A little game


for my first article on this site I tought of a little activity.

Each of you will note his favorite team and for that team:

His favorite player:

His least favorite player:

His team most important need:

The trades he think his team should make:

Wich player he thinks is the future of the team:

Wich player(s) he thinks his team should never trade:

I’ll go with mine for and exemple:

My team: Ottawa Senators

My favorite player: Dany Heatley

My least favorite player: Brian Smolinsky

My team need: A second line left winger or center and a backup goalie

My wished trade: Brian Smolinsky and a 3rd round pick for Doug Weight

Future for my team: Jason Spezza

No-trade clause: Zdeno Chara, Dany Heatley, Daniel Alfredsson

I think you should have fun with this post and wish I’m not wrong.