5 Questions

Here are 5 burning questions that I would like to hear your answers to. 1. When will we see NHL hockey again?

my guess is the 2006-2007 season. I don’t think the players can stay away from it longer than that. Although still in the early stages of the lockout, it is unlikely any side will bend any time soon and that cooler heads will prevail. This is a game of chicken and a battle of egos, which goes well above and beyond the real issues at hand. We have 2 sides that care nothing about anything except the all mighty dollar and we the fans are made to suffer because of it. And it gets worse. The longer it goes on, the more fans lose interest. and if it goes for nothing and the next deal doesn’t do enough to address the concerns for all parties, there is much to lose and nothing to gain from any of this.

2. Should there be contraction?

Most definitely. 6 to 10 teams should be dropped. Although easier said than done, a long drawn out lockout could potentially lead to teams dissolving. This could be especially true if this next CBA does not change enough to satisfy all 30 teams. Teams like Pittsburgh and Florida and Carolina may find it most difficult to continue operations and we could very well see a smaller, but sleeker NHL. I think it is for the good of the game to have teams end operations as the on ice product will be much better with less fringe players being full time NHLers.

3. Should the NHL participate in the 2006 Olympics?

Definitely. the NHL, the NHLPA and the IIHF should push their differences aside, share the costs of doing this project and make this a go. The best, most exciting hockey we have seen in a while was the 2002 Olympics. They need to create that excitement again, especially if they have such a long layoff. They will need to win fans back and nothing better would do that than a best on best tournament on the world’s biggest stage.

4. will there be a salary cap?

Well I think there should be one, but there are about 700 hockey players and two lawyers who don’t seem to think so. At least they should take a look at it and not just lead us to believe that it is such a horrible idea. The CBA involves so many things and a cap could be fair to all parties with the right combination of rules that are linked to a salary cap. and the same idea goes the other way if there is no cap, I am sure there can be plenty of deterrents to rising salaries that can be put in place without the need for a cap. no party can have it all. the players cant have no cap, as well as keep all the arbitration and qualifying offer rules status quo and continue to get inflating salaries for playing garbage hockey. and the owners cant just get the hard cap they want without having to give something back to the players. Unfortunately the only way to find out is to talk it through and actually negotiate. Something that neither party is capable of doing.

5. who do you hate more? Bettman? or Goodenow?

I hate Goodenow more but not by much. Anything that comes out of his mouth is absolute garbage. he has the bigger ego among the two egomaniacs at the helm if that is even possible and that is what could be the root cause of all the losses that will occur due to the long layoff. fat egos could kill this game. absolutely no cap he says, rising ticket prices have nothing to do with salary escalation he says, the “concessions” that he has come up with that would produce so many saving that it would make scrooge proud and his screw the fans, I don’t care what they think attitude. I am so sick of hearing it. he makes it sound like the cap is worse than child abuse or murder. That the poor million dollar players will suffer with this oppression. the poor players are just average joes struggling to make a living. please!! give me a break. even the grandest concessions will still mean players will be millionaires. that is fact not rhetoric that he keeps referring to when he comments on what the NHL says. I don’t think they should be so hard about making a deal and getting into a partnership with the league. They will still be well off as the league and the owners will still pay them well. So what is the problem? Goodenow that’s who.

But Bettman is no better. Here is a good example. he says he only caters to what the fans want but he DOESNT want to go to another olympics which is what we the fans all want. right? Being a hypocrite is not going to win anybody over. the boring bettman hockey has ruined the game as the product went from exciting and very hot to deathly boring and ice cold much too quickly. On most nights it is a horrible thing to watch and we can thank Mr Bettman for that. Adding 9 expansion teams, giving franchises to criminals, and selling out and turning his back on Canada doing NOTHING at all to save the teams there is all his wrongdoing. but instead he bends over backwards twice over to save any US based team. no offense to the Americans but this is Canada’s game and it should be run by a Canadian as we Canadians bleed the sport. it is only right that we run the NHL. The game will only get better when we are rid of Gary Bettman.

so thanks to two idiots and a plethora of selfish greedy players and owners, we have no NHL hockey for the foreseeable future. And if they thought the empty buildings were a problem now, just wait until a few years from now if they come back and see a whole bunch of us fans so turned off from giving our hard earned money to greedy owners to watch a whole bunch of selfish players play like garbage.