A few minor deals

TSN. ca reprts the following

Shayne Corson is a Star pending the results of a physical to be taken today.

The Stars also traded Steve Gainey to the Flyers for Mike Siklenka (both AHLers)The Corson deal could help the Stars down the stretch, but only if Shayne’s attitude has changed in the past year.

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  1. NemiNA says:

    Obviously a depth move with Roenick out. I heard from TFP that philly was trying to get Zamnov from Chicago, but te would have to give up young talent to get him, and i think we have already given up enough young talent……

  2. BaconandEggs says:

    He SUCKS. He’s cool though because he fucked Mogilny’s wife.

  3. Kevo13 says:



  4. whippingboy says:

    How do you know that? Just curious if this was just a rumor or if you have proof. I have heard other rumors about him fucking around with players wives, but I never heard the Mogilny one!

  5. Dober says:

    i’ve heard that rumour too. I know someone who has a cottage in the same town that Corson has his and the rumour was going on in that town last summer .

  6. Dober says:

    Dallas players better watch out, Corson might take over. Not on the ice but their wives’ pussys. Watch out for that Shlong!!!

  7. JeffBurnz09 says:

    Awsome, a washed up, mentally unstable locker room cancer comming to Dallas, we’re SURE to win the cup now. This has got to be the best pick up they’ve made since getting Claude Lemieux last year…and at this point I wouldn’t be shocked if they brang HIM back again….Really, what can Corson do that Kirk Muller couldn’t do?….If they had kept the team together that they had last year, they wouldn’t be fighting for a playoff spot and needing to pick up good for nothings like Corson…

    Yes, we pissed away Hatcher, Sydor, Dahlen and Muller, but we damn sure got Shayne Corson, didn’t we? Lets see how long he takes to start tearing the Dallas locker room apart.

  8. Aetherial says:

    He didn’t F Mogilny’s wife.

    The Leaf dressing room, including Mogilny, finds this rumor funny. It started as a joke and somehow it has become this Urban Legend.

    Trust me, my *source* is much closer to knowing than any of yours.

    It is not true.

  9. wayne2 says:

    Against all odds i say its a good playoff addition by

    the stars.He brings grit,toughness and experience

    plus can shadow the other team`s star player.

  10. The_Conductor says:

    Speaking fo Dallas… I heard Montreal is looking at Arnott and St Louis is looking at Young!

  11. starsgirl25 says:

    wow, i don’t quite know what to say. i didn’t know dallas was this desperate for a d-man. we’ll see what happens

  12. Lint07 says:

    I’ve heard about it too. Would be the reason why he mysteriously quit the team last year… Apparently Mogilny would’ve said: It’s Corson or me.

    tough choice! 😉

  13. Lint07 says:

    I’m just glad Corson didn’t sign with Montreal as it was rumored.

    We don’t need him.

  14. CaptainModano says:

    Corson and Siklenka are both forwards….I don’t really think Dallas is in need of a defenceman, their D hasn’t been all too bad this season…..it’s the offence that has been their achilles heel so far, ranked like 28th overall or something.

    Either way, not a bad couple of acquisitions in the past 24 hours, let’s see how Corson does.

  15. starsgirl25 says:

    the offense has been terrible and streaky. take last night as an example. how many shots did they have? 30+, but only one goal to show for it. they need to keep crashing the net and getting the garbage goals, this is not a pretty goal team. and modano need’s to really step up his play and show that he cares about this team.

  16. mojo19 says:

    everyone’s heard about that. Thats why Mogilny left for a week towards the end of last season to go to russia for “personal reasons.” Also Dylan Corson (Shanes son) plays hockey against my brother.

  17. mojo19 says:

    yashin comes to mind

  18. JeffBurnz09 says:

    The offense hasnt shown up alot this year, but I think their problems are mainly because of stupid moves in the off season…Bottom line was they won the west last year, and there was no need to make the changes they did…Hatcher, Sydor, Dahlen, Muller…too many changes to a team that didnt need to make any…corson is a crash and bang type forward, who can pick up a goal now and then, but he’s not going to make the offense better, and honestly could do more bad than good to the team right now…

  19. shotnthdark says:

    Speaking of minor deals, the Canes recalled Arturs Irbe from the minors. GM Jim Rutherford said “We want to keep all our options open going forward based on the situation we’re in now”, plus backup Jamie Storr, has posted a 0-8-2 record and 2.91 gaa. I just found this interesting, plus it could be the end for Storr, who signed, I believe, a $500,000 contract before the season. Since the Canes are paying Irbe his salary regardless of where he plays, why not give him a shot at the backup?

  20. wayne2 says:

    I believe the sens should imitate Dallas and get their own gritty player who happens to be the

    ultimate playoff performer,Claude Lemieux.He can

    play left wing as well plus this would mean we dont

    need to go after what we dont need(Bondra) therefore keeping from doing a mistake in trading a

    guy like Vermette.I know Lemieux hasnt played in

    awhile but he`s a professionnal player and would

    be ready for the playoffs,just sign him for the rest

    of the season only.The line-up:








    whoever plas best come playoff time to be in nets.

  21. smooth4488 says:

    he’s not a d-man. Moreless a defensive forward.

  22. afanofthelakings says:

    too late bondra is now a senateur

  23. wayne2 says:

    Yep,just found thatn out last night.There`s no room

    for anyone now except at center since White got

    hurt for 4 to 6 weeks just like Bonk but they probably can manage with a centermen from the

    minors till then.Dont know how long Vermette is gone but he is a natural centermen also.

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