5 Teams That Could Use LA Kings G Jonathan Bernier

Edmonton Oilers

The Edmonton Oilers are in desperate need of a goalie, and Devan Dubnyk is unlikely to be the solution. With no elite goalie prospect in their system, an attempt at Bernier might not be a bad idea.

Chicago Blackhawks

Corey Crawford is not getting the job done as a starter in this league. The Blackhawks don’t have anybody in their system ready to come out anytime soon, and they would likely be able to put together a package viable to the Kings’ needs. I’m sure they’ll be interested in Bernier if he ever gets officially put on the block.

Columbus Blue Jackets

Two goalies, two problems. Neither Sergei Bobrovsky or Steve Mason are starters in this league. And if they are, they’re the worst combination in the NHL. Instead of trading for a career backup in Bobrovsky, the Blue Jackets should have put together a package to get someone with real potential in Bernier. Even though they might not look for Bernier anymore, they could certainly “use” him.

Toronto Maple Leafs

The Maple Leafs have been in need of a goalie for a while now, and James Reimer is not the answer. If the Leafs want to build a successful team and make the playoffs consistently, they’re going to need a quality goaltender that can lead their franchise in the years to come. Bernier is a better answer than Reimer.

New Jersey Devils

Martin Brodeur hasn’t been Martin Broduer in years and he’ll never be what he once was again. The Devils went and re-signed him in the offseason, probably because they would have felt bad otherwise. The more likely reason, however, is because they have no one to replace him with.



5 Responses to 5 Teams That Could Use LA Kings G Jonathan Bernier

  1. lafleur10 says:

    there should’ve been a a couple of more teams added to this list the tampa bay lightning yeah they have lindback but he’s aas much as a question mark as any of teams on the list are.
    another is the philadelphia flyers they keep spending alot on goaltenders and still haven’t had a bonafide star since pelle lindbegh and ron hextall,brzgalov is good but is not the answer there so taking a shot at bernier might just be worth the risk for philadelphia

  2. lafleur10 says:

    you could also add the calgary flames to that list kiprusoff is declining and by the time the flames properly rebuild he’ll be long gone or done,so for the flames why not start now in the most important position!

    • Shoelesshobo says:

      Calgary is one of the teams I feel do not have to worry. Kari Ramo was the best goalie last year in the KHL. When he wants to make the jump he should have no trouble. Honestly I think he is the better prospect than Bernier and Markstrom in Florida.

      • reinjosh says:

        Leland Irving’s been pretty strong in the AHL, albeit taking a while to grow. Toss in Jon Ortio who was successful in Europe and now coming over to the AHL and Lauren Broissot who was huge for the Oil Kings last year and the goaltending position is relatively solid.

  3. HABSdomination says:

    New-Jersey should definately make a move for him. If not, I think Linus Omark for Bernier straight up woulde be a win-win. None of these players have proved a damn thing and are regarded as potential all-stars in their respective, key positions. But hell, anyone of the 29 other teams could use Bernier, so trying to come up with a valid list is pointless…

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