A different twist on an article

“Big D just one of Ottawa’s obstacles”


I just got done reading this article on ESPN.com and thought that it was ridiculous that it was posted. Lately I’ve noticed awfully one-sided articles on espn.com, and it’s really starting to get to me. This one pits the Sens against the Stars in the finals and tells why Ottawa would basically get spanked and not win a game.

I would expect to find this kind of article on a Dallas Stars sponsered website, but not espn.com. The writer is from the Ottawa Sun, but he touchese on aspects that he feels Dallas excels past the Sens in, and really doesn’t touch on anything else at all.

At no point does the article say anything like: barring a trade by Ottawa for some grit (which they are rumored to be after)….he just kind of spouts and gives Ottawa basically no respect at all. Eastern Conference/Western Conference stuff is getting old, the whole West dominates the east. They are totally different styles of play, and it’s all the NHL.

I just think that if I lived in Ottawa I would write a million editorials until it got published for this guy to read. I don’t even like saying “if Ottawa and Dallas play…” cause there is no way to know, but it would not be so one-sided as a 4-0 beating.

Dallas has veterans, yes, but Ottawa has some too. Although the article points to Dallas as having a speed advantage, I don’t agree with that for one second. The sens have one of the quickest squads in the league. How about the fact that Turco has never played an NHL playoff game before? Then there’s Lalime who shut out and knocked out the Philly squad for about 30000 minutes last year. Both having pretty equally great years this season, ESPECIALLY considering ottawa’s style of play. It’s a total clash of playing styles. Although Dallas is playing more wide open than in the past, they are still a defensively conscious team, whereas the sens are gunna be the free wheeling team of the new decade.

I would NOT say 4-0 dallas. I would say 4-3 Dallas, but that it’s entirely up in the air. What do you guys think?