A Situation of Your Own Making

The fact of the matter is that the NHL is a the brink of doom unlike any other lockout in sports history. If the owners and players don’t come to an agreement the NHL will cease to be (at least the NHL we know) and North American hockey will suffer a huge loss.

We have all been watching the World Cup these past weeks and to many it should bring up the point that there is a huge desire for hockey in Europe. A desire that has always quenched itself with players that have not made it in the NHL or were never given a chance. Imagine the desire if the Europeans were given back their native stars and North American stars. These teams may not be able to pay what the NHL has been but as the writer of the article brought up guys just want to play hockey. If you can play hockey and get paid more than any other job you could get who would not take this deal? (Maybe Malakhov- but that’s a separate story)

Professional sport lockouts in the past have been a bit different from the current situation in hockey since the worldwide support for the support was different. When baseball locked out the only real outlet for them to go was Japan. Now I know that baseball is huge in Latin America but the reality is that these areas do not have the financial means (or security) to draw American players down there. Hypothetically, if football was to lockout the NFL owners would be in the power position. There is no worldwide outlet for football players. Sure Canada and Europe have leagues but not the desire for the sport to support an elite league with large salaries. The point of this is to demonstrate that most major North American pro sports do not have the worldwide draw to threaten the existence of a league like hockey does and so the players are usually attacking uphill.

If a sustain lockout occurs European players will play in Europe and so will North American players. Europe will have the elite teams and HOCKEYHEAD WILL HAVE TO GO TO DUSSELDORF TO SEE JOE THORNTON PLAY. I WILL BECOME A NURNBERG KNIGHTS FAN. The owners must realize the situation in the hockey world and the situation they created. Teams like the Rangers and Red Wings giving exorbitant salaries to players has caused the rise in every players salary since there worth is based on a comparison to these players. For the first time I’ve seen the owners are at a disadvantage in the negotiations. If they don’t give into players demands then they will lose them and their whole investment in a team. We will lose the elite hockey teams in the world and watch dilluded hockey where the best players are spread out in different leagues. Does this help anyone except the players?

Sure we like to make fun of player’s greed but it was owners who created this situation, not the players. The players are only looking for the value of their product as concluded by other players contracts if you look at in Marxist terms. Suck it up owners, did you really buy 10%, 5%, 25% of a team to earn money or a tax write off? Don’t you make enough money on real estate investment, software, hocking crap? You are now caught in the grip of your own monster and must do as it advises before you destroy the best hockey league in the world.