A Sad Holiday for Fraser


Head Coach Fraser of the Atlanta Thrashers was fired.

My take: Some GM’s can be so heartless. He should have been fired a month before Christmas, or a few more days after Christmas. Seriously, what a nice guy to fire someone the day after Christmas. I hope Waddell gets fired during a special event too.

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  1. DaAvs says:

    We all knew it was coming. The timing of year is bad…But the fact he made it to christmas was suprising. So no shock, question is who do they pickup? Hartley would be ideal. But he also had a tendancy to rely on his big guns. Personally I think we see an inter-rim coach until right before teh draft and a coach step in then. Sorry but I gotta say it “And down goes Fraser!”.

  2. cwhockey says:

    Unfortunately, business is business. That may seem very heartless and, for Fraser’s sake, the timing is unfair. Whether you like it or not, that’s just the way it works out sometimes. A very unfortunate part about big business is that emotions must be put aside in some instances and tough decisions carried out, regardless of when and where. But enough about business.

    We did all see this coming. Don’t know how much stock you want to put in a source from the paper this quickly after the firing, but I’ll mention it anyway. The AJC said they excect to have a full time replacement by next week (which of course contradicts the TSN article). Possible replacements include Darryl Sutter, Bob Hartley, Terry Murray, Larry Robinson and John Paddock. Make of it what you will.

  3. cecilturtle says:

    Just kidding I guess. It’s the holiday season we all should be forgiving. Yo Kerry, love the hair… Health and happyness to you and yours and for that matter all the refs, players, coaches, fans, GM’s, HTR, to all who partisipate on HTR, and every one else who I did not include.


  4. Bodster says:

    He will be well off financially. I am more worried about the 2400 Verizon phone techs that got laid off a week before christmas in NYC.

  5. cwhockey says:

    Forgot to mention something. Most other coaches getting fired would draw a huge reaction here. I can understand why this one didn’t because many don’t know or care enough about the Thrashers to comment on it.

    I’ll keep writing my article on Atlanta, even if there are only a handful of people who would care enough to read it. Just makes me wonder if it’s worth it, though. There are a number of bigger teams that I, in all honesty, don’t give a damn about. But they are part of this great league and I have a great deal of respect for that. So I always keep my eyes and ears open, as well as my mind. Maybe I’m in the minority on that.

  6. MossRocks says:

    Great. Now Waddell can screw up in the head office and behind the bench. It is 100% Waddell’s fault this team has no personnel. It’s also his fault that they wasted money on expensive, washed-up talent that narrowly upgraded the team in the offseason. Great Job Don. I hope you’re gone by the New Year. That is the only way this franchise gets any respectability. All the other recent expansion franchises continue to outperform Donny’s hapless crew of NHL driftwood. Get some talent in the front office so that you can get some talent on the ice.

    Now he’s the coach?!?!?! Wow. But could any more Thrashers’ fans stay home?

  7. amok says:

    Keep on writing about Atlanta.

    I’m sure a lot of people read them, but don’t really know enough about Atlanta to comment on them (like me).

  8. Overtime says:

    This firing is LONG overdue. Curt Fraser has been the worst coach in the NHL for the past 2 years. What makes him so bad is that he could never teach his players how to play defense. Defense is a team concept that CAN BE TAUGHT. He never taught it. Why?

    When you look at the top teams in the NHL over the past several years, defense is key. Detroit, New Jersey, Dallas, and Colorado have hogged all the Stanley Cups since 1995 and defense is a HUGE part of their game plan. It’s not just something that the defensemen play – the entire team plays it. Curt Fraser could never get his team to play team defense.

    At the same time, Don Waddell used a lot of high draft picks to acquire high scoring forwards, Heatley and Kovalchuk are awesome. Stefan, who turned out to be injury prone and a dissappointment, was taken #1 overall in 1999 draft. That 1999 draft was an aweful draft – certainly one of the weakest drafts in the history of the NHL.

    I’d like to see more of an influx of young talent on ‘D’. Signing Dafoe and drafting Lehtonen in nets will help. I think if Atlanta had done what Columbus did in signing Richardson and Lachance, maybe things would have been better, but I dould Fraser would have avoided the axe. Obviously, Uwe Krupp wasn’t the answer.

    Imagine what a great player Dany Heatley could be if he played for a great coach. Bob Hartley would be a perfect fit in Atlanta.

  9. Overtime says:

    The average life of an NHL coach is 4 years, which is about how long Fraser lasted. I was not shocked Fraser was fired. He should have been fired 2 years ago. He could not get his team to play defense. Period. Now I was surprised about Bob Hartley being fired, having won a Stanley Cup. Curt Fraser’s accomplishments weren’t quite as lofty.

    Waddell needs to be a better salesman and try to convince top free agents to defect to Atlanta. Hiring Bob Hartley would be a very convincing move that could easily attract more talent to the Thrash. Don’t be discouraged. This is a good thing and the reason why it happened now was because there were so many other coaches recently fired (Gilbert, Sutter, and Hartley). There is no draft for coaches. When the good ones are available, jump on them fast. Fraser was never the answer in Atlanta.

  10. bruinfan37 says:

    I admit, not a good coach, but a great thing he did was sitting Ilya that one game

  11. Rico71 says:

    Keep it coming.

    Your articles are well worth reading. They are fact-based…not fantasy-based like most of the other articles.

    Excellent stuff.

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