A new Lowe

Kevin Lowe is desparate. He thought he had Nylander, but lost him. He thought he had Vanek, but lost him. Now one has to wonder what he thinks about Penner.Penner is a young and talented forward, who scored 29 goals last season. He is surely a better player than Bertuzzi who just cashed in 4 million dollars from Burke a few weeks ago. If you just look at the player, and the contract, you think Burke has to match. 4 million dollars is a lot of money, but Penner could be worth that or more next season and in the next 5 seasons. But whether Burke matches or not is not as important as the implications of the offer sheet.

There are 2 scenario’s. The first one is that Lowe expected Burke to match. If you know a GM will match, why make the offer sheet? Well if Niedermayer comes back and Burke accepts, the Ducks cap hit will be about 3 million too high. So in this scenario, Lowe is merely trying to make life tougher on a team he has to play 4 times this year. Thats a very low blow if you ask me.

So it must be the second scenario. Where Lowe did not expect Burke to match. In this scenario, Lowe wants a goal scorer in Penner. He feels Burke is too cash strapped to accept, which is all fine in my mind. My only problem with this is the timing. Lowe didn’t offer Penner a contract a week ago, or a week from now; he chose to offer Penner a contract on the exact day that Burke left work to spend his weekend with the cup. What a nice day it must have been. Burke is with family and friends, showing off the cup, proud of his accomplishments; only to have the phone ring and say a friend of his gave one of his young players an offer sheet that he can’t afford to accept. In this scenario, Lowe waited until Burke was disposed, then sent in the offer.

Now that I’ve seen the alternative, scenario 1 doesn’t look so bad.