A Leaf fan's opinion of the Senators problems

This is not about trashing the Sens. This is not about the Leafs own problems. This is about what’s wrong with the Senators.

First of all, there is no question that the Senators have an AWESOME core of players. In fact, I have absolutely no doubt that their forward and defense core is better than ANY in the league and that includes Colorado, Detroit, Philly etc.

Why do they lose then… because they have *key* problems. With a little tweaking; I see a Stanley Cup in Ottawa soon…

Jacques Martin.

Great technical coach. He did a great job bringing the Senators to here. Now they need someone different to get to the next level. I like Martin, but sometimes you have to change the coach. That time is now. Possible candidates:

Mike Keenan (no, I am not kidding)

Joel Quennville (is he coaching already)

Pat Quinn ?!? – Radical thought but I think his days as a Leaf coach are numbered and his strength (the “us against the world” game) would be perfect for the Senators.

Daniel Alfredsson.

Can someone please explain why on earth people keep saying he is a great captain?!?

A couple years ago: He blames a playoff loss on “Tie Domi can’t skate” and then changes his mind and decided that Domi purposely smashed his head on the boards. By the way, Domi skates very well as a matter of fact.

This year: He “mocks” Mats Sundin, a compatriot and a friend and not a player who deserves that kind of crap. Go ahead and mock Darcy Tucker and Tie Domi… Sundin is a class act though.

This year: He goes around predicting wins and Stanley Cups. He even predicted Sens victories in the playoffs.

This year: What’s with the haircut and the whole demeanour in general. He comes across as cokcy and arrogant.

In short, this is NOT The behavior of captains. Alfredsson is a FANTASTIC talent who would only improve if another captain took over. If you don’t agree… the explain WHY you think he is a good captain… a great player is not necessarily a good captain. Possible new captains:

Mark Messier. If there is a season next year. The guy can still play a bit, maybe 30 points. What he brings to the team though is what the Sens lack most… heart, leadership, accountability. He might be willing to have a go with a VERY talented team… especially under Keenan 😉

Redden, Philips, White.. maybe not a good idea to switch captains within the team but these guys seem to have more captain qualities.

John Muckler.

Why bring in Rob Ray? Why bring in Peter Bondra when you already have the best offense in the league. Why not address your goaltending when everyone KNEW that Lalime was having a tough year… in the end, those moves cost the Sens. Bondra was invisible, Ray didn’t even play I don’t think and Lalime blew Game 7, period.

Unfortunately I have no better replacement and Muckler probably is not the most serious problem anyway.

Martin Havlat.

Where was he? I guess if he can’t run around high sticking people… he can’t play. Trade him for a good goalie. The Sens have plenty of firepower.

Radek Bonk.

Another Senators magical disappearing player. Trade him for a good, grit forward… in a package for O’neill maybe or how about Peca?

Patrick Lalime.

Time to trade him. He will never have the confidence of his team at this point. He is a good goalie can be a starter or a great backup many other places.

Replacements… I dunno, pick some names; there is a good chance that any current NHL starter would be an improvement. Even a big trade like Havlat and Bonk for a first rate Goalie?

Sum it up…

Bring in a new coach

Change captains

Get rid of Lalime

Get rid of heartless players like Bonk and Havlat and get some tougher forwards and a good goalie.

You do this, and the Sens will win the cup.

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