A simple prediction for the Leafs 06-07 season….

These are just my thoughts and nothing more, I invite you to comment however you want.

My prediction of ups and downs in the 2006-2007 season will be that the Leafs open up going 3-7 in their first 10 games. Raycroft will immediately be nailed with “we should’ve kept Rask” comments but he will bounce back in the following 20 games while suddenly giving a 50/50 split with Aubin or Telqvist (I think it will be Aubin). After 30 games the Leafs will be around 16-14 and floating in and around 7th, 8th and 9th spot in the conference.

Maurice will make a slight lineup change that will see Wellwood or Steen (likely Steen) playing with Sundin and Ponikarovski. Within the next 20 games the Leafs will go 12-8 bringing them to a respectable 28-22 record after 50 games.

The trade deadline will be approaching and rumors of Aubin or Telqvist being shipped out along with Jeff O’Niel for someone along the quality/talent of Petr Sykora (that type of player not nessesarily Petr Sykora himself) to solidify our 2nd line and make a strong push to make the playoffs and wishfully (not likely to happen but you never know) a 4th place finish and home advantage for the first round.

In the final 30 games they will go 16-14 maybe even a little worse and finish in 7th possibly 8th with a 44-36 record and facing one of Buffalo or Ottawa in the first round.

Maybe it’s the wishful thinking in me but I think this year we will begin to see the real talent sitting in Steen and Wellwood. Wellwood will begin to learn how to pass and how to not try and be fancy through a few lashings and/or benchings by Paul Maurice to teach him a lesson.

Raycroft will finish with a semi-decent record of 28-20 with a 2.60’ish GAA and a .910 sv % and the future will look at the very least bright for the Leafs and their prospects and “young guns”.

Anyway, this topic was posted as more of a thought and a fun way to play out some predictions for the Leafs’ regular season.

I realize that I did not include ties and shootouts but lets keep it simple, it’s just a fun prediction post.

Your thoughts?