A kick in the junk, but this time we are wearin a jock!

A roller coaster ride in Edmonton. First the play offs and now yet another star wants out of Edmonton.

First off I am not going to be one of those fans who will condem him for leaving, but that is only if Mr. Pronger steps up and says WHY? Not hiding behind the “personal reasons”. If his family is uncomfortable living in Edmonton, just come out and say it. It is a flashback to the Mike Comrie incident.

This time around Kevin Lowe has the upper hand. He gave up a 2/3 Defenceman in Eric Brewer plus 2 prospects and a pick (i believe) to get Pronger out of St. Louis, That was when he was A Heart/Norris Trophy winner. Add Playoff preformer to the mix and his stock just rose a fair bit.

Kevin Lowe will not make this trade until he gets his goaltending situation resolved. If Roloson is the answer nothing should be done until after he signs. In addition there are a couple other UFA’s that the Oilers have to deal with. Roloson, Spacek, Pisani, Laraque and Samsonov. The first four are likely to stay, but I believe there will be a bidding war for Samsonov’s services. With Rob Schremp waiting in the wings it will be intersting to see where he fits in for ice time.

Let’s now talk possibilities (most of these are not legit rumors and some have been mentioned before)

If Roloson does sign…

Ottawa: If the Senators can only sign either Chara or Redden It wouldn’t suprise me much if one of those 2 plus a good prospect or 3rd/4th line grinder would make the switch possible. There was a rumour of Phillips and Havlat for Pronger, but I think that’s a little too steep of a price for the senators.

Florida: This depends on the Jovo to Florida possibility. If he goes there expect Bouwmeester and Horton/Wiess in return

Tampa Bay: There is a lot of high priced talent on the lightning that may catch the eye of Mr. Lowe, but it’s highly doubtful.

Toronto: Oh how I dispise the leafs, but if he goes there one of Steen/Stajan/Wellwood and Kaberle would have to go the other way.

If Roloson does not sign…

Here is where things get interesting. If Roloson doesn’t sign in Edmonton I believe he would be Detroit bound because they play a more defensive style than do the Oilers (at least during the season). Plus he is a veteran, and so are most of the wings.

The possibilities are endless with Pronger as the prize.

Buffalo: Biron and a 3rd/4th liner plus a pick is possible.

San Jose: Nabokov and one of the sharks young D men could happen?

Chicago: Khabibulin and a pick/prospect?

Dallas: Might just be able to pluck Turco out of Big D?

With so many good goalies to go on the market it will be interesing to see what happens.

I believe the Oilers roster will resemble the one from last year minus Dvorak, Peca, Samsonov and Now Pronger.

Unlike years past when Weight and Joeseph left for nothing this time Kevin Lowe will get something back in return and it will have an immediate impact on the team. Which softens the blow to the groin a little bit!