A simple prediction for the Leafs 06-07 season….

These are just my thoughts and nothing more, I invite you to comment however you want.

My prediction of ups and downs in the 2006-2007 season will be that the Leafs open up going 3-7 in their first 10 games. Raycroft will immediately be nailed with “we should’ve kept Rask” comments but he will bounce back in the following 20 games while suddenly giving a 50/50 split with Aubin or Telqvist (I think it will be Aubin). After 30 games the Leafs will be around 16-14 and floating in and around 7th, 8th and 9th spot in the conference.

Maurice will make a slight lineup change that will see Wellwood or Steen (likely Steen) playing with Sundin and Ponikarovski. Within the next 20 games the Leafs will go 12-8 bringing them to a respectable 28-22 record after 50 games.

The trade deadline will be approaching and rumors of Aubin or Telqvist being shipped out along with Jeff O’Niel for someone along the quality/talent of Petr Sykora (that type of player not nessesarily Petr Sykora himself) to solidify our 2nd line and make a strong push to make the playoffs and wishfully (not likely to happen but you never know) a 4th place finish and home advantage for the first round.

In the final 30 games they will go 16-14 maybe even a little worse and finish in 7th possibly 8th with a 44-36 record and facing one of Buffalo or Ottawa in the first round.

Maybe it’s the wishful thinking in me but I think this year we will begin to see the real talent sitting in Steen and Wellwood. Wellwood will begin to learn how to pass and how to not try and be fancy through a few lashings and/or benchings by Paul Maurice to teach him a lesson.

Raycroft will finish with a semi-decent record of 28-20 with a 2.60’ish GAA and a .910 sv % and the future will look at the very least bright for the Leafs and their prospects and “young guns”.

Anyway, this topic was posted as more of a thought and a fun way to play out some predictions for the Leafs’ regular season.

I realize that I did not include ties and shootouts but lets keep it simple, it’s just a fun prediction post.

Your thoughts?

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  1. wingedim says:

    Interesting prognastication. I think that Raycroft will undoubtedly struggle the first few games getting used to the media frenzy that Toronto is after having it relatively easy in Beantown.

    I still think the ‘X’ factor is Maurice himself and how quickly and effectively he can get the ‘old guard’ on board with him. The ‘kids’ having played for him for some of (and in some cases most of last year) know his style and will flourish. It’s going to be the relationship he develops with the ‘vets’ that will make or break this team.

  2. JuicemaN says:


    Paul Maurice will be a huge factor in how this team is run and he will be responsible for any chemestry made up in the dressing room, if the players love him and respect him as a coach then it will show on the ice.

    Raycroft, well, if the Toronto D-men can play well he will play well.

  3. danfrappier1982 says:

    how can the leafs make the playoffs when they have no one to score any goals

  4. PaulK123 says:

    I agree with your article except for 1 thing, there is no way that Ottawa will finish in the top 4 in the East, just look at their line-up:





    Extras: Martins, ????




    Extras: Meszaros, Shubert



    Not exactly a top 2 team in the Eastern Conference, not even a top 5!

  5. DJTOKid says:

    Meszaros will not be a extra, he is top four material.

  6. leaflova says:

    I agree about raycroft he is a 50/50 chance but he said he didnt like playing in boston and didnt feel comfortable so maybe he will do good and if not we stillgot Aubin.

  7. DJTOKid says:










    I think thats enough guys

  8. Alozo07 says:

    Definetly agree with you that ottawa will not be in the top 4. Their second line has gone to shyt.Montreal or Buffalo will be first in our division. But yea i really think at the deadline we could get rid of oniell and tellqvist for a really decent 2nd line winger, and barring any injuries to sundin mccabe we will make the playoffs. YOU GOTTA BELEAF!

  9. danfrappier1982 says:

    Sundin maybe 30

    Tucker marbe 25

    Steen maybe 20

    Peca maybe 15

    Oneil maybe 20

    Mccabe maybe 20

    Kubina maybe 2

    Ponikorovsky maybe 15

    Antropov none he will be injured

    enough said

  10. DJTOKid says:

    Sundin maybe 30? try maybe 40…he had 31 and missed a month last year.

    Tucker 25 would be perfect

    Steen 20 plus would be good as well

    Peca maybe 15? he will break 20 this year.

    Oneil maybe 20? he will break 30 this year under Paul Maurice. The guy scored 19 last year with a bad shoulder, a heavy heart for his brother, and a problem with flying due to it. He will be a differant player this year, he WILL be back.

    McCabe 20 would be nice.

    Kubina can score 10 no problem…2? wake up

    Ponikorovisky maybe 15? This guy will improve on his 21 goals from last year.

    Antropov he will be injured at some time next year but he will still get 15 in the games he does play

    While we are at it….

    Stajan, if given the ice time can put 20 goals in the net no problem.

    Wellwood would be nice to get 10-15 goals out of him, more of a set up man.

    Lots of scoring in the line up, its just keeping the other teams atbay that will make or break the leafs.

  11. DJTOKid says:

    I agree that the sens have some trouble when it comes to foward depth, hell they look like they are in more trouble then the leafs when it comes to depth. One differance though, the leafs don’t have Heatly and Spezza to play with Sundin. But with that said I think the sens will have the big three apart for mosr of the year to add depth. I actually like the sens defence Preissing had almost the sme amount of points s Chara last year and Corvo is a great stickhandler, LA used him in the shootouts all the time cause of his dangling skills. There real issue is Gerber, this guy is done, he will look good for a while cause the team is pretty solid. After time though he will wear out and the sens will once again have goaltending issues.

  12. Francis10 says:

    The Leafs would have less points then they did last year by your predictions, but they will make the playoffs in 7th or 8th? 88 point will not get you in the playoffs….

    Mats Sundin has something to prove this year, Barring injury, he will be in the top 10 scoring at the allstar break.

    Big changes are on their way this year….

    But Ovechkin will win the Scoring title this year.

  13. Habroller says:

    Seriously y’all, who do you think they’d get for tellqvist & o’neill? Or should I say who’d be even interested in letting go a solid 2nd liner for such a “dynamic” duo???

    Even worse than all those Aebisher & Ribeiro-like packages I’ve been hearing on this site…

    But hey, the Leafs won’t be too shabby this year, good ol’ saturday rivalry sessions with the Habs in perspective. Can’t wait…

  14. woodsco85 says:

    The Leafs were 9th in the League in scoring last year, and that was before the aquistions of some solid D-men, and Peca, and the buyout of Domi. they dont have a problem putting the puck in the net. Now if were talking about Shots on Goal, thats a different story.

  15. Scottman75 says:

    Isn’t Varada gone? Isn’t McGratton gone?

  16. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    NOT TOP 4!!!! i can see them finishing 2nd or third, but not 5th. Gerber had a fantastic season last year, They have a lot of defensive depth, and a solid top 3 lines (why you put McGraton ahead of Neil I will never know) the only tink I see them laking is a solid 4th line and offensive depth, but that won’t drag them down to 5th. I thnk hat any one of the 5 teams in the northeast can take that division, but i don’t see 4 teams finishing higher than Ottawa.

  17. lukeleim says:

    As much as i feel that oneill does not fit with this maple leafs team at all, i dont think he’ll be traded unless carolina is willing to take him back. hopefully he can bounce back this year with maurice behind the bench.

  18. JuicemaN says:

    You have to count the fact that I didn’t include shootout points, it was just a “give or take” point total. They will definietly get at least 6-7 extra points from overtime games and shoot out wins.

  19. PaulK123 says:

    But Chara was consistent on defense, unlike Preissing…

  20. Leafitup says:

    Pft, Leafs are coming out of the gate hot this year. Sundin is going to pick up right where he left off at the end of last year. Put him with Wellwood and Antropov and they’ll put up some numbers. Raycroft is going to pick it up thanks to the quality leadership the leafs have in Sundin (which Boston didn’t have) Paul Maurice, and an excited fan base and media which will push him to excell. Oh yea, plus theres always the 18 million dollars we have locked up in our top 4 defencemen to finally give us a good NHL defence core.

  21. leafstopgun says:

    ducks beat sabers for the cup you heard it here

  22. Francis10 says:

    Ok, Thats cool…

    so its more like 44-30-8? That might get them 6th.

    I personally think they will do better then 6th, I seriously think (if Raucroft plays good) They’ll take the Division.

  23. Mattqwerty says:

    LMAO if that is the final and the ducks win i will give you a 1000 bucks seriously not going to happen

  24. Farva says:

    Why couldnt the Ducks win? They have THE top defense in the league, and have legitimate scoring throughout their line up. Buffalo? Maybe not. But maybe…

    And who would have thought there would be a Carolina/Edmonton final?……or TB/Calgary, for that matter. Anything is possible.

  25. Farva says:

    Im gonna go ahead and predict the final four for next year….here goes nothing

    West: Anaheim d. Minnesota

    East: Ottawa d. Florida

    Final: Anaheim d. Ottawa


  26. leafmeister says:

    those are fair predictions but i think that raycroft will not be as bad as evereyone thinks that he wil be this goalie was on a terrible team and a bad franchise. he could get a jump from the trade and be a solid goalie. not a venzna winner but he could give them the chance to win every night

  27. leafmeister says:

    i dont think that ottawa will finish before the leafs they have a good first line and nothing else they have terribe defence and they traded away thier flashiest winger. SENS SUCK!!!

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