A look at what the Rangers could do.

The Rangers after 8 years of spending big cash on aging veteran players, they have finally decided to end the madness and start from scratch. They are now focused on building through the draft and giving the chance for their young prospects to play and rebuild the entire organization. All of this is a real good thing for the organization as it could give the Rangers in a few years quite a strong young team that will be competitive and that would have grown together.

However, I think the Rangers can spend a bit of cash as they have it to spend. In the past it was not spent wisely but I think the moves I am going to suggest would be wise investments and would make the team not only competitive now but also would still keep them a young up and coming franchise.

First of all I would definitely sign Demitra. The guy is a very productive player as he has scored at least 20 goals in each of the last 7 years, he averages just under a point a game for his career and at age 29 he is far from being over the hill and is in the middle of his prime. He would be a good guy to centre a line with Jagr and perhaps play with young Balej who could use the fellow Slovak as a mentor.

Secondly, I would acquire Sykora and Salei from Anaheim in exchange for Baranka, Fardeleau and Lundmark plus a 2nd or 3rd round draft pick. The Ducks are looking to trim payroll so the Rangers who can afford to take on contracts should take advantage of this. The Ducks dont mind getting in return some young talent. Lundmark hasnt quite panned out in New York as some have hoped but he is still a good young talent who maybe could use the change in scenery. The Rangers are fairly deep in young defencemen led by Tyutin so giving up Baranka can be done. And the Ducks could use the size of Fardeleau as they are a rather small team. Now you ask why give up young talent when you are rebuilding? well Sykora at age 28 is not an aging veteran player and neither is Salei at age 30. Sykora brings them a winner, a player with lots of speed and skill, and a good sniper to a team in need of goalscorers. Salei brings decent size and sandpaper to a blueline that is lacking it and his experience will be a big help to what could be a young defence in New York. These 2 guys are players the Rangers can keep for a while and would be a huge asset to help guide the other youngsters in the organization.

Third, I would trade Blackburn to the Leafs for Antropov, Tellqvist and Belak. See both Blackburn and Antropov have had similar paths to the NHL. both were relatively high first rounders, both started their NHL careers earlier than expected, both have had serious injuries, both have had their development time messed up due to either injuries or mismanagement and both have alot of talent and alot to offer still in their young careers. Now I know most of you Ranger fans are going to cry bloody murder because you feel that Blackburn is a frontline goalie who is a franchise player. Well right now I and probably others would think that he is not quite in the class of a Fleury or a Luongo. But granted he is a good goalie prospect. If the Rangers felt that highly of him, they would have most certainly filled other needs at the draft instead of drafting Montoya. But the Rangers were smart to draft Montoya to give them more assets. and with those assets in goal they could make this trade that would fill many needs the Rangers have. Antropov is still a developing player. he got better last year because he was more healthier and he learned quite a bit from Nieuwendyk. Granted he has some work left ahead of him but he is heading into the right direction. And considering he is 6’6 and only 24 years old, he would fill a need for a big forward who could play in the top 2 lines and he would fit in team wise as he is young and still growing as a player. his versatility would help them alot too as he can fill in at wing or centre. he also has a bit of a mean streak in him, more like a dirty streak as he tends to cheap shot and take penalties alot. but if he can channel that, he would be an effective physical forward for New York. And here he would get more quality playing time. Tellqvist would give the rangers a bit of a better option as backup than Labarbera. It would at least give them a bit of competition for the backup role and some depth at the minor pro level. with Dunham at number one and Tellqvist and Labarbera just behind, it would allow Montoya and Lundqvist to develop properly and get lots of playing time wherever they are and not be rushed into service.

Belak fills a need as the teams policeman. being able to play defence and forward is a huge plus as well. and being only 28, he can fill that role for a while yet. and whatever position he plays, he brings size and toughness to it which the Rangers lack. every team needs such a role player and he would fit the role nicely in New York.

I believe the deal would be worth it for both teams. The Leafs need a top goalie prospect to take over Belfour and the rangers need some more depth. A change in scenery sometimes helps a player and that may be what Antropov and Blackburn need for their careers. and look, the Rangers wont get a superstar like a Primeau or a St Louis for Blackburn, but they do get 3 decent players who would fill needs with the team and fit into their rebuilding.

so with these moves the Rangers would be in pretty good shape.

Forwards: Demitra, Balej, Jagr, Holik, Antropov, Belak, Sykora, Betts, MGreen, Ortmeyer, Scott

Almost ready Prospects: Murray, Moore, Prucha, Giroux

Down the road prospects: Dane Byers, Jarko Immonen, Hugh Jessiman, Lauri Korpikowski, Darin Olver, Bruce Graham, Ken Roche, Billy Ryan, Greg Moore, Nigel Dawes, Brandon Dubinsky, Zdenek Bahensky, Rick Kozak

Jagr, Demitra, Sykora, Holik and Antropov would start out a decent top 9 forward group. players like Prucha and Balej could be good fits on teh top 2 scoring lines while guys like Murray and perhaps Ortmeyer could fill in decent checking roles and allow them to grow into them. and Betts and Belak would give them parts of an agressive 4th line. and looking in a couple of years, Dawes, Immonen, Korpikowski and Jessiman will likely be full time Rangers.

Defence: Kasparitius, Rachunek, Poti, Salei, Tyutin, Purinton, Strudwick

Almost ready Prospects: Lampman, Nycholat, Pock, Grenier, Kondratiev

Down the road prospects: Nate Guenin, Jake Taylor, David Liffiton

Kasparitius, Salei, Strudwick and Purinton would add a nice physical element to the defence to offset the speed and skill of Rachunek, Tyutin and Poti. And kids like Kondratiev and Pock will seriously challenge for jobs.

Goal: Dunham

Almost ready prospects: Tellqvist, Labarbera

Down the road prospects: Montoya, Lundqvist

As long as Dunham can stay healthy, I dont see too many problems in goal as Tellqvist would make a nice backup and Montoya and Lundqvist are sure fire top prospects giving the team lots of hope for the future in goal.

These few acquisitions will allow them to be competitive and perhaps challenge for a playoff spot in a rather wide open East, it keeps them still young as no player acquire would be over 30 and fast on the decline, and it would still keep openings for jobs for some of the kids to take and battle for.

So there you have my opinion of what the Rangers could do, what do you think?

60 Responses to A look at what the Rangers could do.

  1. raine_kalisz says:

    Well at least you’re trying. Leafs wouldn’t make that trade. And you’re also loading you’re Rangers down with too many offensive forwards. 3rd and fourth lines need to be a little more defensive. I would suggest goin’ after some defensive forwards, an alyn mccauley, Curtis Brown, Travis Green’s a UFA if I’m not mistaken. Too many run and gunners just like the Rangers have had in the past. You need some players to play defence as Dunham has shown he can’t handle the load. He’s fivehole is the size of Texas.

  2. Amcan says:

    Have you ever thought that may be this team wants Crosby, and wants to develope CHEMISTRY!?

  3. pratt25 says:

    Being a diehard Ranger fan, I hope we never trade Dan Blackburn for Antropov!!!!! Please never let this happen!!!!!

  4. NYRules says:

    shitty idea…. what do we need sykora for… jagr demitra holik and balej will give us enough scoring.

    And what are u saying lundmark isnt what we planned. He played pretty damn good last year.

    And just because Tyuitin is looking good doesnt mean you trade all of the other young D.

    And why trade blackburn for those 3. We dont want belak.

    The only thing i would agree with is Demitra.

    Nothing else… maybe a playmaking LW, but were not giving up one of our best prospects.

  5. Rancid says:

    I agree with signing demitra, he would fill out the LW

    Blackburn for those shits

    Antropov and Belak are by far some of the worst players i’v seen.

    Lundqvist is better than Tellqvist

    Why take salei and sykora, when instead of giving up players, you can sign players who are somewhat similar. McGillis and Palffy

    The thing is signing palffy may disrupt the rebuilding process. so I say there priorities should be

    1. Sign Demitra to add depth to the LW

    2. Sign McGillis= They need a stay at home

    3. Of they need to replace messier….get damphousse.


    Jagr- Lundmark- Demitra

    Balej- Damphousse- J. Green

    Ortmeyer- Holik- Murray

    Extra- Extra- Extra

    then mcgillis would pair well with Tyutin

  6. Gretz99NYR says:

    ok, with a few additions u forgot to mention,as the R’s as hungrly pursuing these guys


    peter Skudra




    Maybe we can swing a deal, say let go Balej for brian Cambell or Andy delmore to anchor the PP. (only if Poti,and I am sure he will consent,allows any other defenceman into his territory).

    Trade labarber, pick up maybe lowry, and Holik has value ditch him and get a enforcer in here, maybe stu grimson.

    Brasher could be a solid leader for the troops, we have so much powerful potential a loss of ssome young blood for a seasoned veteran would only glorify the name of sather.

    May the Rangers prosper and reign victorious this off season.!!

  7. raine_kalisz says:

    brashear…do you know hockey at all?

    First off Bert is a canuck and still under contract, if he doesn’t sent to jail. Cambell and Delmore both had terrible seasons for Buffalo. Skudra???? Asham signed. And you don’t want to let Balej go, really. He’s gonna be really good. No one wants LaBarber, and Holik is carrying aorund a HUGE contract so no one wants him either.

    AND BRASHEAR???? When he was on Vancouver he was a terrible influence on their young guys. He sent Bert to the boose and made for a tumultuous atmosphere in the dressing room. No one wants him. Bert only started to play good after Brashear was shipped out.

  8. wingerxx says:

    I’m pretty sure that Grimson has retired…We already have Poti, who is a defensive liability, Andy Delmore would only make things worse, for the most part. Balej is a big part of the future here. I have to agree with the person who commented before me…Brashear would be a horrible influence on the younger Rangers. He’s older and would only take up a roster spot, plus put us in the penalty box quite a bit…and that has been a problem spot for this team for the past couple of years.

    I do, however, like your idea of Dave Lowry. Guys like that are always good to have on a team.

  9. wingerxx says:

    Balej should not be traded for guys like Sykora and Salei…The team is rebuilding, and neither of those guys are difference makers. The only guys that I want to see the Rangers pursue are Demitra, Zhitnik and Rucinksy. I do not like Schneider, but he would be good, if he can’t get Zhitnik. The other good thing is that these guys would only cost a contract, and none of our youth. The team is rebuilding…but you do have to have a few veterans in there. Anything that can be done to improve the defense would be great…Any D featuring Poti and Purinton in it’s top 6 is only going to be so good…McGillis would be alright, and would come cheaper than Zhitnik. If any of these guys could be signed, and Poti traded (for anything), I would be a very happy camper. If worse comes to worse, I wouldn’t mind seeing Boris Mironov come back. He would be great to play with Tyutin.

  10. AmazingHockeyPckWackerGuy says:

    Trade Tellqvist for Blackburn…yeah right, Tellqvist is way better than Balckburn and younger plus hes been injured for a while and also giving belak and Antropov the leafs would be getting at least two or three more players for these guys….dream on

  11. NYRules says:

    I forgot to say….

    If they were to trade Blackburn, it would not be for another young goalie. Do u not remember that we have Montoya and Lundqvist.

  12. Amcan says:

    Actually Blackburn has a lot more potential.

    Step right up and see the amazing GOLF ball ah Wacker Guy

  13. Rancid says:

    Tellqvist is a joke. He’ll never be a starter. A career back-up at most. The leafs will likely sign another old high profile goalie when ed “the drunken eagle” retires

  14. AmazingHockeyPckWackerGuy says:

    Step right up and see the idiot who just thought of that(you)

  15. AmazingHockeyPckWackerGuy says:

    Step right up and see the idiot who just thought of that now(you)

  16. raine_kalisz says:

    Tellqvist is good, he just needs his chance. He did a good job with Sweden the World Champs a couple years ago. However if the leafs keeping signing or trading for old guys they’ll never have any young players.

  17. Amcan says:

    Wow, awesome come back. Would you like a treat!?

  18. ranger_fan says:

    It has been a very LONG time since all of you have seen me. And this is the real reason why I left. Nothing has changed.

    Wishful, thinking, makes me think of that Ozzy Osbourne song DREAMER.

    Alright, to the Leaf fans who comepletely load this site with BS, Tellqvist will be lucky if he is ever a starter. If I stick around and you start going on, I will try my best to correct those of you. This site could use more people around here like MantaRay, and Big Booty, Titans… and more activity from Mikster who loves his beloved “Rags” TradeMan, DG who I have never seen comment. Great Job HTR staff, just skim articles…and if they are a Leaf or Ranger article post em.

    Alright, here is what is wrong with this installment of the Rangers.

    1- Demitra is a centerman. OK, where are you going to put him? Not first line, that is Holiks with that enormous salary. Not second line, need Lundmark to prove that he isnt a bust.

    2- Sykora is a one-way player. The Rangers don’t need that if Tom Renney wants to try the trap. Aquiring Salei would be a good move, if the Rangers didn’t already have a handful of defenseman.

    3- Third, I would trade Blackburn to the Leafs for Antropov, Tellqvist and Belak…PLEASE! WHY? Tellqvist? Why would you want him in a Blackburn trade anyways. In case you haven’t noticed, The Rangers already have Lundqvist, Montoya, Holt, Valiquette, and AHL “MVP” Labarbra. Let Dan rehab, play him in a couple of years, so he has more value, and figure out what you need then. And if I recall, isn’t Puritan the enforcer? Why do you need Belak? Seen him play lately?

    The Rangers need:

    A cheap backup goalie

    resign fan fav Sandy McCarthy

    put the Moose along side Renney

    And well here is what you are looking at…


    TBD-Dafoe, Potvin, Salo, Brathwaite, Lajeunesse, Passmore, Osgood…or hell try and get Jim Carey, or Blaine Lacher.


    Tyutin Kasparitis





    Ortmeyer Holik Jagr

    Moore Lundmark Balej

    _ Murray Betts

    Scott- Green _

    NOTE: the _is not for a FA, but rather someone in camp who shows they want to be on the active roster

  19. wheresthesoda says:

    I have a few comments on trades you said..first off trading lundmark and fardeleau is bullshit. thats our future right now..u can say baranka also but i say ***** baranka. fardeleau and lundmark definetly both should be on this team for the next 10 years. it’ll take fardeleau a couple years to make it but he’lll get here eventually. so that trade, i dont want to happen.

    Secondly…the blackburn trade..what the hell were you thinking?..sure that trade would be amazing for the rangers but the leafs arent dumb enough to do that..trade there top goalie prospect, antropov which is a future top 6 foward and a journeyman like belak for a goalie prospect thats not gonna be traded.

    I’m agreeing with the signing of Demitra though. but i’m not saying put him with jagr, i say put demitra with balej. all of you people are saying get a superstar for jagr…***** that..get a great player for balej. and balej is not going to be switched to the left side…he is staying on the right.

    You put lundmark with jagr, lundmark playing center…or you put lundmark on either wing for the rest of his career. Because honestly..i dont think lundmark could be a top centerman in the NHL, or a top 2 center. Its not happening, a winger..definetly.

    For the goaltending…have lababera play backup and dunham being #1 in this upcoming season. after that have..drop dunham and have blackburn be the #1, and have montoya or lundqvist being hartfords top goalie. and then we’ll see what happends after that.

  20. NYRules says:

    THANK YOU!!!!

    Only thing i disagree with is if thats Josh Green… he should not play 4th. Mike green i dont care if he does. And Betts would probly play center with murray ont he win cause murray can do both, i dont think betts does.

  21. NYRules says:

    Lundmark will be a fine 2nd line centerman. And id rather see him with balej than jagr. They played great at the end of the year together.

  22. ranger_fan says:

    It’s Mike. Josh hasn’t been resigned yet

  23. hockeyscarfo says:

    get hugh jessiman on that team right away, and holik take a paycut *****, any my leafs wont be giving u antropov for blackburn, AND telvquist, and belak.. Are you stupid.blackburn has like damaged shoulders, and hes not really a huge upgrade on tellvquist, never mind antropov and tough customer belak… 🙁

  24. nordiques100 says:

    balej is a rookie and so who knows how productive he can be because he is unproven. and holik is a checker who will score just around 20 goals or less. so no they do not have enough scoring. sykora and demitra would give them 2 more 30 goal men which the team needs to take pressure off Jagr.

    Lundmark had 2 goals in 56 games. that isnt going to cut it. I think he needs a change in scenery to get his career going. it just isnt going to happen for him in New York.

    And the only defencemen I suggested to be traded was Baranka. THat is not at all suggesting that the team trade ALL of their young D. he is one of many young dmen that they have.

    Blackburn is a good prospect but he isnt the next Luongo. So like i said, it will be unlikely the rangers would get like a thornton or some other pretty good star player for him just because he is a good prospect. he is more worth an Antropov because they are both at around the same stage in their careers.

  25. nordiques100 says:

    tellqvist is young yes but he is no more than a backup and he would just be a throw in to give the rangers more goalie depth at the pro level.

  26. nordiques100 says:

    Holik is paid like a number 1 guy but that isnt his role. he is more of a 2nd liner or checking centre at best. it was strictly the Rangers overpaying for his services. Demitra is a good playmaker and he can score too so that would make him a better fit for Jagr. Holik has to get back to being what he was in Jersey and that is not being the top dog because he is paid like one. he had a role in Jersey to play against the other top lines and work the special teams. he did that very well and he should be allowed to do that here instead of trying to do what he cant and that is be a top point producer.

    I dont think Sykora is a one way player. how come he was so successful on the team that trapped the most and was one of the better defensive teams in the last decade? how come when he even went to anaheim he played pretty well there too going to the finals when they too played the trap to death? he can play defence. he is no checker mind you but he can hold his own in his own end. he is not like a sergei berezin or pavel bure.

    and i think salei would bring something that the rangers lack and that is some toughness and grit on D. too many softies like Rachunek and Poti so they need to balance it out. there is nothing wrong with having too many at one position. he would be an upgrade on some of the guys they have now.

    Tellqvist would make a better backup than Labarbera. I am not sold on labarbera. Tellqvist has some potential to maybe be like a poor man’s robert esche or tomas vokoun as a backup to possibly emerge as a starter but i see him being at best another manny legace and that is a top backup.

    And sure Purinton is an enforcer but he plays defence only and they could use more size up front and Belak can play forward which would help NY. If you watched game 3 and 4 of this years playoff against the Flyers, you would see that Belak can play ok on some nights and bring something to the table. just based on his versatility alone, he is a better player than Purinton.

    and dont knock those who are running HTR. they post stuff that they deem to be interesting and if you have nothing interesting to say then you are SOL. if you dont like it here than dont come to this site.

  27. Sands says:

    How about……… no?

    First of all 29 going on 30 Demitra…. yeah OK how about no.

    Second Sykora? 28 going on 29? how about no.

    Bad ideas.

    Trade blackburn….. not yet.

    Rangers need to build this team from the ground up and create a franchise.

    With all of the signings the Penguins are doing and phoenix, and Chicago. I do not think those teams will hit the bottom 5.

    The Rangers need to have one more serious draft. if they can land in the bottom 3 , THEN they should deal blackburn right away. Blackburn can go and a few more prospects along with a 2nd rounder and there 1st rounder all for Crosby. That’s if they get 1 or 2 spots away from 1st overall pick in next years draft. Then they should drop all they can to bring that kid here….. He has New York written all over him, it would help the NHL tremendously. God Forbid Washington gets Crosby and also have Ovichankin. That would completely hurt the sport. Split those 2 up to add some excitement.

  28. ranger_fan says:

    Holik is an offensive threat as well. OK, when playing the trap, every line is a checking line that looks to turn defense into offense, which is how Bobby Holik plays! Remember this team is rebuilding. Don’t start to bring in vets that will only make your team a 9-10th seed in the conference, and then miss out on top prospects.

    Sykora doesn’t like to play D. Did you see him at all this year. Look what happenned to this team when Giguere was not standing on his head. Giggy was the reason the Ducks went that far.

    For this year, you don’t want a young backup goalie. Tellqvist is. Sign someone cheap or let Valiquette be the backup. So Blackburn and LaBarbra are in Hartford, Hendrik Lundqvist is in Sweden, Montoya is at Michigan.

    Belak can play ok on some nights. You are correct on that. But when rebuilding, Renney and Sather are looking for their players to do the best they possibly can each and every night. Belak does not do that.

    I will knock those running HTR. They should be amongst the conversations, and state their opinions. Instead they make money off ads, and get on 2x a day to check submissions.

  29. Rancid says:

    crosby is predicted to be better than gretzky……… apparently he could grow to 6″3….noone will trade the #1 draft pick if they get it. Therefore….. what are the lottery chances. I say fill up the large roster holes with decent players and hope for the best.

  30. Just-Checking-In says:

    Wow what a commentary on how the world of HTR should be run.

    “Instead they make money off ads, and get on 2x a day to check submissions.”

    They, who is this plural you are talking about? I know that Trademan owns the site and whatever revenue he generates he is more than welcome to it. Of course he has to pay for the webhosting and some other costs associated with this site.

    As for Mick, DG, Lint07 what exactly are they getting out of this? They do not get one penny for the amount of time they spend as as Admin on this site, so IF they come on twice a day to check submissions, what is wrong with that? (And I am not saying that is what they do.)

    Knock teams and what people write all you want, but take cheap shots at the Admins isn’t really a great move.

    Want to change the climate, do something like writing.

  31. AmazingHockeyPckWackerGuy says:

    Stick to your day job: Quier eye for the straight guy……

  32. ranger_fan says:

    Hah, if you think I am knocking them, you are mistaking. I am pointing out simply what they are doing, and if they participated more, perhaps the fact that all of the more intelligent posters would stay, and some of the posters, who are always getting suspended would not be able to run the site. I haven’t been around since January, so the Admins can do what they will, I do not care.

    For the most part, if I am still alowed on the site is to give info to people that really seem to need it. Lint seems to be the only one trying to keep this site together.

  33. wheresthesoda says:

    Your almost 100% correct.

    I agree with everything you said except the line combinations.

    Holik better play with jagr after i thought about it, he gets paid like a top guy so he’s gonna have to be a top guy, and with that paycheck give him the C, and i also think he deserves it after last season, he played great. So he’ll play with Jagr, and a Lw that works real hard in training camp and preseason.

    Lundmark and Balej should definetly play together next season, and they should try and resign josh green just as much as they used to try to sign super stars. Josh Green came back last year, and was a total suprise to me the way he played. He had tons of speed, which lundmark and balej both have, thats going to make one hell of a line. Balej, J. Green and messier was a line at the end of last season, so your gonna need a replacement for mess, and its going to be lundmark and thats your 2nd line.

    Your right, a team thats going to play the trap doesnt have a specific checking line, each line is a checking line. Garth Murray and Jed Ortmeyer were both very good last year defensively, and brought a lot of hype and can spark a team. Put Betts in there also. I hear good things about him and you cnt put him with guys that arent expected to do much, because he would be a waste, so you put him with 2 promising players. And that would be a good 3rd line.

    Your 4th line should definetly be centered By Mike Green, i like him a lot. He has speed, and i like that a lot. Keep McCarthy also. You need a big guy that works hard and his a fan fav. Richard Scott, i dont think so. He is a fighter, and if you have McCarthy and Puritan you wont need Scott. So for the Lw, do the same thing for your top line, a guy that works real hard in training camp.

    So your lines would be:


    J. Green- Lundmark Balej

    G. Murray Betts Ortmeyer

    _-M. Green-McCarthy

    You got the defense exatcly on what i think it should be, so i’m not gonna comment on it, your also right on the goaltending.

    By the way, you should post more often, there arent that many people that know what there talking about.

  34. wheresthesoda says:

    i think lundmark will, but he’ll players that are just as good, and maybe better. lundmark wasnt the same after the injury he got from peca.

  35. NYRules says:

    exactly what i’ve been saying since the end of the season… you have the pperfect lines. Although i tihnk Ortmeyer may be the guy for the LW on line 1. He did very good with Holik last year.

  36. wheresthesoda says:

    ortmeyer doesnt play left wing, thats and he doesnt have offensive talent that should be playing with jagr and holik. and i want to keep murray and ortmeyer on the same line.

  37. Dandude says:

    I agree that Demitra needs to be in the mix, I don’t agree that Holik can or will be a first line center. Antropov, McGillis, or Belak and maybe Salei, for size and toughness, remembering that this is a black and blue division and lots of physical games with the Isles, Devils, and Flyers. These types of games decide who makes the playoffs as early as January. The Rangers just have not been big enough to go to the net and stay there since Gravey was in his prime. I agree that the Rangers are deep at the goaltender pos. and Dan B. will go.

    Last but not least, the Rangers are thinnist at center. A big, tough, go to guy is needed soon.

  38. ranger_fan says:

    I left for a while, I will start to post when I see necessary, but for the most part I won’t pay too much attention

  39. ranger_fan says:

    Didn’t Jed play to the left of the Moose for a while last year?

  40. ranger_fan says:


    1- No, they don’t need Demitra

    2- Holik is #1 C material on a trapping team

    3- The Rangers have size and toughness

    4- The Rangers were second best in interdivision play

    5- Blackburn needs to stay

    6- The Rangers are thinnest at LW

  41. GretzNRY99 says:








  42. GretzNRY99 says:








  43. GretzNRY99 says:








  44. wheresthesoda says:

    i dont think so

    he might have played a few games or whatever but i remember him playing on the right

  45. Sands says:

    I know your just trying to get Gretz mad and you think it’s funny. No one cares about that but the longer you keep flooding sites like this I can make sure personally, that I get your IP address online and have your whole computer system BLOCKED off of the Internet for a year. Make sure this joke is worth it. Sadly you have no idea what some of us on HTR actually do for a living. Flooding Sites, code number 231 under Internet restrictions, boy I hope you have another house to work out of. What do ya say? that’s strike one. I won’t count the next 2. Have a nice day.

  46. wheresthesoda says:

    the rangers are thin at Lw. but the rangers got holik right now….lee fardeleau, hugh jessiman are coming. the Lw marcus Jonasen..6’4” 220 lbs. jake taylor is a big defensman.

    ther rangers arent big right now, but they got some big kids in there system.

    the rangers should try and keep lindros…but thats a little to late.

  47. GretzNRY99 says:

    Ok, I relieze it was stupid. You can have my computer blocked for a year? or just off this site? Didnt know it was an infraction, bad move by me.

    but what does what u or anyone else do for a living have much to do with anything?R U a hacker to be able to do stuff like that?

  48. wheresthesoda says:

    i agree..even though i think we could use another killer…we should get billy tippetts back, even though he cant play in canada, his probation wont let him leave the country..tippetts would play good with jagr and brashear

  49. wheresthesoda says:

    i’ve always wanted to be one of those computer nerds, that hack into peoples computer and shit. yea it would be awesome.

  50. Sands says:

    No actually I’m neither. I work at a Internet protection agency and yes blocked from the whole Internet. So no I don’t hack cause that’s a big offense first of all and fines and blocking come along with that. This is my favorite site so I watch it. It’s not like I can say. hey I don’t like this guy I want to block him, no that doesn’t happen, Internet rules that’s all, plus it’s a process. Don’t worry I’m no hacker and a nerd? hahah if ya saw were I lived at you’d think twice.

    gretz there’s not like 1 or 2 of us in the whole world who do this lol….. be careful on other sites as well. Good talking to you guy’s, Be good guy’s.

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