks! Who’s going to buy, and who’s going to sell? Some believe that there won’t be much movement this year. And that’s what we said last year, and there wasn’t. But there was that one deal that came directly out of the blue(Nieuwendyk and Lagenbruner for Arnott and McKay). And you know it’s going to happen again this year, it’s just like christmas, you know something good’s going to happen, but you don’t know what it will be.

I think one thing has been established over the last two weeks, and that is that Jerome Iginla isn’t going anywhere. You know one thing really makes me mad about this guy, who is one of my favorite players in the league. He knows now that he can turn it on whenever he wants. He didn’t want to leave Calgary, so he turned his game up a notch or twenty when he was rumored to be gone. Now that it’s all but dead, he’s gone cooled again. I still wouldn’t be surprised to see him go on Tuesday, but it’s just that the deal would have to be two good young players, a top line prospect, and a 1st round pick for this year. The teams that could pull it off: Colorado(Tanguay, Vrbata, Nedorost), Detroit(Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Kronwall), Nashville(Hartnell, Upshall, Hamhuis), Philadelphia(Gagne, Williams, Woywitka), New Jersey(Gomez, Danton, White), NY Islanders(Isbister, Martinek, Torres), Ottawa Senators(Havlat, Phillips, Spezza, probably too much there), and the NY Rangers(Lundmark, Dvorak, Murray). So there are a lot of teams that would have enough to land him, but nobody wants to blow up there system too bad. Team most likely to land him: Ottawa, it would be a shocker, but I believe that they’ll go for it at the deadline. This team will have a good owner with deep pockets by next season, plus the players that defered money, will give them enough to afford him for the rest of the season. However, I’m not saying this will happen. I predict Iginla will stay. No GM wants to give up that much for one player(even though Iginla is worth it). Boughner and Conroy will both be moved though.

The next guy I want to address is the Kings Zigmund Palffy. Will this team make the playoffs? We’ll find out later tonight(Oilers vs Kings, 8:30 MT, 10:30 Est). Should the Kings lose this game, they will all but be out of the playoff race. This could lead to Ziggy Palffy, Aarron Miller, Bryan Smolinski, and Mathieu Schneider all being on the move. Palffy is obviously the most attractive of all these players, and you know Philly would love to get him if they can’t land Iginla. Again Gagne or Williams would probably be involved, as well as Woywitka, or Pitkanen, and maybe a first round pick(there’s, not the Coyotes). I can’t see Palffy going anywhere though. The Kings are a lot different from the Sharks. The Sharks simply played bad this year. The Kings had so many injuries, and if they keep the team there, and add a player or two, they will contend next year. You all know the players that the contending teams could move, so I’m not going to repeat them. So I think that of those teams, if they don’t land Iginla, I think they will take a run at Palffy, except for Ottawa, Colorado, and Detroit. Again, I don’t see Ziggy moving, but I hope so because it makes the day better!

The team that I predict will do the most unloading is Phoenix. Amonte was a mistake, but if he’s playing with the right guys, he’s more then worth his 6 million a year. Daymond Langkow is a guy who I would love to see the Oilers pick up, a hometown boy who should be somewhat cheap, but has 50-60 point ability. Teppo Numinum(Mr. Jet/Coyote)is drawing a lot of interest from the Wings and Flyers(so I hear). I expect one of these two teams to land him, but if the Leafs are serious about a Cup, he would look terrific in the Blue and White. And of course, Sean Burke WILL go to the St.Louis Blues. They are too desperate(the Blues)to do something. It will go down to the last second, with Pleau trying to hang on to Jackman(as he should), but in the end, will end up overpaying for Burke, just like he did for Tkachuck. I think Kelly Buchburger will be dealt as well, of course it won’t make much noise. But this being his last season, he will either end it as an Oiler(as he should)or with a contender. Either way is very possible. Expect all these players to be on the move for Phoenix, as they know Burke is only a year or two away from being done, and the rest of them aren’t part of there future(Amonte was, but what a bust!)

Finally there is the San Jose Sharks, who are already beating the rest of these teams 1-0-0-0. But if Vincent is telling us the truth, he will wave his no trade clause in the next few days. He said if Nolan’s gone, I’m next(to put it simply). So look for him to demand one. Look for Marchment to go either to Toronto, Edmonton, NY Rangers(a Slats favorite), or Ottawa(even though they’re stacked on d). Adam Graves will be on the move as well, unfortunatly his best days are behind him. But none the less, still a good third line player. Selanne will stay, but could be gone in the off season, but more of a player for player trade, rather then prospects. I don’t think they want to completly blow up this team.

Anyways, whatever happens, whatever you disagree with, one thing is for sure…it will be one very exciting day! Let me know what you think, or how dumb my comments were.