A different look on trade rumours- October 7 Edition

After seven long months, I’ve decided to return with “A different look on trade rumours”. This edition: the Derek Morris trade, Byron Dafoe and Kyle McLarenTHE DEREK MORRIS TRADE

Perhaps one of the Calgary Flames’ boldest moves was the trading of the promising young defenceman Derek Morris to the Colorado Avalanche last week. Morris, along with Dean McAmmond and Jeff Shantz, went to Colorado for two centres, Chris Drury and Stephane Yelle (two former Quebec Nordiques draft picks), giving the Avalanche a fourth premier defenceman and the Flames two good centres.

This deal I think should work out for both clubs. With the loss of Ray Bourque and now Darius Kasparitus, the Avalanche needed a young, quality defender who could stick around for more than a year or two and Morris should be that defender. McAmmond and Shantz should help their checking unit, especially McAmmond, who had a career year as a Flame. Drury should blossom beside Jarome Iginla, and, with Craig Conroy, should form one solid first line. Yelle will aid the second unit immensely, and, with Marc Savard (if he decides to play) should give the Flames another scoring option. While Calgary probably won’t challenge for the Stanley Cup like Colorado will, the Flames just may have enough to gain a play-off berth.


It’s official: Byron Dafoe has signed and Elvis Presley’s still alive. Just kidding. Dafoe is still at large despite rumours to the contrary, but at least three teams have come to the forefront looking for his services. The Vancouver Canucks, St. Louis Blues and Chicago Blackhawks are apparently interested, but, in truth, only the Blues and ‘Hawks really need him.

True, the Canucks’ goaltending isn’t stellar, but Dan Cloutier and Peter Skudra did their job last year and should be even better this year, so Dafoe automatically doesn’t fit in the Canucks’ plans. It’s already widely-known that the Blues are not impressed with Brent Johnson, and clearly if anyone needs a goaltending boost, it’s the Blues. Chicago did reasonably well with Jocelyn Thibault, but the ‘Hawks would also benefit with Dafoe. Chicago is penciled in for a nose dive this season, but, if they land Dafoe, that could all change.


Holdout defenceman Kyle McLaren so far hasn’t gone anywhere and probably won’t be back with the Boston Bruins at all this season. The Edmonton Oilers have apparently shown interest, but no deal so far has been made. It’s also not clear who the Oilers could give up for McLaren.

Reports have suggested Janne Niinimaa was headed for Beantown but the Oilers have denied it and rightfully so. Niinimaa, as noted by Spector’s, has a better injury record than McLaren and is overall the better defender. Plus, the Oilers probably want to improve their defence, and they won’t do that trading away their top defender for the Bruins’ top defender. Other reports have suggested Jason Smith, but the Oilers’ captain isn’t exactly worth McLaren on the trade front, so, if the Oilers truly want McLaren- and it seems they do- they may have to get creative.

Well, that’s this edition of “A different look on trade rumours.” Feel free to comment on these and/or other trade rumours.


17 Responses to A different look on trade rumours- October 7 Edition

  1. edmontonrules says:

    I don’t think the Oilers will go after McLaren unless he comes cheap. The Oilers defence is not doing too bad and they need to keep the defence that they’ve got.

  2. mikster says:

    Lowe is looking for a d-man though.

  3. Blueandwhite says:

    As I heard on Sportsnet today the frontrunners for Dafoe are the Blues and Philadelphia. Apparently Chicago and Vancouver aren’t interested.

  4. MossRocks says:

    Unfortunately he will not be cheap and Boston has made it known that they want a d-man in return. The Oilers should not move Brewer, Smith or Niinimaa. They need one more guy because I would be more comfortable with Ferguson as my #6 guy not my #5 guy.

    I would move Staios and Marchant to get McLaren, if he’d sign for two years/$5million. If McLaren is healthy, he’s an improvement over Staios. I like Staios as a #4/#5 but he might be the d-man to get the deal done. It doesn’t matter because McLaren will want two years/$7million which we can’t add to the payroll. The Grier move clears some money but I think they had to do that already.

  5. RangerSteve says:

    I’m not an Oiler fan or a B’s fan…but wouldn’t Jason Smith for Kyle McLaren make some sense? I mean don’t the oilers want to free up some cash or whatever and the B’s want a defenseman, but yet again they said they wanted a forward for him…i dunno..just a thought…

  6. gzus2380 says:

    how about Jonas Hoglund for Kyle McLaren? This would help both teams as boston needs some offense(dont know how much hoglund can help lol) and T.O needs help on defense. THe only thing is that toronto and boston are in the same division.

  7. DG says:

    That would be a nice deal, but I don’t think the Boston Bruins would go for it. Jonas Hoglund’s not exactly a superstar and neither is Kyle McLaren, but I’d think, based on value, McLaren is miles ahead of Hoglund, since Hoglund’s a “sometimes scorer” while McLaren can chip in well on both offence and defence.


  8. DG says:

    That would be a nice deal, but I don’t think the Boston Bruins would go for it. Jonas Hoglund’s not exactly a superstar and neither is Kyle McLaren, but I’d think, based on value, McLaren is miles ahead of Hoglund, since Hoglund’s a “sometimes scorer” while McLaren can chip in well on both offence and defence.


  9. DG says:

    York’s computers acting up again.


  10. LEON says:

    The Bruins were willing to trade a prospect who they couldn’t sign for Hoglund (Wanvig), but their is no way the Bruins would trade McLaren for him. This trade just isn’t realistic and in saying so your overating Hoglund and underating McLaren. Face the facts, Hoglund is worth next to nothing in terms of trade bait and the Leafs are stuck with him unless he proves himself more valuable or he gets traded for an unproven prospect with minimal potential.

  11. LEON says:

    With a team that has…

    Samsonov Axelsson

    Thornton Rolston

    Murray Hilbert

    Huml McInnis

    Stumpel Zamuner and: Stock

    Lapointe Knuble

    …you’re underestimating how much offense the Bruins actually have. Besides their is no need for LWer’s who score 13 goals a season.

  12. DTierney86 says:

    whos Helbert?????? you think hes all good and no1s even heard of him?

  13. LEON says:

    I don’t know who “Helbert” is either! But if you actually can read and write the name is Hilbert? As in Andy Hilbert (C/LW, Boston Bruins). If you knew anything about the Bruins which you obviously don’t then you would know he is one of the most highly touted young player’s in the Bruins organization. Don’t comment on things YOU know nothing about or at least do a little research or something before making an ass of yourself!

  14. Section426 says:

    I think the Drury trade was great for the Flames. Morris is overrated, and Drury is one of the top young forwards. Yelle is a useful checker, and he is better than Shantz. McAmmond has a bad back, so he’s no great loss. I think this trade improved the Flames so much that they could make the playoffs–if only they were in the other conference.

  15. shuckryan says:

    This is one thing I can’t stand. Stupid Maple Leafs fans who think that Jonas Hoglund is in the same building with Kyle McLaren. He’s not even on the same freaking planet as McLaren. Like “LEON” said: the Bruins are interested in Hoglund if they have to give up a player they can’t sign like Wanvig (who is about as comparable to McLaren as Hoglund is to Jagr.)

    So if you have anything credible to say then say it, but if not, DON’T POST ANY MORE MESSAGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. GreyGoose says:

    Dafoe will sign with a playoff contending team by Mid November. One can wonder why Philly hasn’t already signed Dafoe. He’d be a significant upgrade over anyone Philly has had in the past 10 – years. Dafoe would bring them 30 – 35 wins himself and a top spot in the playoffs. Plus Philly seams to have enough Defense to protect him which Boston does not. Too bad Clarke has been asleep at the wheel lately.


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