A real solution

A few months after the NHL handed down one of the harshest suspensions in NHL history, (to chris Simon) Steve Downie injures McCammond and is suspended 20 games. A few weeks later we’re now wondering what the NHL will do with Jesse Boulerice.

So, Colin Campell hands down two 20+ game suspensions and all of a sudden its happening more??? Its obvious to everyong outside the NHL offices that the players dont care. Cam Janssen, Chris Simon, Jesse Boulerice, and most of the boneheads who occupy the leagues 4th lines today dont care about missing a quarter of a season. They go out and do their jobs. If someone gets hurt and they get suspended, who cares. They don’t, the team doesn’t….

The players wont stop. So the NHL needs to attack this issue at the root. In my mind, there are 3 good options.

1. Get rid of the 22 years old Boxers on skates. If you commit a serious on ice crime, and have less than 100 games NHL experience, you’re banned from the NHL for life. Players who have 100 games experience are suspended for the duration of the season. The Fear of never playing hockey in the NHL again should do the trick.

2. Punish the teams severely. Do something like take away 2 points, or give the team a 2 minute minor at the beggining of every game for the duration of the players suspension, or taking away a roster spot(so the team can only dress 19). Something needs to be done to stop teams from dressing these players.

3. Financially target the teams. Fine the Team 1 million dollars, and remove 1 million dollars from next seasons cap for that team.

All three of these solutions target the same thing. Getting these dirty players out of the NHL. Jesse Boulerice does not belong in the NHL. and the same can be said about 20 others guys in the League.

Its a sad day, when its a safe bet to say that another dirty incident like this will happen before christmas.