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2007 Entry Draft

More Samsonov News

Most Important Stretch of the Season

Cudos to Lalime

Maurice blows, lets bring back Burns

2007 Entry Draft

The 2007 NHL entry draft will be held at Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio on Friday June 22 and Saturday June 23.

Montreal native Angelo Esposito , a centre for the defending Memorial Cup champion Quebec Remparts of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, is the top-ranked North American skater in the NHL Central Scouting Service  mid-season ranking of eligible players for the Draft.

Trevor Cann of the  OHL’s Peterborough Petes is the top-rated North American goaltender, while  right wing Alexei Cherepanov (Omsk, Russia) and goaltender Mark Owuya (Djurgarden) of the Swedish junior league are the top ranked skater and  goalie, respectively, from European leagues.


More Samsonov News

Edmonton Oilers assistant general manager Scott Howson issued a “no comment” Tuesday when asked if the team had any interest in acquiring Sergei Samsonov , who was waived by the Montreal Canadiens .

Samsonov had his moments during Edmonton’s playoff run last season, but is in the midst of the worst offensive season of his career in Montreal. 

Source: Edmonton Suna

Most Important Stretch of the Season

The Rangers have their most important stretch in their next 10 games because they do not have that tough of a schedule and they play a few teams that they are chasing. In the next 10 games they have tampa home, washington away, carolina away, philadelphia away, chicago home, new jersey away, new jersey home, columbus home, montreal home, and pittsburg home. They have 6 home games and 4 away games. They have 4 games against terrible non-playoff teams which they should be able to go 4-0 in. They have 6 games against playoff teams but 3 of them are 6th, 7th, and 8th in the conference. They need to go 3-2-1 in these games. That would put them at 7-2-1 and in the 10 games and getting 15 points out of a possible 20 points. They would be 6 games over .500 overall with 18 games left and they would probably be in 8th or 9th. If they were in 9th then they would be probably only 2 points out with 1 or 2 games in hand. They need to start playing better and it starts with a crucial game against the 7th seed Tampa Bay Lightning on Friday night.


Cudos to Lalime

Lalime wins on his 1st game back

The hawks beat the Canucks 3-0 as Lamlime played his 1st game in nearly one year got a shutout,got there 1st win against the nucks at GM place since 2001.

Lalime has improve his record against the nucks with his 3rd shutout against the nucks in just 8 games.

Cudos Lalime 


Maurice blows, lets bring back Burns

As you may know, I hate Paul Maurice, JFJ too. So if I ran the Leafs, here’s the changes I’d make.

First, go get Billy Guerin. Fast power forward. Perfect winger for Sundin. Trade Tlusty. You bleeding heart liberal Canadians who are on this forum will hate me but I can’t take another European. I’d be glad to get rid of Tlusty for him. Or even just sign him in the off season. Sign him for $3.5, Sundin for $4.5, and Tucker for $3.5.

Then. Get rid of Paul Maurice and John Ferguson. Terrible coach, terrible GM. No more Euro’s, get them the hell out of here. John Ferguson Jr probably votes NDP. Bring back Pat Burns as GM, Pat Quinn as coach. Ya ya, tell me I can’t get over the past, blah blah blah, the fact is, in the past, we won.

Trade Bryan McCabe to the Islanders. He’ll waive his no trade clause for that. Do it in a three way deal, get Miroslav Satan, then flip him to Florida for Todd Bertuzzi. Ya, ya, give me that bullshit they’re rebuilding blah blah blah. They’re not rebuilding, or they’d trade Jokinen. They’re just dumping UFAs because none of them want to come back to play for such a disaster of an organization, I know, I’ll get 1996 versus 1967, blah blah blah. Re-sign Todd Bertuzzi at $3.5, if he wants to play here, he’ll take it.

Re-sign O’Neill and Peca at what they currently cost.

Trade Raycroft for Dan Boyle, who costs $3.625, Tampa dumps some salary, gets a goalie, we replace that joke of a defenseman McCabe.

Trade Kyle Wellwood for Curtis Joseph. Re-sign Joseph for $1.5. Screw Wellwood, over rated and soft, career 50 point player at best, but he’ll demand a lot of money because he’ll get padded stats by playing with Sundin. Trade Pohl, Steen, and a first for Brule. The kid will be a star if he can get past the injuries. We have deep scouting, we can get a better player in the late rounders anyways. Besides, with this team will win a cup, and it’ll be like a second rounder.

Sign Roberts at $1.5











The cap is apparently going up, and that teams payroll is $44 475 000, and will win a cup. Go figure.

Before you post your disagreement, I want to remind you, I am right, and you’re not.


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  1. BieksaForMVP says:

    Ok I watched Molson that's hockey yesterday, and I saw, or heard nothing about that Canuck's trade. I was watching the Score yesterday when I was on the computer, and I heard nothing about that Canuck's rumor. I just went on the Sportsnet website, and I saw that rumor about the Habs, but since it mentioned nothing about Samsonov getting put on waivers I assume it was writting awhile ago. Also everyone has known about that rumor for awhile, and it says "has caught the interest of the Chicago Blackhawks". That does not say it will happen this weekend.

  2. BieksaForMVP says:

    Ok I watched Molson that's hockey yesterday, and I saw, or heard nothing about that Canuck's trade. I was watching the Score yesterday when I was on the computer, and I heard nothing about that Canuck's rumor. I just went on the Sportsnet website, and I saw that rumor about the Habs, but since it mentioned nothing about Samsonov getting put on waivers I assume it was writting awhile ago. Also everyone has known about that rumor for awhile, and it says "has caught the interest of the Chicago Blackhawks". That does not say it will happen this weekend.

  3. Stuv_Dogg says:

    Anyone who uses "blah blah blah" in place of reasoning, fact and logic is a winner in my books!  That was sarcasm.  Besides, I barely took you serious to begin with and then I lost the remaining shred of respect for you when you predicted that Detroit would miss the playoffs this year.  FYI, they're the third best team in the league.  blah blah blah.

    All of the above posts have pretty much summed up how stupid your article is.  But maybe like Janet Jackson you're only looking for attention by writing this garbage.  Doesn't your mommy hug you enough or something?  If you want attention you have to earn it – give a try one day by writing a thoughful and sensible article.

    Blah blah blah.

  4. chef93 says:


  5. leafsrule31 says:

    your a tool

    its like you just say the dumbest shit you possibly can in order to gain the most reaction. you cant seriously believe have the shit you spout out can you?

    although i personally would rather have rask.. maurice is not to blame for that. dilhole.

    we didnt contend under quinn.. there is not one leaf season under quinn i would have taken seriously as cup contenders. not one. the only legitimate contending leaf squad in the last 20 years came from pat burns. and that's just said and done my friend. grab a clue.

    while i have my own opinion on european hockey players… you deserve to be fisted for yours. i'd like to see you open your mouth with some of that shit to an actual european.. but i bet its a titter  bit different when theres no keyboard in front of you huh fella?

    i've said it a million times. make yourself non existent. you waste the time of to many.. you fausty mofo

  6. leafsrule31 says:

    you seriously think you've owned anyone?

    ALLRIGHT PEOPLE!! its okaaaaay.. what we have here is a seriously retarted little kid. sorry handicapped… challenged.. take your preference! its officially not funny to make fun of / attempt to pull this clown out of his dillusional world anymore.

    did i really just "own" him more in 30 seconds than his collective attempts at owning people that turned out to make himself look like a foolish little mental midget have worked out?.. sad. i'm wasting words as i speak.

    what a DOUCHE! minus the effort to squeeze.

  7. vindictiveb says:

    I think the Leafs sould try to go after Ryan Symith!

    and Leafy I think you sould really stop sniffing glue!

  8. leafsrule31 says:

    thats it!!!

    where is the official ban leafy from htr / remove all leafy speaking privelages permanetly petition.. because there's enough people on here who want to see this clown never speak again.

    i want to see it now.. !

  9. leafsrule31 says:

    man.. what an f'n fool you are.

    1.).. if the typical attempt to make the playoffs .. happy with a 1st or 2nd round exit for the next 40 years counts as "winning more" .. than sure?

    2.).. kubina has BLOWN up until about 2 weeks ago.. and was quickly becoming one of the bigger flops for the leafs. he's long overshadowed raycrofts descrepencys.

    3.).. sundins getting old. look at it how you want to. bertuzzi cant skate through anyone anymore.. because you cant skate through someone in the press box. (fool).. you do realize that 2001 was 6 years ago. and the difference between a guerin worth a blue chip prospect.. and a guerin worth squat .. right?

    4.).. there was alooot more to that carolina team too. you keep clinging to that.. because its aaaall you think you got in your tiny little world.

    5.).. youth is the basis for success in the new nhl. and no matter how many times you spit out the opposite?.. your still wrong.

    6.).. he coached what was supposed to be a better team than this one to a shittier season. and if they had made the playoffs?.. it would have been embarrassing.

    7.).. there is so many things wrong with that statement. raycroft is far better than cujo now.. and in 13 years. do you even watch the sport?

    8.).. JFJ needs to go. you musta fluked that one.. but it doesnt make you any less of a tool.

    9.).. you haven't proven anybody wrong on anything.. you ass. ANYBODY.. you just make yourself look like even more of a moron everytime you open your mouth, and padding your own ego doesn't make you any less stupid to anyone but yourself. so actually, you can go to hell. but i'd settle for you just plain disappearing.

    10.).. thank god your what you are, a nobody. because you'd make harold ballard look like a damn genious. did i mention the nobody part? just because your dating jack's brother doesn't mean you know him.

    get out.

  10. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    People disagreeing with me should remember that I am right, and they are wrong.

    Man, I'm amazing.

    I endorse the genocide of stupid people, and if that were the case, most of you would be dead.

  11. polastem says:

    Dear Leafy:

    Alright! Archion isn't even a Maple Leaf fan, and he can point out how retarded you are. You are a conceided, self-proclaiming jackass who thinks his opinion justifies the means of the hockey world. I'm sick of your shit, you're just an ignorant teenager who doesn't know shit about shit, and you should really go ***** yourself. I beg to God every night that you're emo, hoping one day soon you'll cut yourself.

    Sincerely: Your Father.

  12. wheresthesoda says:

    YO LEAFY..how does you dumb ass bullshit get posted, that was the most retarted shit i ever heard. and your lines are terrible also, peca is a waste of air in the NHL, why wouldnt you have your buddy brule playing on the 2nd line instead of wasting his time on the 4th line. maurice and JFJ are the best things toronto and there pathetic organization has

  13. leafsrule31 says:

    your seriously getting off on this aren't you?

    you.. and you alone.. will be the sole reason a person decides not to visit this site anymore. you just need to go?

    how many times can you get punked before you realize even your retarted i rule the world shit is only entertaining to a select few?. i'm just passing you off as a handicap, and i'm sorry i made fun of you. just.. ahhh.. put your hat on.

  14. muckies says:

    Your right, it also pretty hard to win when your goalie gives up 3 soft goals in the first 15 minutes of the game. They got it to game 7 on guts and hard work, by the first intermission they were out of it.

  15. Pony says:

    Your an idiot, thats a fact.

  16. polastem says:

    I agree with you disliking Leafy, but I think you're way off on the Mike Peca thing. If you are pissed with him for not scoring much, then you obviously don't understand Mike Peca's game, but he is arguably one of the most gifted defensive players in tha game.

  17. Oley says:

    leafy, i dont normally post here i only seem to post to your stupid articals!

    im getting used 2 read your stupid bullshit but even trying to say that wellwood is a shitty player and then trying to say hes worth Cujo……..you are the most dumb ass leaf fan out there.  you myfriend only want to see the leafs do bad. every time you post wat the leafs should do. is not the best for the leafs…… leafs MUST build within! and u hate Euros wat kind of a dumbass are you.  Sundin is on your line still.  kaberle is by far our best defencemen…… Euros are great players. are you just saying this bullshit because canada won the 2002gold and world cup and the world jrs.? well remember sweden won! oh yeah just because a canadian player is a captian doesnt mean they will win the cup…. leafy you are retarded please stop posting……because i will never read your articals again. please go die now

  18. Oley says:

    leafy you did the math of antropov getting 28goals this season……..

    wat did you go 2 tsn.ca check antropov's profile and look at wat hes on pace for? hahahahahahahaha you have got to b the dumbest person i have ever met to think it would happen…..    just watch it. it changes all the time………..dumbass please again just stop while ur ahead

  19. Oley says:

    leafy! get over the past. if it didnt win us a cup before its not going to now! face it teams at rebuild win! rayflop…… hes been everything other than flop. hes played great for us. not to mention hes young he has alot of time. im starting to think the raycroft trade is good. we have a starter.   oh btw cujo would do nothing than make us worse then he would b gone in 2 or 3 years and we would b stuck with pogge(and you dont want to rush this kid)

  20. Oley says:

    how do you ignore peoples posts? leafy is the 1st to be ignored.        hey leafy are you forgetting everyone in canada has european backgrounds? you *****ING IDIOT

  21. Oley says:

    i find it funny that we cant find one person on htr that agree with leafy…..leafy your the only 1 on everything you think is best for the leafs…. doesnt that kinda let you know ur a retard? iv posted like 4times this morning cause as i read more. more has to b said. i cant remember who posted this but i agree with him/her. leafy im so glad you are not in control of our team. please switch your team to the sens. they could use a crappy gm such as your self.

  22. GoalJudge says:

    You really are a simpleton.
    The leafs did nothing but spend and try to spend more on players that were in the twilights of their careers. And if they did spend money on players it was the wrong ones, like Domi at over 2 million.  And don't go thinking he was the only one. There is a laundry list of bad acquisitions.  Hindsight might be 20/20, but the bottom line is that the leafs have never acquired a superstar since Mats Sundin and the often Fabled Doug Gilmour.  Any acquisition of star talent that we acquired after them has been players on the downslope of their careers, or injury prone.
    They continually traded away real assets that have since become better players, but Quinn and Burns and the Boys did not favor developing players, because they thought that their pocket books could buy a championship every year.  Why do you think that they had there AHL affiliate in NFLD.  Real close to home there.

    The fact is the leafs have focused on toughness, and veteren leadership.  Well let me ask you genius, when your whole team is verteren leaders, who are they suppose to lead????
    They sacrificed denfense when defense and the trap were winning systems?  They had aging or overrated goaltenders, and never a qualified backup, who also was over priced.  (I think they actually paid Healy like 3 million one year, what crap).  They never had a quality defenseman until Kaberle, the one player they developed, became a top D-man last year.
    McCabe who they acquired through free agency has proven he can score, when he plays more than half a game. On the flip side, he gets scored against more. Not exactly a stud D-man.  Even last summer the leafs had shots at all sorts of stud d-men and they re-signed a bum.  Sather was the last decent GM the leafs had.  I'll give Dryden some respect, but he was never great either.

    The leafs have not been a team looking for the cup for almost 15 years.  They spent big dollars on players past the prime of their careers, and never superstars.  Other teams that you had listed as veteren laden teams all spent money on superstars, or players in there prime.  And they had good GMs, and they also developed players while signing free-agents.  They leafs have done NONE of that.

    And one last laugh for the guy who thinks both Antropov and Poni are 30 goals scorers!
    Nyuk! Nyuk! Nyuk! You stooge.

  23. GoalJudge says:

    I think Fergie Jr. is a waste of air, and the best parts of his gene-pool ran down the side of his mothers leg.

    As for Peca, I have never been a fan of his.  But I will say that he played well for us while he was here.  He was the PK, and before he went down he was really starting to contribute on the scoring sheet.  Take a look at his game by game stats, you'll see.

    He just looks like a bad investment now because he is injured.
    I'll still take him over Antropov.  Despite teammates, or fans liking him or having high hopes for him, I think it is time for the leafs to start bringing in some new blood for this team cause the guys we got aren't getting the job done.

    Mats Sundin will break every leaf record that he is qualified for, and he will go down as perhaps the biggest wasted asset the leafs have ever had.  The guy has been a stud for years, and every hockey analyst, GM, Coach and player outside of Toronto recognise what we can't, and we wasted him away with very little supporting cast for almost his entire career.  I bet deep down inside that he has at least once wished that he stayed with the Nordiques. How many cups could he have had if he played along side Sakic, Forsberg, Blake, Bourque, Roy, Tanguay, Hejduk, Foote etc etc etc.

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