A different twist on an article

“Big D just one of Ottawa’s obstacles”


I just got done reading this article on ESPN.com and thought that it was ridiculous that it was posted. Lately I’ve noticed awfully one-sided articles on espn.com, and it’s really starting to get to me. This one pits the Sens against the Stars in the finals and tells why Ottawa would basically get spanked and not win a game.

I would expect to find this kind of article on a Dallas Stars sponsered website, but not espn.com. The writer is from the Ottawa Sun, but he touchese on aspects that he feels Dallas excels past the Sens in, and really doesn’t touch on anything else at all.

At no point does the article say anything like: barring a trade by Ottawa for some grit (which they are rumored to be after)….he just kind of spouts and gives Ottawa basically no respect at all. Eastern Conference/Western Conference stuff is getting old, the whole West dominates the east. They are totally different styles of play, and it’s all the NHL.

I just think that if I lived in Ottawa I would write a million editorials until it got published for this guy to read. I don’t even like saying “if Ottawa and Dallas play…” cause there is no way to know, but it would not be so one-sided as a 4-0 beating.

Dallas has veterans, yes, but Ottawa has some too. Although the article points to Dallas as having a speed advantage, I don’t agree with that for one second. The sens have one of the quickest squads in the league. How about the fact that Turco has never played an NHL playoff game before? Then there’s Lalime who shut out and knocked out the Philly squad for about 30000 minutes last year. Both having pretty equally great years this season, ESPECIALLY considering ottawa’s style of play. It’s a total clash of playing styles. Although Dallas is playing more wide open than in the past, they are still a defensively conscious team, whereas the sens are gunna be the free wheeling team of the new decade.

I would NOT say 4-0 dallas. I would say 4-3 Dallas, but that it’s entirely up in the air. What do you guys think?

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  1. AvSfAn01 says:

    How can you say that the west doesnt dominate the east? Look at the past 7 cups! Col-Det-Det-Dal-NJ-Col-Det! 6 of the last 7 cups have been won in the WEST!

  2. GreatWhiteNorth says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with the ESPN writer’s opinion. True Turco has experience but as I recall Tugnutt has played great in the playoffs given a chance. With the strength of Dallas overall, the goaltending will not be an issue.

    Ottawa and their players have done NOTHING, to prove that they’re a playoff-able team. Every year they go in playing very well after a good/excellent season and they lose in the first round, or the second round to the Leafs. Why would the ESPN writer belive Ottawa could do anything against Dallas, a team that has won the cup and been to the finals recently, when Ottawa hasn’t beaten Toronto in 3 years (One series they didn’t win a single game!). Ottawa is a GREAT regular season team. They have the perfect model for the regular season. They have tons of skill, they’re fast, they can score in bunches, and they get good goaltending from Lalime. But these things alone don’t usually win a playoff series.

    What Ottawa doesn’t have is: heart, playoff confidence, players who can perform in the playoffs (look at the stats for Ottawa’s “core’ players in the playoffs. Not even close to that of stanley cup winners), mental toughness, a great captain (Alfredson is a great player, but he has proved nothing in the playoffs, and has yet to lead to carry his team on his back in the playoffs if necessary), etc. Ottawa basically lose to the St. John’s Maple Leafs last year. How could they even win a game against Dallas when they lost like that only last year?

    One can argue that Ottawa is a ‘different team’ now, etc. Sure… all I have to say is put up or shut up. The Sens have to prove that they are a playoff team like the Stars, The Leafs, The Wings, The Avs, and that they have the players to win in the playoffs. They haven’t done that, and untilt hey do they will never be in the same universe as the Stars.

    I’m surprised the ESPN writer even had Ottawa again Dallas. I would have had the Leafs or the Devils there. The only two teams in the East that have recently proved they have what it takes to win in the playoffs.

  3. Prosaic says:

    I agree entirely, I think the Sens will be a very serious playoff threat, and this article is just another example of the media belittling them because they’re not one of the league’s traditional ‘big’ clubs. Rubbish, they’ve got big points haven’t they, so give them some respect! I’m certainly not going to say they’ll win the cup or anything, they might not even come out of the East – and yes, Dallas are a scary outfit (though they might not even make it out of the West). But the Sens players don’t have a silly inferiority complex as this author seems to have about the team, I say if the Sens play the Stars in the final, bring it on, they have nothing to fear.


  4. aaron says:

    When I watched the Sens in the playoffs last year, they were playing a tight checking defensive system, not free wheeling offense. Regardless, if they’re playing free wheeling offense, Dallas won’t even have to show up. Defense rapes offense in the playoffs.

    I’d say 4-1 or 4-2 Dallas. Pretty equal talent, but Dallas has experience, grit, defense, and the natural Western advantage (basically, the East style of play encourages teams who might be good normally to lose their edge b/c they spend the entire game bear hugging each other and can’t keep up w/ the Western up tempo when facing it over a seven game series w/ the Cup on the line. This, btw, is not a sign that the East is better defensively and the West is offense-oriented, b/c the West defenses stack up w/ any defense in the East but New Jersey and Philly. Its simply a sign the East plays a slower paced game, which some say makes them better qualified for playoff style hockey, but the problem is the West switches to playoff style hockey at 20 miles an hour, while the East is playing playoff style hockey at 15 miles an hour. Until the Eastern Conference stops playing their crud hockey style, the West is going to continue to dominate, b/c they’re used to playing a high speed game. Note again high speed does not mean shootout; it means high speed. But I digress).

    In short, w/o dissing on the Sens, Dallas would probably win that series w/o a WHOLE lotta problems.

  5. GoSenators says:

    The author of the article is an idiot. I unfortunately have had to read his crap for several years now. In case any of you missed it in the article, he writes for the Ottawa Sun and here he is bashing the home team so he can get published in a US magazine.

    The funny thing is that the Stars are one of the teams in the playoffs that the Sens match up very well against because they are both well coached defensive teams that don’t take alot of penalties. All game long the Dallas commentators were talking about how well these two teams matched up. The most physical team tonight? Ottawa. The winner tonight? Ottawa. Their other game this season was a 5-3 loss which Ottawa lead 3-2 and Dallas got an empty net goal.

  6. Obcd says:

    well I think you should say Detroit, Colorado and Dallas dominate the NHL

  7. bodiddley says:

    dallas and whom ever comes out of the west would smash the senators . wake up . the east sucks other than the devils, there isn’t a goalie out there except for martin that can stop the west.

  8. Kraftster says:

    Hmm….Sens 3-2 winners tonight, interesting to practically every commenter so far!

  9. TC_4 says:

    Defense rapes offense in the playoffs. That’s why everybody always shut down the Oilers in the 80’s. That’s why the Penguins won 2 Cups playing absolutly no defense at all. Here’s a news flash: If defense “rapes” offense in the playoffs, the Sens, according to what you stated, would beat the Stars. They would have to, because last I checked, the Stars are not a defense first type team. They’re very fast and play an up tempo style. It’s Ottawa who sits back and waits for everything.

  10. GreatWhiteNorth says:


    The Sens just proved what we always knew. They’re a really good regular season team. The article was about the playoffs, where they’ve proved that they can’t compete.

  11. pop0331 says:

    I think it would be safe to say the west and NJ dominate the NHL

  12. AvSfAn01 says:

    Exactly, and the West plays the East in the finals do they not? You can see how rarely they loose when one of them makes it…

  13. mikster says:

    Senators are experiencing playoffs. They are a young team, a lot of depth, skill/talent…solid goalie, great coach.

    Never under estimate the Senators. Why anyone should is beyond me, but fear this team as it proves that it gets better (not just the same good reg-season team) each season, more experienced each playoff. Once they get more experience…..no one will laugh at them anymore and if they keep it up like this…

    ….you’ll see Lord Stanley’s Cup in Ottawa in 5 years at the very most.

  14. GreatWhiteNorth says:

    How has the team proved that it has gotten better in a way that will help in the playoffs?

    They haven’t, and the Sens have just totally SUCKED in the playoffs, series win against Philly (another team that can’t play in the playoffs) or no.

    It’s beyond ME how anyone can utter the words Sens and Stanely cup in the same sentence when they’ve lost to the same team in the 1st/2nd round the last 3 years in a row. They couldn’t even beat the St. John’s Maple Leafs last year.

  15. Zamboni says:

    It took the Sens until overtime to beat the Stars playing with their backup goalie in the midst of a long and overbooked road-trip? Yes, I do find it interesting that a team that is trying to be the best couldn’t make more of a statement considering the perfect circumstances they had to do it under.

    NO GRIT, it’ll be a quick playoff exit for the Sens yet again.

  16. gladiator says:

    Did you see that great save Lalime made on Lehtinen in OT! And Dallas’s defensman fall down like a standing trout to give up that 2 on 1 that turned into the game winning goal!

    I’ve noticed that Dallas has alot of OT games and eventual ties, it’s funny that they can never get a win in regulation.

  17. wieds says:

    Let’s take a look at the stats. Three of the top four goaltenders in terms of wins come from the East. broduer, cloutier, lalime and Belfour. Three of the top five goalies in GAA that have played more than 38 games are also from the east. Turco, Cechmanek, Roloson, Brodeur and Lalime. Three of the top five goaltenders in save percentage who have played in more than 38 games are also from the East. Turco, Roloson, Cechmanek, Belfour and Kolzig.

    do your homework or shut up

  18. Zamboni says:

    Yep, Ottawa got lucky on a fluke play and got the win. “Fall down like a standing trout?” Hell, Chara might be the #6 D-Man if he played for Dallas. The rest of your defense would be playing in Utah.

    Turco gloves that Arvedson shot, by the way.

    An undersized and slow defense, one potent line (2 on a good day), and a goalie that’s playing out of his mind…I sure as hell aint putting any money on Ottawa taking the East, much less the Cup.

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