A more realistic Toronto Maple Leafs approach

Over the past couple of days, weeks, and months, I’ve been reading leafs rumours that have been absolutely ridiculous and make no sense at all. I’ve decided to write what I think the leafs should, and realistically, could do. Here it goes, by the way this is my first article so comments are welcome.

trade deadline possible deals:

i will start by saying i believe kaberle will stay, but a deal that could potentially go through is:
to Boston: kaberle
to Toronto: blake wheeler, 1st rounder in 2009, 3rd rounder in 2009

Pavel kubina to Montreal for a 2nd rounder in 09. montreal is in need of another defencemen if they’re going to go anywhere in the playoffs.

Jason Blake continues to play hot but I don’t feel that any team would be willing take a chance on him, especially considering his contract status.

Nik Antropov to columbus for a 2nd rounder in 2009 and 2010. Sources have said that antropov was only worth a 2nd last year. Although he has been recently criticized by Brian Burke, I believe Columbus will overpay a little in a bidding war in order to make a push for the playoffs.

Ponikarovski can go wherever. Doesn’t really matter. He’s definitely worth a 2nd rounder and if you can get anything better than that, go for it. Chad Kilger last year was worth a 3rd, and poni is much better in my opinion.

Dominic Moore has probably been my favourite leaf over the last couple of years. His trade value is probably as high as it will ever be right now, but I say hang on to him unless someone is willing to overpay. This guy gives it his all every night and could be a nice piece to the puzzle in future years.

Vesa Toskala needs to go. I believe that LA would be a good fit for him. They are in need of a starting goalie right now, as they still believe they are in the playoff race (i dont however). Value is low right now but it is not out of the question to get a 2nd rounder for his services.

Lastly, Ian White should be moved. The log jam that the point is too big that anton stralman has to play in the marlies for half the year. He should be in the big leagues gaining experience, and moving white would ensure him a spot. Ian White to Florida for a 3rd round draft choice in 2010.

All of these moves are extremely possible and set them up for the draft come jun. The leafs will probably pick between 3-9. With this choice, I would select Evander Kane, a prototypical brian burke player. Watch out for this kid at next years world juniors.

The offseason will give the leafs plenty of opportunity as some big names are out there. I sign Jay Bouwmeester if i can, he will probably get 6 years @ about 6.5-7 mill per year. Much speculations is growing that the leafs will sign the sedin twins, but I wouldn’t bother. I still think they need at least one more year to ‘tank’ until they can start contending. Burke will also go hard after Niklas Backstrom this summer, and for good reason. If not, it looks like Pogge will be given his time to shine.

It should be noted that burke will definitely have a ‘burke style team’ assembled for next year. They will be bigger, badder, and tougher.

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  1. cam7777 says:

    not to mention, Campbell really is not that great.  he's been only AS productive offensively on far more offensively gifted teams.  it's a lot easier racking up assists when your breakout passes are feeding Joe Thornton, Patrick Marleau, Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, Martin Havlat, Jason Pominville, Derek Roy, Tomas Vanek, Daniel Briere, Chris Drury, and any of the other top line talent he's played with the last few years.  Kaberle has been on par or better in that regard while passing the puck to Matt Stajan and Nik Antropov (who i'm sure you think is garbage). 

    I won't even compare their defensive play…

  2. jonnygf40 says:

    I think the only way Toronto will fetch even close to what you are proposing, is if some team is in dire needs of immediate help, and are willing to completely overpay.  There is no doubt Kaberle is one hell of a player.  There is no questioning that his contract is very appealing to most every team in the league.  Regardless, I can't see any team throwing that much at Burke for his services.  There's no doubt Boston is stacked with young talent.  But do you think they are going to blow up a good thing to fetch a player they may not even need?

    I know you were just using Wheeler as an example, but regardless of who the young talent is, I can't see that many assets going to Toronto.  No matter what team you look at.  Take New York for example.  Struggling as of late.  There are some major question marks on defense (Redden, Rozsival), but do you think they are willing to give up Staal, a 1st and 3rd round pick for Kaberle?  I can't see that happening.  What about Vancouver?  Could anyone see them giving up Hodgson, a 1st and 3rd round pick to fill a piece of a puzzle they most certainly need?  There is maybe no team in the league that needs a puck moving defenseman as much as Vancouver, and there is NO WAY they would give that much up for Kaberle, no matter how good he is or how good his contract is.
  3. jonnygf40 says:

    There is no doubt his best years are behind him.  He is still an elite defenseman, but look at the numbers.  He goes from 67 points in 05/06 to 58, 53 and this year he is on pace for 50.  The numbers are dwindling.  

    Plus I never said he was past his prime, I said he was in his 30 somethings and passing his prime.
  4. wayne98-mapleleafs says:

    Someone made a comment comparing Cambell and kaberle, saying Kabs numbers have been declining the last few years, well  his numbers have been going down because the talent up front has been going down, you can make all the plays and breakout passes you want if the forwards suck and cannot receive the pass and finnish, it doesnt matter if you have boyle, bouwmeester, neidermayer,    here is my point look at bouwmeester, this is the 1st year he really put up good numbers and why, because this is the first year the forwards have been pretty good, Booth is playing great, now granted the new coach made a huge diff aswell.  
        trades I would like to see.. diff trade senarios

    Kabs – to Boston for wheeler and sbotka (dont know the spelling)   or

    *Kabs – to Philly for JVR and (Hartnel and if he doesnt resign with leafs you get Phillys 1st 2010)

    Kabs and  Kulemin – Pitts for Jordan Staal, and 1st 2009, 2nd 2010

    Kabs, Antropov – vancouver for hodgson, and( Kesler or 1st 2009)

    Kubina and antropov- Columbus for Filitov or Voracek and 1st 2009

    Poni, White, pitts 2nd 2010  to chicago for Kyle Beach

    Blake – Nashville for 2nd 2009

    Van ryn, Moore – Montreal for D'agostini

    finaly I would trade Toskala to detroit for 2nd or 3rd or maybe new jock straps for the team lol
        And with the draft pick the leafs have I would draft either Duchene ,kane, or pajarrvi    well tell me what you guys think?

  5. cam7777 says:

    defensemen only step into their prime at his age….
    his numbers dwindle because the team has dwindled…
    pretty hard when  you have no one to pass the puck to

    kaberle to sundin
    kaberle to stajan
    kaberle to mitchell

    a steady decrease in talent….

    people said niedermayer looked washed up earlier this year.  if you've watched him at all lately, at 34, he looks like the real deal..a norris candidate.  he is once again single handedly taking that team and forcing them into the post season.  they are on his back at 34.  if you ask me, kaberle is cut from the same mould, and has many good years left in him…

    (mind you, he's not scott niedermayer…but in turns of his age not effecting him he is similar)

  6. marcsmonsters says:

    blake for a 2nd wont ever happen…possibly blake for a 2nd and an expiring contract (a large one) would be better…..i dont like how everyone seems to think hodson or filitov are goin anywhere….its like sayign the leafs would trade luke schenn for rental players if they were in the playoff race…it just wouldnt happen……kubina and antropov for filitov and a 1st? cmon man….other trades seem good tho

  7. Sharxfan20 says:

    Well you could look at it that way I guess…. On the contrary, last I checked, Toskala doesn't seem so happy in Toronto. You never know, though.

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