A good rangers team

Looking at the rangers right now it is obvious to say that they should be a good team. The problem is that they dont have enough team players. Ive come uup with a fairly good solution for the rangers which should work for now and for a long time down the road. Now the rangers team would look something like this:Barnaby-Lindros-Bure





Kaspairaitis-de vries




TO make this team work for both the short and long term we would need to make it a younger harder working team.

I would say that we would move Messier to the 3rd but at the end of the season him and Kovalev seemed to click so i would recommend keepin them together, but instead of nedved on that line i would put lundmark. Jamie Lundmark is a young player with an amazing potential and can one day be the best man in the league. He can learn a lot from playing with these two.

Next I would like to see Anson Carter traded back to edmonton with maybe a draft pick and/or money for Mike York. With this we would put York on LW with Lindros and Bure. This should be one of the best if not the best line in the league. I know that lindros has not been producing like he should be, but i think if we give him the C then he will feel extra pressure on himself to do better and i believe he will be back to the old lindros that we all used to dread.

The Rangers i hear are supposed to sign Whitney so i would take him and put him on the third line for a year. Most important thing is to lower Holik’s pay so we can trade him for a high 1st Rd pick. And hvae a 3rd line of whitney, nedved, and barnaby.

The offense would now look something like this:



Whitney-Nedved -Barnaby

Now i am not saying that this should all be done this offseason but maybe over 2 seasons.

I say that messier should play this season and the 7 more games that he needs to pass howe for mnost games played. Then he will retire in the beginning of the season. and we would move either york or lundmark to center and move whitney up to a better line. And we would be able to pick up any players we need to fill holes in free agency.

And when bure and lindros and dunham and leetch are done the team will be a litle like this….(these are not lines just the players they will still have as the base of the team. Dont forget that by this time York, Lundmark, Blackburn and Poti should be allstars in the league.


Whitney Lundmark Kovalev

York Nedved

G Blackburn



de Vries




Now who would wants this plus whoever else they can pick up in the future through picks or other ways. Not only will this be a long term solution for a good team but they can be a top contender for cup for about 10 years as long as they continue to draft skilled players and develop them well. This team would also be cheaper.

Who would not like this as a team? And its like im in a fantasy world. This is very possible to do. I think its reasonable, if you disagree let me know.