A look at some of the sleeper picks of this NHL season

Now I am in a couple of Fantasy Hockey leagues and the drafts are not too far around the corner. It got me wondering as to who will be some of the sleeper picks or have a “breakout season”.

Every year there are guys that virtually come out of no where to have a great season and continue doing so in the NHL for years to come. There are a few players that are my pick as this years sleepers and if available in your draft you might want to think about picking them up.

Simon Gagne would be a good one to name. He will have some key players on his line this year and should with the new rule changes be producing a lot more which has been expected in past years.

Martin Lapointe could wind up producing big points this year because (even though they are still configuring the lines) the Blackhawks have enough offensive talent on the team that i think hell be on a line with Arnason and Bell.

Patrice Bergeron (who was a rookie last season) is already a good young talent for the Bruins he had 39 points last year and with some of the new guys they got this year expect a lot more out of him (probably about 53 points or so easily!).

Todd Beruzzi sat out almost all of last year. I am not a big fan of him due to what happened but he said he was sorry. I think hell be out this year to prove a point. Yes I know he was good (2 years ago) but I think hell live up to it this year.

Dany Heatley didn’t play all that much last season due to injury. I believe he will bounce back strongly with the Ottawa Senator and give them one of the best lines in the league.

John Grahme is now the starting goalie for the Lightning. I think he will embrace this task and he will produce good numbers to the point TB fans will be saying Khaby who?

Marian Gaborik missed a little of the season last year because of that ridiculous holdout and he is definitely one of the fastest players in the league with the new rule changes he’ll put up good numbers once again (no matter who is on his line)

Mike Dunham was just going through NY syndrome as I like to call it. I think that coming back south and with the team he has now hell have a boost of confidence and perform ALMOST as good as he did with Nashville a few years ago

Teemu Selanne finally will once again have a good season. Yes you read correctly that wasn’t a typo he will produce at least 45 points this year.

And last but not least Ryan Malone. He had 45 points with a bad Pitt team last year, so now look at some of the greats he has surrounding him this season.

You have anymore that you want to add feel free??!