A Sleeper on the Market?

When I heard that Florida was willing to part with Kristian Huselius thanks to Mike Keenan persauding management and ownership if the right deal came for him to take it, I truely could not believe it. This kid was absolutely the brightest thing about the Panthers last year. Huselius had 45 points in his very underrated rookie season, and I’m pretty sure that led the team. He played on a pretty talentless squad last year. How he didn’t get more calder talk I have no clue. Any time I’ve seen him play, I’ve been very impressed! If I were any GM in the league I’d be calling Florida to see what they want for this guy. He’s been in Keenan’s doghouse (surprise, surprise!) and if Keenan has enough say to persuade the Ownership once to deal him, if Keenan gets offered something he likes, I’m sure he’d lobby for it. So for a new, kind of radical twist on Kovy talks, how about the possibility of some three way deals with any of the big budget teams rumored to be interested?

I don’t think florida themselves would be in the market nor have the desire for Kovalev, so:


Pens get Skoula, $$$, Huselius, FLA 4th rdr.; Colorado gets Kovy; Florida gets Tanguay, Morozov or prospect out of pens system

New York Rangers:

Pens get Huselius, $$$, Purinton; NYR gets Kovy; Florida gets Dvorak (back in Florida) and again someone from the pens most likely


Pens get Huselius, $$$, white or calaiacovo; Toronto gets Kovy; Florida gets antropov and morozov

Personally I’d take huselius over anyone I’ve heard rumored as the foward involved in a deal for kovy, except for hejduk, but I don’t see a hejduk deal ever happening that would be royally idiotic of the avs.

The Panthers seem pretty happy with their D, and they just got Mezei back from a broken ankle so that adds another guy. They just traded ozolinsh and ward, so they must feel they are ok there. I think any of those could work because they’re really getting what they’d probably be after and that’s something up front. I don’t know why exactly they would trade huselius for more offense, but, at the same time, I don’t think they come off as if they want D either?? The whole situation about him being availabe is puzzling to me. Deals seem to cancel each other out, but hey, just some thoughts!

Don’t know about any of this happening, lemme know what you think of his value and those proposals! If I were any team in the NHL I’d be buzzing about what it would take to get huselius!!