A New Look Leaf Team…a different approach.

Now that players suggested the last time I wrote and article have been dealt and or acquired, I think there is a very competitive and different approach the leafs could take.
That is the approach of the super-pests of hockey.

I have previously written that we should acquire large and talented players to complement who we already have, such as Bertuzzi and Handzus.
Now that they are gone, I think the leafs can really take the approach of a team of super-pests easily.

In my opinion it would take two small easy acquisitions.

They would be PECA and AVERY.

Peca is UFA. Avery is UFA.

They could both be had for a reasonable price.
Avery for 2.5 or less.
Peca has already stated publicly he would take less money than last year to not only play but to stay a leaf. Probably could be had for a million in late summer.

Now, I was skeptical of Peca when he first came. Never really liked him all that much. But I admit he was silencing my criticism because he did exactly what was expected of him and more, right up to getting hurt. He was even going on a little tear prior to his season ending injury.

Avery whom has shown improvements in the last few years, nearly exploded once he was given the opportunity to play with better players and more meaningful minutes.

Now combine those two with Tucker and Blake already on the team, not to mention that Peca and Blake are best friends. And you have a very condusive relationship, and a team that no one will want to put up with. The leafs may very well be the most penalised team in the league, but that would only be new to them in the post lockout-post Quinn era. It certainly would not be new in the last ten years.
And the leafs would have very good PK once again, and many players that are able to draw penalties from other teams to even things back up.

Combine that will the ability to have a line up of guys averaging more that 6-4 and 220 pnds, when you line up any of Sundin, Antropov, Poni-boy, Bell, Kilger. Now Sundin is almost wasted playing with these guys, but could and did have success at some parts with Poni and Antro. And could be lined up on occasion or PP to really take it to the opposing teams.

Add that to a Defense who boasts:
Gill 6-7 250
Harrison 6-4 211
Kronwall 6-3 209
Kubina 6-4 230
Wozniewski 6-5 221

And that is before you add the top pair of McCabe and Kaberle, or the shifty up and coming White and Colaiacovo.

That could be one troublesome team to play against.
Gamache, Kilger, Newbury, Pohl, Deveraux, Williams, Ondrus, Westrum

Harrison, Wozniewski, Stralman, Belak.

Sub in Harrison ans Wozniewski for extra size, or Belak for an enforcer and your defence is huge.

This is one hard team. They have size and speed, Grit and peskiness.
An adaptable Defense to suit the opponent either skilled and shifty, or large and overbearing.

And they once again have a goalie that can not only give them an edge night after night, but one that can make the big saves, and steal more than one or two games all by himself. This is also a team that would have a deadly PP and a hard fought PK. Certainly not pushovers. They can also score, which is a plus vs. last years troubles. Hopefully Sundin’s bad luck won’t continue.

Maybe not a superstar team, but certainly a team not even Anaheim would look forward too. This would certainly be a new look leafs. Every second that you play against them would be a major piss-off.

175 Responses to A New Look Leaf Team…a different approach.

  1. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    oh come on. Leaf fans are at each others throats. there is a huge argument among leaf fans whether we should trade Kubina or McCabe. Leaf fans open mindedness is arguably the reason we keep wanting JFJ fired. He could have traded Wellwood for Thornton and someone would scream that the leafs are throwing the future away. Fans that constantly demand success, and constantly critique every move made by GM's, coaches, players, owners, CEO's and other fan's.

    Its the small markets like florida, where the fans jump at the names bertuzzi, and Vokoun. THATS what makes sports fans "delusional" (which by the way you've used the word, makes me think you really mean naive or gullable)

  2. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    “Tucker, Coliacovo, and a 2008 2nd Rounder (Toronto’s) to Colorado for Hedjuk, Svatos, and a 2008 3rd rounder.”

    its funny you write that. i thought for a while that this was either Eklunds new work of fiction, or JFJ kicking tires. but a couple other sources are now talking about it and are saying its bigger than big. My guess is that its all loose negotiation, because new names keep popping in and out, including Skrastins, Leopold, Hejduk, svatos, Laperriere, Richardson, KABERLE(unlikely as it sounds), McCabe, Kubina, Colaiacovo, White, Steen, Tucker, Antropov, Poni.

    i noticed a hell of a lot more leaf names than colorado names. making me think JFJ has said “I want hejduk” and Giguere has thrown out offers.

  3. cBlCjyyk says:

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  4. the_word says:

    Ok, Luongo was ten years ago, when the Leafs were very solid in goal and had no room for prospect like Luongo at the time, so they probably would've have drafted him. 

    Cammalleri was a 2nd round pick, 8 years ago.  The Leafs (along with a lot of other teams) passed on this guy in earlier rounds.  I don't think many Leafs fans are really pissed that we lost out on Cammallleri anyway.

    My point is, its not like the Leafs have missed out on building a contender by trading the picks they did other the years.

    The problem of Luongo, Rask and Pogge is that their is only one spot in net.  Pogge and Rask still have to prove they're NHL capable (in fairness so does Raycorft, I'm not excusing that trade).

  5. the_word says:

    I'm a little pissed that I was snub for the bonehead list, I'm sure you could find plenty of comments I've made that would put me on it as well.

  6. 92-93 says:

    yeah i dont think that colorado trade will go down.

    i think if a trade does happen, it will be Svatos OR Hedjuk and i dont see it as a very fundamental trade for the leafs.

    the only major trade i would do at this point is try to free up some cap space (kubina) while simultaneously acquiring prospects and picks.

    the leafs are in dire need of organizational depth – especially between the pipes (so someone other than Pogge – sign Toivenen? could have drafted Owuya out of Sweden?) and on the forward lines.

    trading for guys like Cogliano, etc is not easy of course, but if they could make these trades, it lessens the sting of trading away so many first rounders in recent years and builds that necessary depth. you look at Pittsburgh, Washington, Philly, etc. – these are teams who have positioned themselves well for the long-run (and in the case of the pennsylvania teams, the short-run as well). the same goes for NJ, Detroit, etc, teams that are perennial contenders AND have a pretty solid farm system.

  7. Hoondog2 says:

    brilliant come back, i dont see any explanation as to why Sundin is a has been.

  8. sundin_500 says:

    Yeah but i am a very good friend of Mike's i played with him before

  9. Penssuck says:

    How about the Flyers are better because they knocked the leafs out of the playoffs in 04?

    While i don't think the leafs suck ass, they haven't been better than the Flyers in a long long long time.

    Talk about statistical proof?  Who has more Stanley Cups in the past 40 years?  Who's been to the Finals more often in the past 40 years?  Whose won more playoff series' in the past 40 years?

    Whose had more bad years?

    So, yeah the Flyers are better.

  10. Penssuck says:

    I've wished death upon you several times.

  11. Penssuck says:

    Leafs suck

  12. Penssuck says:

    His age?  His production? His lack of a Cup?  Past his prime? 

    I don't see any reason not to call him a has been.

  13. Penssuck says:

    Than stop getting pissed when people post.

    Just because we don't have to open it, doesn't mean we don't have the right to ***** about it.

    I'll continue to piss off every Leaf fan as along as i live.

  14. Penssuck says:

    I could have misused the word.  It wouldn't be the first time i've done it.

    The fact that leaf fans can't even agree with one another just goes to show you exactly what everyone is talking about. 

    I'm just here to make sure leaf fans are reminded of their dislike every second of every day.  Nothing personaly, i just hate leaf fans.

  15. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    no, it shows that hockey is a more complicated sport, than most people see. you have no life of your own, if all you do is try to disturb mine. please do not come on leaf boards or my articles anymore.

  16. avsjoendryan says:

    the leafs arnt that stupid there expecting the "toskala" to play 70+ games and clemmensen can play the rest y would they need auld? for a team that pressing the cap…u dont need 3 goalies?!?!

  17. JuicemaN says:

    That, and it shows how immature you are.

  18. MR40 says:

    First of all get help. It's just a hockey website disagreeing with you, it's not that big of a deal. Calm down.

    Second, Huet didn't play at the end of the season, ebcaus ehe was injured. If you watched hockey you would knoow that.

    Third the Leafs were much better then the Oiler's. They actually won more then 2 out of there last 25 games.

    Fourth your team sold out, because at the begining of the year they were half decent, and people bought season tickets. Most people didn't even go, but because they had season tickets it said the place was sold out, because the tickets were sold.

    Face it, your team blows.

  19. MR40 says:

    were not talking about 40 years ago. They have the better team right now.

  20. MR40 says:

    You guys need to learn this fact.

    Nobody care's how the Leafs did 40 years ago, the important thing is that there better then almost every team in the East with the exception of like 4 teams (Ottawa, NYR, Pittsburgh, and someone else will jump ahead of them, but I don't know who).

    That's the past.

    Once 10 years has past, and your team sucks it doesn't matter that you won a Cup 10 years ago. Carolina can say they had and off year and it could be true, but Oiler fans don't start.

  21. tucker4captain says:

    steen-sundin-blake (solid line, sundin has good speed as wingers, and the steen sundin swedish combo may be deadly. steen has the potential)
    tucker-wellwood-bell (this line has everything thing, speed, grit, size, scoring, play making)
    poni-pohl-antropov (poni and antropov have good chemistry, but aren't that fast. pohl adds the speed)
    battaglia-stajan-kilger (another complete line…youth, veterens, power, size, speed, scoring, power forward)
    :devereaux, williams, belak

    stralman, harrison


    i think that the leafs have a team that could go deep in the playoffs if they stay away from injuries and build chemistry. think about it, the leafs missed the playoffs by 1 point this year. thinkabout the injuries that we had. tucker out for 26 games. wellwood out for 34 games. nik antropov out for 28 games. sundin out 7 games. coliacovo out for 34 games. kubina out for 21 games. kaberle missed 8 critical games.

    so when u look at all this, its actually pretty amazing that the leafs only missed the playoffs by 1 point. so lets pretend that the leafs had no injury troubles, they would probably be looking at a 100 point season. the leafs were 4th in the conference when everyone was healthy. now with the additions of toskala, blake, bell. the leafs look like a contender to me.

    tell me what you think.

  22. the_word says:

    I think 4th in the conference isn't realistic.  If the Leafs get healthy at the right time then you can make a case that their a playoff darkhorse.  The Leafs have a decent amount of character veterans that can still play.  A couple of things need to be established first though.  First, we need to see if Toskala can play.  Two, we need to resign Peca.  Three, we have too many fringe top six fowards, whoever ends up on the 3rd line needs to expect their role and play within it.  Do you really think Marc Bell is a someone willing to do that, because I don't.

  23. the_word says:

    accept their role, not expect. 

    I suck at typing

  24. Stefcho93 says:

    Who else might they get from the free agency? Who are they resigning? (i.e O'Neil, Peca). Who are they trading? Are they getting svetos or Hejduk or Avery orCujo or Yashin etC????????

  25. i82qIiYs says:

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