A realistic champion in the making!

This season looks to be a loss for the leafs. Its no secret that under the new rules and salary cap, this season they simply cannot compete with they’re division rivals. this offseason looks to be pretty deep with freeagents…they’re going to be harder to land now that the leafs can’t out spend their opponents but with a good GM with a solid plan…who wouldn’t wanna play in a hockey megacity like toronto? for the rest of the season the leafs have gotta give tellqvist a fair share of starts as next year he should be taking over as a starter…let belfour finish the year here and don’t pick up the final year of his contract that’ll put over 4million in your pocket for the summer. guys like antropov, belak, klee, berg and khavanov are big bums that are taking playing time away from the young guys that have spent years and years on the rock and with the marlies. don’t expect to get much in return for them if anything…look for 5th and 6ths rounders in return and jump at the chance to make that move, if not then DO NOT re-sign them…this will open up more roster spots for the kids next year. now for sundin. after 8 years of leading our leafs he’s never seen teh third round of the playoffs…why should trade talk be such a surprise? if the bruins can move thorton don’t tell me sundin is our savour. i’m sure he’d waive his no-trade clause to go play with his buddy naslaud wiht maybe deal looking like this

To Vancouver: C Mats Sundin

To Toronto: LW Todd Bertuzzi, D Bryan Allen

Bertuzzi’s had some rough times but is capable of being a great player, with the C movign to the chest of Bryan McCabe, who seems like he’d get along well with bertuzzi i don’t see a problem with that trade…anyways if you take a look at the offseason free agents you can take your pick at the rest of the roster fillers but heres how i’d fill out the lines:










Extras: Wellwood, Kronwall, Wozniewski, O’neill, Wilm

Free Agent Signings: McGratton(ottawa), Jovanovski(vancouver), McCauley(San Jose), Bell(chicago)

It could happen…just gotta have to people to do it…let me know what you think

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  1. trademan says:

    The canuck swould never give up allen in a deal like this. Allen has grown into one of the best young d man in the game.

    Never gonna happen.

  2. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I never want Sundin to go. He’ll retire a Leaf. Mats is the best Maple Leaf ever, other then possibley Doug Gilmour.

  3. NHLSlayer says:

    I’m not thinking that trading Sundin would be a bad idea. If a team is willing to pick up his salary, AND give quality in return, then they should make the deal.


    “now for sundin. after 8 years of leading our leafs he’s never seen teh third round of the playoffs…why should trade talk be such a surprise?”

    Ummm…not sure where you’re getting your info from, but the Leafs have made the third round of the playoffs, not once, but TWICE with Mats Sundin as their captain. They lost to Buffalo in 5 games after eliminating Philadelphia in 6 and Pittsburgh in 6 in 1999, then, just a few years later, they lost to Carolina in 6, after eliminating the NY Islanders and Ottawa in 7 games each…

  4. sidleaf says:

    Hi, i wrote the article, i just now realized i made a mistake in my rush to write it before i got to some work. the leafs HAVE been to the trird round, twice. but they’ve never seen PAST*** it, which is of coarse the stanley cup final.

  5. 92-93 says:

    and i can assure you that getting rid of mats sundin will do nothing to change that.

    sundin isn’t the reason why the leafs haven’t been to the cup finals.

  6. whitee_boi says:

    Can you explain WHY you have O’neil and Wellwood on the bench but players like Kilger, McGratton and McCauley and Czerkawski all playing. Plus you have Tucker, Lindros and Bertuzzi all on the top line. First thing is you’d never get Bertuzzi straight up for Sundin nevermind Bryan Allen along with it. 2nd of all Bertuzzi and Lindros pretty much play the same game, and Tucker too. There all power forwards. Harrison has played 4 games in the NHL. Why are people praising him like he’s going to be a star?

  7. sidleaf says:

    I think a line of guys like bertuzzi lindros and tucker would cause a real spark in a game with an agressive fore-check…bertuzzi is most likely on his way out of vancouver…especially with his recent play and sundin/naslaud couldn’t look better to nonis and naslaud…bryan allen would be a big part in the leafs letting go of their be-loved captian…o’neil and wellwood havn’t performed they way they can…they would definatly be rotated into the line-up though creating some awesome depth…harrison could easily be replaced with any of the other young defencemen

  8. jakeman says:

    To not be a dreamer here is what the leafs should do.

    Pick up Mogilny for nothing, trade Antropov and Kronval for Witt, then next year you have about 10 million to spend on free agents so you see what will happen,

    Mogilny Sundin Steen (mogilny and sundin are magic together)

    Ponikarovsy Allison Tucker

    Stajan Lindros O’Neill

    Kilger Wellwood Domi

    bench: Wilm, cherkavski, belak

    Possibly sign-barnaby, mccauley

    defense would be

    Mccabe Harrison

    Kaberle Klee

    Woj Witt

    Waive Khavanov and Berg

  9. The-President says:

    bertuzzi sucks

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