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Rangers, Thrashers, Leafs looking for defensemen

How far will this team go ..!!!!!1

“Brodeur shows his true colors”

EA Sports, whats wrong?

Rangers, Thrashers, Leafs looking for defensemen

Three eastern conference teams all need defensemen. But they dont exactly need to look for outside help.

The Toronto Maple Leafs have for offensive minded defenseman. Kaberle, McCabe, Kubina, White. And after that they have Colaiacovo, and Stralman… The only true defensive defenseman on that team is Hall Gill. Wozniewski and Kronwall are half decent defensively.

So, at any given time the leafs have 4-5 ofensive minded guys….

The New York Rangers have 9 points from their defense core in 8 games.

The Atlanta Thrashers are spreading their ice time around, giving each defenseman about 20 minutes. Steve McCarthy is playinmg almost 20 minutes a game.

so the Thrashers need a guy who can play a lot of minutes, the rangers need a defensean who can create some offense, and the Leafs need another defensive minded guy.

So, you have to wonder how these teams can help each other out. The Leafs have 3 defensemen who can log close to 30 minutes, and plenty of offensive minded players….

Heres my ideas:


To NYR: Ian White

To Atlanta: Pavel Kubina, NYR 4th round pick

To Toronto: Bobby Holik, NYR 2nd round pick

Rangers get a PP specialist, Thrashers get a guy who can, and wants to play more minutes, and the Leafs get some defense and some draft picks. The leafs could follw this up by signing Markov.


To NYR: Brian McCabe

To Atlanta: Paul Mara, Marik Malik, Leafs 3rd, Rangers 2nd

To Toronto: Steve Ruccin, Niclas Havelid

McCabe could flourish as a Ranger, The Thrashers get short term grunt defensemen, and the leafs once again get defensive help.

3. (options with other teams)

To LA Kings: Raycroft

To Toronto: Labarbera, 2nd round pick

To NYR: Shea Weber

To Nashville: Al Montoya

To Atlanta: Derek Morris

To Phoenix: Jim Slater


How far will this team go ..!!!!!1

(This guy really needs to spell check and learn how to write properly)

The Colorado Avalanche are a great team dont get me wrong. They are my favorite team. But how far can they go..?? I say sky the limit for this team dont u agree.

They have great forwords… Stastny is an up and coming all star.

Sakic dont need to say much about him but hes an icon.

Symth a ture heart and soul player even tho i dont like him he gets the job done somehow.

Brunette now i think this guys underrated alot of teams give up on him.Avs give him a shot and now hes one of the best players night in night out

Wolski hes olny going to get better as he goes long rookie season 50 pts.so far this seaon hes on a 7 game pts streak he going to be a great player sooner then later

Hejduk this guy scored 50 goals one year and he can do it again him n Stasnty are a really good pair.

they have other notables 2 should as Savtos,Arnason,Laperrire..they got really good group of players up front…

Now there d is pretty good but not great….

Clake hes there leader on D he logs all the ice time he can get the job done one both ends of the ice

Liles is a small d..but hes not bad on d at all ..but he more of a pp type of player he got a good shot and can score.

Skrastins this guy is a iron man of d.he very good on his own end of the end

Hannan this guys a in ur face guy ..he like Skrastin gets the job done in his own end of the ice

Sauer i dont know wha to make of him hes got really good skill what i can make of he can be a promising d for them

Here are some noteables Cumiskey,Finger,Leopold(if not hurt)

Now there goalies…….

Peter Budaj now this guy look really good in some games n then look good he can be a starter if he can go on a good run like end of last season.

Jose Theodore now heres a goalies thas on a down swing but so far this season he looked really good had a game game but looked good on the others…

I think this team can be one of the top teams in the NHl ….maybe 10 overall….they just need to get a good run going and for a goalie to step up..

They really cannt trade for a goalie cause no one will take a 6 mill Theodore.So they are stuck with him until season ends.

If they had a ture starting goalie they would be really dangours they would be up there with Sens and Wings…well maybe not but they could be..

If this is Sakic last year they still are in good hands…n if rumors are right n Forsberg has them in the 2 teams he wants to play for and they can sign him. But he will have to stay heathly …..i dont know where he would play

but it would be a great olny if heathly.

I say this Avs team will make the playoffs in 6th or 7th and maybe make it too the 2nd round.

P.S……..I know this article might be talking like they are so great but there my team n no one is bad as the Leafs fans


By : zane

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“Brodeur shows his ture colors”

This IMHO has over the years become one of the most rediculous topics

to debate in all of hockey!!!

I believe that Patrick Roy is the greatest of all time, not because of his stats, or cups etc., but because he played through some significant changes in the game. first, he didn’t invent the butterfly style, but he

led the way in attempting to perfect it, in essence paving the way for the Brodeurs, Gigueres Fleurys and so on…, when he broke in, offences were far more potent, (Run and gun oilers, Lemieux’s Penguins), not to mention the evolution of the weapons (Sticks) and flourished through the changes.

This is simply my opinion, and it will be hotly debated forever.

By way of thinking of the people who responded to the origional post,

Brodeurs accomplishments and stats speak for themselves, case closed.

Well then, the greatest of all time is Ken Dryden, the man lost 89 flippin games in his entire carreer (winning percentage of something like 79.2%)!! with career goals against of 2.24. 5 or six Stanley cups in 8 years, what else…

ohhhh but wait he played behind the big three, and the left wing lock, can’t consider him.

Point is I think this debate needs a twist, instead of stats, we need to look at contribution to the game as well as success.

Guys like Plante, Roy, Esposito revolutionised the game.

Taking nothing away from the guys who added their own athletic ability and personal will to improve to a level where the league actually thinks it’s time to increase the size of the nets.

Goalies have never been better, thanks to the goalies they grew up admiring, and the ones before them etc.

Just an opinion…

By: datara

EA Sports, whats wrong?

Now, i’ll be the first to say this game sucks bad. The fact is, its still a lot better than the 2k edition this year, which is exactly the same as last years.

However, EA Sports looks better, feels better, and even smells better! The game on the ice is a lot more realistic and intense. The commentators are awesome, and the goalies finally don’t suck.

I don’t know abo
ut anyone else, but i’m incapable of playing EA Sports in Dynasty Mode, because the computer is just ridiculous on super star and way to easy on Pro. All star seemed like a good mix, until about the 6th game when every team knows how to play against you.

So i switched over to playing online only. My name is Spawn10459, i was ranked 74th the other day but have dropped to 146th due to exploiters and playing with the panthers.

This game had to much potential to be great, but the exploits are way to obvious and frustrating. The poke check in the game is terrible, either you know how to use and steal the puck all the time, or you can’t use it at all and trip everyone. So i just gave up on it.

The most obvious exploit are the skating behind the net, and about an inch before you’re behind the net you pass the puck through every defender on earth (who just stare at the puck as it goes by) and its an easy tap in for the player on the other side. The goal looks great the first few times, but after a while you watch the replays the defense doesn’t do anything. I’ve had a guy pass through me while i was laying on the ground right in front of the player who than preceded to smash the puck in through me.

The second best exploit, is skating to the slot and taking a slap shot to the short side high corner. This works like gold. I’ve had people score 10-12 goals on me in a single game doing this over and over again. If you try to hit them it turns into a little bump and they still get the puck past you, if you poke check you take yourself out of position for a block. If you crouch down on the ice they just shoot over you. By the way, the 4 other guys on the ice you don’t control do NOTHING while you play.

The third exploit is the back hand coming from either circle to the sides of the goalie. The goalie goes down a century and a half before the shot, and you just aim high with the backhand and it goes in a majority of the time.

I think out of the 120 games i’ve played, i’ve seen every single one of these goals scored probally about 90-95% of every game. Some players online only play using one of these over and over again. (Normally those people use vancouver for Luongo in net)

Suffice it to say, the top 10 players all use Vancouver for obvious reasons in game. The team is quick and defensive minded, and Luongo makes the saves on every goal that isn’t an exploit. Leaving you but one choice, to exploit to win.

Other honorable mentions for teams for exploiters: Toronto Maple Leafs (I have no idea why… bitterness from the fans because of how bad the team really is?), New Jersey Devils (Probally because the team sucks, and Broduer is amazing), and Ottawa are amongst the top most exploited teams.

In my experience goalies that are a hybrid fair better against exploiters than butterfly goalies. Philadelphia Flyers are TERRIBLE at stopping exploiters. If you want to play with Philly you must put Nittymaki in (it sucks i know).

Nashville is pretty decent, but the defense is kinda weak.


If you don’t manually control the lines that are put out, put all of your 1st line players on the 4th line. For some reason the game loves the 3rd and 4th line and they get more ice time than they should. So to compensate i put my entire 1st line on the 4th line. The second line gets the least amount of ice time for me each game.

Learn to stand sideways in front of the net to block a corner from being exploited. If you’re holding down the button to stay sqare to the puck, the shot will go between your legs and in. Make sure to stand sideways facing the either boards.

Learn what teams are good against what other teams. Example, The Ducks are good against anyone. Rangers are terrible against puck controlling teams like San Jose.

Please everyone, add to the tips and comments. Lets try and make the online community more adept at stopping exploiters and making the games more life like and enjoyable. When you play a game with no exploiters, its 100x more intense and more fun.

These comments are for Playstation 3, the game is a million times better for PS3 than 360. I’m not even exaggerating.

By: Archion113