A 3rd Party Will Save Hockey.

Most of us see this lockout as something that will end and be over with some time or another. But if you look at this problem that the NHL now has with the NHLPA you see that the end is not very close.

It’s going to take an outside person, someone who can step up and save the Game of hockey and never be forgotten as the man who saved the game.

Who could make an impact on this lockout?You ask who? Who will step up? and why would anyone try and get involved?

Well, first of all the NHL and NHLPA have been ready for this lockout saving so much money just to win the war. Most players are signed and tones are playing over seas, really showing that they are not worried about making money, why would they give in when they also have a lockout savings account so that everyone gets paid during the lockout? The NHL won’t give in … they are set on the cap and know this is their last stand to get one. They will not leave without one.

So we look to a 3rd party. And they’re are tones of people in the league and out of the league that can step up and really make a name for themselves as someone who saved the game.

TSN is taking their shot at going down in history. TSN one of the biggest if not the biggest supporter of Hockey and the league has now made up a way to save the game. Soon to be told to the world and listened to by both the NHL and NHLPA. It is really exciting to see them step up, as a neutral position on the problem.

But people leave out the Player/Owners who could really make an impact.

Mario could take a shot at it as well. He’s a player who has so much respect from the players and who is an owner himself. He has tones of power to speak up and let his voice be heard. This really is a great opportunity for him, and even though he will already never be forgotten for his great skills on the ice, he would truly have the one thing that separates him from The Great One. Gretzky already has saved the game of hockey when it was going through a hard time to find interest. Mario would seriously benefit from saving the game with making a stand for both sides and bringing them together.

We also have Gretzky. Yes, he is no longer a player, but one who receives the respect of anyone who’s ever stepped on the ice, or looked at it. He as well could step up and make a stand for both sides.

Then we have Burke, one who I believe should have Bettmans spot right now. Already proposing some good ideas and issues that could be addressed, he truly loves the game from both sides of the ice and has shown owners he can get this league moving. Bettman has been a waste since he has been in the NHL and I don’t see him doing anything to get this resolved.

The media back and forth with each side blaming the other is not helping anyone become closer in the issues they need to solve. Seems to me like they are just growing farther and farther apart with more tension and grudges building up between them. A 3rd party will save the game of hockey. The question now is….. Who will do it?