A Silly Season (Part 2, Players)

The Silly Season review continues, this time I will look at the suprises of this year. I will start with the top 10 point scorers:

1st. Jarome Ignila 23G-18A-41PTS

2nd. Brendan Shanahan 17G-17A- 34PTS

3rd. Eric Lindros 14G-18A-32PTS

4th. Craig Conroy 11G-20A-31PTS

4th. Theoren Fluery 11G-20A-31PTS

4th. Daniel Alfredsson 15G-16A-31PTS

7th. Joe Sakic 11G-19A-30PTS

7th. Sergei Fedorov 13G-17A-30PTS

7th. Andrew Brunette 9G-21A-30PTS

7th. Marion Gaborik 13G-17A-30PTS

7th. Alexei Yashin 15G-15A-30PTS

7th. Pavol Demitra 17G-13A-30PTS

7th. Markus Naslund 14G-16A-30PTS

Jarome Ignila in 1st and Craig Conroy in 4th! I think I need brain surgery. These guys were not good last year. Conroy’s carrer high point total, I beileve is 41. 41! He has 31 points already this year. Ignila is finally becoming the prospect, he was supposed to be, but still 41 points already. WOW. These guys seem to be the reason, along with Roman Turek, that Calgary is doing good, sorry awesome, this year. The next suprises are the Minnesota duo of Andrew Brunette, and Marion Gaborik. These two seem to be why the Wild are having a success(for a second year franchise) year. The next suprise is Eric Lindros, he started off slow, but now he is on fire. He is a part of the FLY line, with Fluery and York, but the FLY line is really flying. These line, and Mike Richter, is why Ron Low still has a job. The last surprise is Brandon Shanahan, I expected to see Fedorov(he is in the top 10) or Yzerman, in this position if any Red Wing, but Shanahan, that’s a bonus for the Red Wings. Another suprise is the abscence of Jaromir Jagr in the top 10, this comes has quite a shock, has people said he would play better with the Caps, obviousily not. You knows maybe, we will see Jarome Ignila’s name on the Art Ross, you never know, in this silly season. Next time, I will do goalies.As of now, have a happy holiday.

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