A better , Possible Future For The Leafs

Ok I’m no expert but the leafs need to make a few changes, not only changes but changes that make sence. Here are a few things that the leafs should do which are actually possible.


First they need to look at their goaltending, Aubin played well but is he ready to start? Noone knows. The one thing people should have realized by now is that Michael Tellqvist is not the answer. I’ve watched him in the AHL from the beginning and the answer is… he isn’t the next big leafs goalie. The poor guy never will be. The way he played last season was at best ok until the montreal series where he played the way he always played but people only just realised then, that he wasn’t the answer. With the trade for Raycroft and with hopefully bringing Aubin back on board they should have solid, and fairly cheap goaltending. Let Tellqvist walk.


Okay Bryan Mccabe is a great scorer, but he is a defencemen. Now I’ll admit he has done better last season and was even selected to the Olympic team, but is it worth it to sign a great offensive defencemen who is shaky defensively(at best) instead of going after some bigger names or possible going and getting two average to good defencemen. if the leafs can sign Mccabe they should have a Blue line thats looks like this : Mccabe,Kaberle,?(insert mid level defencemen signing),Colliacovo, and the last two spots up for grabs (Wosniewski, White, Harrison, Steffan K). If they can’t sign mccabe they can get two good defencemen off the free agents list and with all the young guys waiting for their shot , they should let them have it. This team isn’t detroit, they should easily let their young guys have a go. Their not gonna win the cup next year they might as well build for the future.


Okay first Antropow needs to go , he takes up space in the line up and I don’t think he will ever pan out. Or they need to treat him like a 3rd line forward and not as some crazy future star. The leafs probly only need one or two signing up front maybe a Pisani, a Peca or somebody. With trades like Havlat who knows?

They really need to give Pohl, Wellwood, Steen, Williams the time they deserve. Suglobov is a maybe in my opinion he played ok in his games up but nothing outstanding or remarkable except he gives up the puck in the neutral zone a lot, but he is a young guy so he has time. They need to start a youth movement if this toronto team wants to survive. With a couple of free agent signings the leafs could be back in business.