In light of the Montreal Canadiens complete collapse, Bob Gainey should be a seller and not a buyer, come trade deadline day. Let’s face it. The Habs are not Stanley Cup contenders. They are not conference finalist material. They are, if they make the playoffs at all, the same as last year. Maybe win a round and if all the stars are aligned, maybe win 2 rounds but thhhaaattt’s all, folks!! With 6 impending UFA’s (Souray, Markov, Rivet, Bonk, Johnson, Abeischer) and several other players the team would likely move (Perezhogin, Ryder, Samsonov) if the right deal was on the table, Gainey is holding the cards that could set up the Canadiens organization for the next 10 years.

If Ladislav Nagy is worth a 1st round draft pick, and as rumors suggest, Forsberg is worth two 1st rounders + a young prospect, the Canadiens have no business sniffing around for a rental. This organization still hasn’t fully recovered from the disater that was Rejean Houle and the miscalculations of his predecessor Serge Savard. In short, this is an organization that can ill-afford to trade 1st round draft picks or top level prospects. Other rentals, be they Keith Tkachuck, Bill Guerin, Todd Bertuzzi, or other players of that ilk, will likely command at the very least a first round draft pick from their respective teams. Will any of these players put the Canadiens over the top? Highly unlikely. Will any of these players sign a long term deal to stay in Montreal? Even more unlikely.

So, in my opinion, the only option that makes sense for Montreal is to be a seller, accumulate draft picks and or young players that fit the mold of the kind of team management is trying to build.

Agree or disagree?

4 Responses to A NOTE TO MR. GAINEY: SELL!!!!

  1. Habman77 says:

    I totally disagree. We have enough prospects its time to get some players that can score now,not 3 years down the road. Goalies we have Huet,Abby,Danis,Halak and Price soon. Is it necessary to have this many goalies? Forwards we have Plekanec,Perezhogin,Chipchura,Kostitsyn,Grabovski,Milroy,Lapierre, Latendresse and Higgins. What do we need this many prospects for? Why are we holding on to them? Lets trade some for some players that can make a difference now,not 3 years down the road.

  2. blarneylad says:

    I haven't given up on my habs yet but i would have to agree with ur predictions. we should sell at least souray and aebischer

  3. RealisticNick says:

    Abby is restricted.

  4. trakman says:

    I am a die hard fan and have been through the ups and downs like the rest of you but I agree that we are not THAT close JUST yet.  We have to dump Souray, Aebisher and Ryder – forget samsonov – we are stuck with him.

    Ryder has to be the laziest b@stard out there now.  I hate him.  he hogs the puck and tries to be the hero each night,  Higgins is not the same and he is now unlucky to boot when he shows some signs of breaking out.  Koivu,  if he is our horse we are leaning on – that horse is slowing running out of gas and can no longer lead by example.  He is terrible out there and is very slow – that is why he has been taking dumb penalties – he can't catch Youppi on skates right now.

    Kovalev – you are injured and it would be much better to have put him IR in november to have him back for the playoffs and maybe give Grabovski or Kosityskn a chance.  Kovalev – you are indeed a disappointment this year.  I hope we can trade that horse too.

    Samsonov – easy to point the finger at one guy who is not fitting in.  I think he was a bad match – he will move on and score 30 and we will all hate him like the plethora of players who have done the same in the past.

    Plekanec, Streit – the only bright spots this year – Thanks for the effort during this slump – it is indeed appreciated.

    Johnson, Bonk & Perezhogin – great checking line but how can we dump on these guys when our checking line has a better PLUS/MINUS rating than our "TOP LINE".

    Our defense – souray will not sign,  i hope markov signs. rivet – either way – don't care.  Niminaa – dumb signing, Komisarek,  future allstar defenseman. 

    Bob,  do some cleaning and get our draft picks here.  Get the 2 russian draft pick defensemen over here and get our young guys playing – the old guys up here can't take it anymore.

    It is not too late to make a playoff spot but we will get wiped by anyone in the first round if no major cahnges are made. No rentals,  bring up some hungry rookies and sit the lazy ass paycheck cashers.

    I bob my trust is fading….

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