6 Wins and the Leafs are In….Maybe

With 2 weeks remaining in the regular season the playoff picture is far from being set in stone. One team in a dogfight is the Toronto Maple Leafs. Thanks to some loose play the last few of weeks that resulted in them throwing away winnable games, Toronto has put themselves in a position where they need to win at least 6 of their final 7 games to make the playoffs. Amassing at least 94 points puts greater pressure on their competitors and basically allows the Leafs to control their own destiny. Anything less would mean leaning far too heavily on other teams to help them out.

Lets first take a look at the Leafs competitors for the last few spots in the East.

Atlanta Thrashers (88 points, 3rd, 1st in the Southeast)

Remaining Schedule: at Florida, Toronto, at Boston, Washington, at Carolina, Tampa Bay

While the Thrashers currently sit as the 3rd seed and the division leader in the Southeast, their lead is precarious. They have a few “easy” games against the Panthers, Bruins and Caps which they should win. If they do, that would give them 6 key points that should at least allow them to hold on to a playoff spot. They will face some tough games against desperate opponents like Carolina, Toronto and Tampa. The games versus the Canes and Bolts will determine the divsion winner and the all important home ice advantage for at least the first round of the playoffs.

NY Rangers (87 points, 6th)

Remaining schedule: at Montreal, at Philly, Toronto, at NY Islanders, Montreal, at Pittsburgh

One of the hottest teams in the NHL right now seem poised to make the playoffs. With the way they have played, they are now looking to not only keep a playoff spot but move up in the standings. 4 of their last 6 games are on the road which may prove tough for the Blueshirts. But they control their own destiny with games directly against the teams that are trying to catch them. The Rangers could be the team that eliminates the Habs, Leafs and Isles if they manage to sweep all 4 contests against those 3. They are perhaps the strongest team among those fighting for the last 3 playoff spots

Tampa Bay Lightning (86 points, 7th)

Remaining Schedule: Florida, at Carolina, Washington Carolina, Florida, at Atlanta.

Tampa Bay will enjoy 4 of their last 6 games at home where they are a better team. Also with 3 games left against Florida and Washington, they have a fairly comfortable schedule. But the team has struggled of late and their goaltending is inconsistent. They have used 3 goalies in the past week with little success. They will likely need to sweep their games against the Canes and Thrashers if they want a shot at the division title.

Carolina Hurricanes (84 points, tied for 8th)

Remaining Schedule: at Toronto, at Philadelphia, Tampa Bay, at Florida, at Tampa Bay, Atlanta, Florida

The Canes do not have the easiest schedule compared to the other teams they are trying to catch/hold off. The key for them is to survive the next 5 games which 4 of them are on the road. But they’ve been hot and are looking to continue their roll. They sit only 4 points behind Atlanta for the division lead but the team in 11 place is only 2 points behind. They have a great opportunity to at least catch Tampa Bay with a home and home left against them. They also have a game in hand on both Tampa and Atlanta.

Montreal Canadiens (84 points, tied for 8th)

Remaining schedule: NY Rangers, at Ottawa, Buffalo, Boston, at NY Rangers, at Toronto

The Habs have a very difficult schedule remaining. Their back to back against the Sens and Sabres could be what breaks their back as they are very tough opponents to have on consecutive nights. Also, they have a home and home against the Rangers who are a mere 3 points ahead of Montreal. But perhaps their biggest game may come in game 82 against Toronto. This could very well decide 8th spot. They do have a game against Boston whom they beat twice just last week. Everything is up to their goalie whomever that may be.

NY Islanders (84 points, tied for 8th)

Remaining Schedule: New Jersey, at Buffalo, Ottawa, NY Rangers, Toronto, at Philly, at New Jersey

The Isles perhaps have the worst schedule left with 4 of the 7 games against 3 of the top teams in the East in New Jersey, Buffalo and Ottawa. The Isles are currently 2-9-1 against those 3 teams this year. It may prove to be tough to even split those 4 games. They also have matches against the Rangers and Leafs who they are battling for 6th, 7th and 8th.

Toronto Maple Leafs

As for the Leafs, they currently sit in 11th with 82 points. Their r
emaining schedule consists of: Carolina, at Atlanta, Pittsburgh, at NY Rangers, Philadelphia, at NY Islanders, Montreal

The Leafs are 11th but only 2 points from 8th. They however will likely need at least 6 wins. They have games against the teams they are specifically trying to catch with matches versus the Rangers, the Islanders, Carolina and Montreal. While they have a game against Philly who they have dominated in their last two matches, the games against Atlanta and Pittsburgh will not be easy. The Leafs have a game in hand and have a relatively easier schedule compared to the teams they are fighting with. Having games against these teams puts the onus completely on the Leafs. The back to back Friday night losses the past couple of weeks could be what eliminates the Leafs in the end.

It really a necessity for Toronto to at least get 12 points to put some heat on their competitors. It would not only give Toronto 94 points but also make the Leafs a bit more competitive when it comes to the tiebreakers. That is what really could decide everything.

Here is a rundown of what may happen if the Leafs get at least 12 points.

To get 12 points Toronto could either go 6-1 (94 points and 42 wins) or 5-0-2 (94 points and 41 wins). The Leafs though will need to go 6-1 because with not enough wins, they would lose too many tiebreakers.

would need 6 points in their last 6 games to get to 94. Getting those points via 3 wins would match the Leafs win total and if the 1 regulartion loss the Leafs could afford was against the Thrashers, it would be Atlanta taking that season series thus winning tiebreaker 2.
Carolina would need 10 points
in their last 7 games to get to 94. 4 wins and 2 OT losses would result in the Leafs needing to go at worst 6-1 to at least have a tie in terms of wins. If they gave the Leafs their only affordable regulation loss that would split the season series thus bringing the tiebreaker down to goal differential. Carolina is currently on the plus side while the Leafs are in a rather deep negative in terms of goal for vis goals against.
Tampa Bay would need 8 points in their last 6 games to reach 94. Tampa cannot get 8 points without surpassing the Leafs win total. Even if they managed just 2 wins and 4 OT losses to get to 94 points (which is the worst they can go to reach 94), they would end up with 43 wins on the year….one more than the Leafs in this scenario (or 2 more if the Leafs go 5-0-2).

NY Rangers
would need 7 points in their last 6 games to reach 94. 3
wins and an OT loss would do it and they would match the Leafs win total in this case. They would however need to take the final game against Toronto in regulation in order to at least tie the season series. This would allow NY to use the goal differential as the tie breaker which they would have a major advantage against the Leafs.

NY Islanders
would need 10 points in 7 games to reach 94. Getting those 10 points with the maximum 5 wins would not be enough for the Isles. It would leave them 1 win less than the Leafs thus causing them to lose the first tiebreaker. Therefore the Isles really need 11 points if the Leafs reached 94.

would need 10 points in their last 6 games to reach 94. Like Tampa, the Habs cannot get 10 points without passing the Leafs win total. Therefore even if tied in the standings the Habs would take the tiebreaker.

If the Leafs amass 12 points going 6-1 and get 94 points, the best they can finish is 7th if everyone else also reaches 94 points. If the Leafs get 7th, the Lightning would win the Southeast division as they would take the first tiebreaker over both Atlanta and Carolina) and the Habs would get the 6th seed in the conference. It is rather hard to fathom the Rangers and Thrashers finishing the year at no better than a .500 record in their remaining games. With the Lightning and Canadiens dominating the tiebreakers if they are tied with the Leafs, even this scenario of 12 points may not even be enough. And if you take into account the fact that the Lightning, Canes and Thrashers have games remaining against the bottomfeeders like Philly, Boston, Washington and Florida, their road to wins is much easier than Toronto.

To get 13 points Toronto needs to go 6-0-1 (95 points and 42 wins). In this case:

would need 7 points in their last 6 games to get to 95. 3 wins and a tie would allow the Thrashers to match the Leafs in terms of wins and points. If they happened to be the team to beat the Leafs in OT, they would win the season series and thus take the tiebreaker.

would need 11 points in their last 7 games to get to 95. The Canes will need to win 5 and lose 1 in OT to beat the Leafs if tied in points. Those 5 wins will give them 1 more than Toronto thus taking the tiebreaker. At 4 wins and 3 ties in their last 7 games this would allow them to tie the Leafs in wins and points but they would not be able to beat the Leafs in the season series even if they took their final matchup in extra time (The Leafs would have a 2-1-1 record for 5 points against Carolina who would only get 4 points in the head to head).

Tampa Bay
would need 9 points in their last 6 games to reach 95. No matter how they get to 9 points (4 wins and 1 OT loss or 3 wins and 3 OT losses) the Bolts will dominate the number of wins tiebreaker when tied with the Leafs in the standings.
NY Rangers would need 8 points in their last 6 games to reach 95. If tied for wins and points with the Leafs, Toronto would still win the head to head tiebreaker. Therefore the Rangers need to get 4 wins to earn those 8 points and finish with 1 more win than the Leafs.

NY Islanders
would need 11 points in 7 games to reach 95. The Isles have no choice but to beat the Leafs in points. If they tie in the standings, the Isles would not have enough wins to beat them in the tiebreaker. Thus the Isles need to either go 6-1 or 5-0-2 at worst to pass the Leafs.

would need 11 points in their last 6 games to reach 95. The Habs have too many wins that the Leafs would never be able to catch them even if they were tied in points.

In this scenario where the Leafs get 13 points, the best they can still finish, if all their competitors also reach 95 points, is to finish 7th. Again the tiebreakers make the difference. While teams will need a better than .500 record, there are too many teams that are hot (like the Habs, Thrashers, Rangers, Canes) to expect them to not have a winning record in their remaining schedule. So even going almost perfect may still not be enough. It will though at least put some pressure on the competitors.

To get 14 points Toronto needs to go a perfect 7-0 (96 points and 43 wins)

would need 8 points in their last 6 games to get to 96. The Thrashers would need to win 4 games to get those 8 points to match the number of wins the Leafs would get which is the first tie-breaker. The team would have to split their season series (Toronto would have to beat Atlanta in their final game against eachother) meaning their tie-breaker would come down to goal differential. Right now Atlanta is at -3 while the Leafs are at -10 giving the Thrashers the advantage.

would need 12 points in their last 7 games to get to 96. If the Canes earn those 12 points with 6 wins they would tie the Leafs in points but win the first tie breaker with 44 wins, 1 more than the Leafs. They could also tie the Leafs in the standings with 5 wins and 2 OT losses which would give them the same number of wins against Toronto, but the Canes would lose the next tie-breaker which is head-to-head. Toronto, if they went 7-0 would have to beat the Canes in their final matchup and that would give them a 3-1 record against the defending champs this year.

Tampa Bay
would need 10 points in their last 6 games to reach 96. Tampa, if they got 10 points, no matter how they got them, they would end up with more wins than Toronto thus giving them the tie-breaker even if they both had the same number of points. With 41 wins already, there is no way they can get to 10 points without winning at least 4 games. At 45 wins that would give them 2 more than the Leafs.

NY Rangers
would need 9 points in their last 6 games to reach 96. 4 wins and a OT loss would give them the 9 points and tie Toronto for number of wins. However if Toronto were to go 7-0 they would have to beat the Rangers in their last meeting, thus giving them the season series 3-1. Therefore the Rangers cannot tie Toronto in the standings and must
get to 97 points to outlast the Leafs.

NY Islanders
would need 12 points in 7 games to reach 96.The Isles could win 6 games to get those 12 points but tying Toronto is pointless as they would not have enough wins to take the first tie-breaker. So the Isles would need at least 13 points in their final 7 games to pass the Leafs.

would need 12 points in their last 6 games to reach 96. This would mean the Habs needing to go a perfect 6-0 to get the 12 points they need to reach 96. However with 1 more meeting against the Leafs, if Toronto goes a perfect 7-0, that would mean they would have lost their final matchup and thus not get the 12 points they need for 96. The best they could do is 95 in this case and thus be behind the Leafs.

Most of the tiebreakers are taken out the picture if the Leafs go a perfect 7-0. The Rangers, Habs and Isles have no choice but to get more points than the Leafs as a tie does them no good. Atlanta will need to also outright beat the Leafs in points as there is no guarantee they can beat Toronto in tiebreakers. The Canes need to be near perfect in their last 7 games to outlast the Leafs. Leaving only the Bolts as a team who has the Leafs totally dominated when it comes to tiebreakers.

With the way the Leafs have played all year, which is very up and down, Toronto will be hard pressed to be so dominant in their last 7 games. The degree of difficulty in their schedule, the inconsistent goaltending, the scoring slumps of many of their forwards, their lack of discipline make their task very daunting. But like most teams in the NHL, the Leafs are capable of going on a mini run and with some help and luck, could find themselves back in the playoffs after a 1 year absence. It will indeed be very playoff like the last two weeks as we see how the playoff picture play out.

25 Responses to 6 Wins and the Leafs are In….Maybe

  1. chanman says:

    The rangers future is in their hands…they have 4 crucial games. I see:
    Atlanta (but with less points than the Rangers)

    Carolina…lose tiebreaker with TB
    Habs…not enough
    Leafs..too little too late

  2. Mainer87 says:

    Keep dreaming leafs fans. The isles will not get in with out the 15-Year man, carolina might have an easier schedule but the way the leafs smacked them around, big doubts there. The habs can get in espically if we hold on and beat the rangers tonight. Riding the hot hand and kovy showing up finally. Overall leafs=golf course

  3. TMLfan2005 says:

    The Leafs have the Habs right where they want them. They have a game in hand therefore if they win that then the tie breaker won't matter as long as they remain tied in points on the final game of the regular season, when the 2 go head to head. In that game if they're still tied in points, some one's gotta come out with 2 so there will be no tie.

    The Islanders and Leafs are tied in wins, so if the Leafs can manage a win against them next week then they're fine with staying tied with them.

    The Leafs need Carolina to take a big loss some where in there schedule so that the Leafs can tie them in wins. Other then that we're in a fine position after tonights big win.

    If we pick up wins over both ATL and PIT, and NYR then the Leafs can manage to breathe little easier and slide their way in.

  4. Lint07 says:

    I see my Habs sneaking in, especially if we play well this weekend.

    One thing for sure, we need AT LEAST 2 points out of 4 in our next 2 games (I'd say 4 but I am being realistic)… Hopefully 3 points, that would give us some room to breath.
    I've heard the Sabres might wanna start Conklin on saturday, that's good for us.

    The Canes and Isles should come short due to their schedule/goaltending.

    As much as I'd like to see the Leafs make it (yeah, I really do… go figure) I think it's too much of a stretch to say they're gonna win 6 out of 7 with the schedule they have. They played great tonight, though. Now let's see how long before Raycroft falls apart in a crucial game… again.

    This is exciting!

  5. Habroller says:

    Where did you hear Lindy Ruff say that?

    We can win against Miller and loose against Conklin, but darn, that would still make a big difference!

  6. habs_punk says:

    I'm sorry, but how are the Habs right where the Leafs want them? As a Habs fan, I'd say the Leafs are right where we want them. The Leafs have to win that game in hand just to catch up with Montreal. And with the tiebreaker going to Montreal, if Toronto is two points behind Montreal going into that last game, it doesn't matter what the outcome of that game is.

  7. Yann says:

    to get the final spots now the the NHL is more equal you have a legitimate shot at the playoffs with 92 pts, though 95 is what you aim for…

  8. wheresthesoda says:

    I don't think the Habs have the goaltending, to get in and even if they do to do any damage.

    The rangers also, didn't have the goaltending against the habs last night. It'll be an exciting last few games

  9. MogilnyFan1990 says:

    IF the Leafs fo 6-0-1, i think they will make the playoffs.  going 6-0-1 is like all you can ask of the Leafs, so you can't blame them for not trying.  and if they do go 6-0-1, they will take 2 points away from atlanta, tampa, nyr,nyi, and montreal.  IF they go 6-0-1 and miss the postseason, i will be shocked.

  10. Visco says:

    As much as I know Leaf haters would like to see the Leafs on the links early this year, don't count them out.  There are no secure spots for anyone right now.  There hasn't been a team that has shown they are solid lately.  Look at the Rangers who are hot got run over the other night.  Carolina last night…..Teams can win against the best and loose to the worst.  I think every game is important to every team and each team has to go in thinking every game is a playoff do or die.  As for the Leafs I hope they are solid and can squeeze in.  You can criticize Raycroft all you want but this guy has been solid this year.  Maybe not putting up numbers like Luongo or Brodeur but he sure is stealing games.  When the Leafs loose majority of the time it is poor play in front of him (ex/ the Buffalo game friday night).   I still have hope in these guys and have all year round.  If they don't make it then everyone was right at the beginning of the season.  I remember everyone saying the Leafs didn't have a good enough team to come close to playoff contention.  Well here they are and they are proving you all wrong.  I just hope they can raise that bar a little higher.

    Go Leafs

  11. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    I hope the leafs come in to Montreal 2pts back of the final playoff spot. Montreal procedes to get hammered 7-1 and the habs make the playoffs based on more wins. Gotta love the tiebreakers!

  12. Toonces99 says:

    You’re a moron….

  13. Komic-J says:

    You do realize that, even if the Leafs were out of the picture by that time, the Habs could NEED those two points to make it and get ahead of Tampa, or Carolina…

  14. lukeleim says:

    Eastern Conference:
    New Jersey
    NY Rangers
    Tampa Bay

    Western Conference:
    San Jose


    Buffalo vs. Toronto: Toronto 4-2
    New Jersey vs. Tampa Bay: New Jersey 4-1
    Atlanta vs. NY Rangers: NY Rangers 4-3
    Ottawa vs. Pittsburgh: Ottawa 4-2

    Toronto vs. New Jersey: New Jersey 4-2
    Ottawa vs. NY Rangers: Ottawa 4-1

    Ottawa vs. New Jersey: New Jersey 4-3

    Nashville vs. Calgary: Nashville 4-2
    Anaheim vs. Dallas: Anaheim 4-1
    Vancouver vs. San Jose: Vancouver 4-3
    Detroit vs. Minnesota: Minnesota 4-2

    Nashville vs. Minnesota: Nashville 4-2
    Anaheim vs. Vancouver: Vancouver 4-3

    Nashville vs. Vancouver: Vancouver 4-2

    Vancouver vs. New Jersey: Vancouver 4-3

  15. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    Carolina just got there asses handed to them by the Flyers. That's right, the worst team in the league, the flyers. I wouldn't be too concerned about them anymore. There finished.

  16. mojo19 says:

    wait, im confused, what do you think their record needs to be?

  17. mojo19 says:

    carolina outscored 11-2 in the last two nights.

  18. mojo19 says:

    New jersey isn't going that far, they'll probably be out in the first round, they've been really flat the last month or so, unless they're saving it for the playoffs. That team lacks intensity.

  19. BieksaForMVP says:

    exactly two nights… two nights is not the entire season… Lot's of teams in playoff contentionhave lost o Philly aswell…

  20. Superman4452 says:

    not likely. toronto is in desperation mode, might not make it, they wont beat buffalo, give buffalo more credit then that. and if buffalo gets thru, new jersey will have alot on their hands

    and u believe that vancouver can go thru sanjose, anahiem and nashville and still have enough to take on new jersey? thats pretty demanding.

    good luck tho

  21. 92-93 says:

    Reviewing/updating my article earlier this month (http://www.hockeytraderumors.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=8414&mode=&order=0&thold=0):

    March: 8-4-0-2 (in 14 games)
    Fri. 2 at New Jersey – loss …….win
    Sat. 3 Buffalo – loss in SO …….loss in regulation
    Tue. 6 Washington – win in regulation ……win in regulation
    Thu. 8 at Ottawa – loss …………………….loss
    Sat 10 Ottawa – win…………………………..win
    Tue. 13 Tampa Bay – win…………………….win
    Fri. 16 at Washington – win …………………loss (key loss that pretty much dashed any hopes for the Leafs to make the playoffs IMO)
    Sat. 17 at Montreal – win in regulation …….. SOL
    Tue. 20 New Jersey – loss …………………….. thanks to the loss to Washington, this had to be a must-win and it was
    Fri. 23 at Buffalo – loss ……………………… loss
    Sat. 24 Buffalo – win …………………………..win
    Tue. 27 Carolina – loss in SO…………………win (Leafs win season series 3-1)
    Thu. 29 at Atlanta – win in regulation………..loss in OT
    Sat. 31 Pittsburgh – win

    April: 2-1-1-0 (in 4 games)
    Sun. 1 at NY Rangers – loss in OT
    Tue. 3 Philadelphia – win
    Thu. 5 at NY Islanders – loss (however, if they do win this one in regulation, they win the season-series)
    Sat. 7 Montreal – win (season series tied, so it pretty much comes down to whoever gets the 2 pts, even in its from a shootout or OT win) 

    The Habs have 9 pts in the season series (4-2-1), and so do the Leafs (3-1-3). But the leafs have 2 fewer wins then the Habs. HOWEVER, if the Leafs and Habs are tied in points heading into the final game of the season, it doesn't really matter who has more wins does it? it just comes down to who can get the 2 pts on that Saturday night – either in regulation, overtime, or in the Shootout. 

    Tonight's game against Atlanta is a typical 2006-2007 Leaf game: outshoot and outwork the opponent, but cannot finish their chances. I still prefer this team over last year's leaf squad – they are just so much easier to like because of their work ethic.

    The above projection was based on my initial projection back in late-January that the leafs must finish with a 40-30-4-8 record or 92 pts
    (James Mirtle has the 8th place threshold at 93 pts).

    Right now, the Leafs are 37-29-4-7. Therefore, they must go 3-1-0-1 for their remaining 5 games. I have them winning every game except the ones against the 2 NY-area teams. And even if it all went to plan. it does not guarantee that 92 pts and 40 wins would be good enough for 8th (it wasn't last year). However, the logjam is so tight this year and each team is so inconsistent, that the Leafs can still conceivably finish as high as 6th. 

    here's hoping that the Canes beat the Lightning in OT tomorrow night, and that Ottawa and Buffalo win their home games in regulation to keep the Isles and Habs down. if that occurs, it means that the NYR have 87 pts, FOUR teams have 86 pts, Leafs have 85 pts and the Isles are stuck with 84 pts.

    nice and flattened out.

    and hey, dont forget, the Leafs have beat the Sens, Sabres, Devils, Canes, Bolts in recent games. not bad. too bad they couldnt beat the Caps, that game will haunt them i believe.

  22. leafs_will22 says:

    This is all but so funny, let's start with the HABS their next game is vs buffalo then Ottawa. DO YOU REALLY THINK THEY WILL WIN BOTH GAMES ? If they do and continue doing well they would still need to beat the leafs now thats just where the leafs want them. Let's now look at the islanders THEY ARE OUT!!! their next games are vs Ottawa(3 wins 0 loss) and buffalo(2 wins 1 loss) vs islanders this year, did I forget to add something (where's dipietro) anyone ? If they somehow pull it off they must still beat the devils (5 wins 1 loss) vs islanders this year which is their last game. Now to the Rangers they play philly, toronto, islanders, montreal, and pitsberg it seems as if they are in but 1 or 2 teams will beat them atleast I would think. They have been on fire for some time but after the montreal game they were put in their place. I love to say how it is 1 of these teams WILL NOT MAKE IT Carolina or Tampa their next game is vs one another now remember Carolina must win ALL their games when they play Tampa 2 times makes you think, Tampa's coach has promised to make the playoffs but what is that worth (remember atlanta last year)

    [MY PREDICTION] 6)Rangers 7) Tampa 8) Toronto  [ALL IN] 

  23. mojo19 says:

    should be a wake up call for them, they'll heat up tonight and beat tampa hopefully, but they won't make the playoffs.

  24. Komic-J says:

    I just love how you think it's impossible for the Habs to win two games against Buffalo and Ottawa, yet totally realistic to think the Leafs can win five games in a row, four of them against team that are above them and/or fighting for the same 8th and final playoffs spot.

    If the Leafs had to face Buffalo one more time this year, you would probably be the first one to say that you beat them last time, and you got pretty close to beat them the night before that, am I right ? Well guess what, the Habs are playing for .500 and over against these teams, so I guess we can at least "compete" with them.

    And that's just where the Leafs want them ? Believe me, the Leafs would like to be above the Habs, forcing the Habs to WIN against them to secure a playoffs spot. And right now, since you lost that "precious" game in hands last night, the Habs have the advantage over the Leafs. Will it be the same April 7th ? Who knows ? But saying that Leafs have the Habs right where they want them is not only false…

    …it's completely dumb !
    (Judging the statement, not you).

  25. mojo19 says:

    Now If montreal can go 1 and 1 going into their last game vs. Toronto. And Toronto can go 2 and 1 starting with New York tommorow going into their last game vs. Montreal then the leafs will be 1 point up and it will all be decided in the final game.
    If Montreal goes 2-2, and the leafs go 2-1 (very possible) Montreal will be one point up and it will still come down to that final game.

    So basically, it looks like its going to come down to the last game of the year between Toronto and Montreal
    – unless NYR or Tampa tanks.

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