A step back from the NHL!

Minor Hockey week just finished up in Edmonton. Though I was only able to see one game at West Edmonton Mall, I read an amazing story that I wanted to share.

A group of kids age 9 to 11 were playing in Minor Hockey like players have been doing for years. But for this team, this year was a little extra special. You see minor hockey is a tournament for players of all ages. They play not for points, not for a record, just for respect.

Here’s the story:

Well a team from Millwoods in Edmonton has had a horrible year. They are 0-15 and have been out-scored 190 goals to 3. Just before they started the tournament they had been on a losing streak of 15-0, 25-0, and 30-0. But were still given the opportunity to play in minor hockey.

Well there first game they tied 1-1. There next game they won 4-1, which was there first win ever. There next game they tied 0-0 and the following game they won 1-0. Well with there record of 2-0-2 they actually made it to the finals. Not only that, the finals were they played were in Rexall Place the place were there idols and favorite players play the(Edmonton Oilers).

However here is the catch… The other team they were playing was a team in the regular season they lost 8-0 to. The coach said, “I wasn’t going to tell them that they lost 8-0 to this team, cause I didn’t want to take anything away from them”. Well this group of kids played there hearts out. They gave it there all, and they tried there best… and do you know what happened.

The goalie died. Took a slap shot the wrong way. No I am joking… Yes thats right… they ended up winning 2-0. They won there first championship, they won there first games and they will forever keep this with themselves.

So you ask why do I write something that may not be meaningful to anyone. Well I never knew this team, never watched this team… but I find it great that these players are playing for the fun, to go out and follow the puck and just maybe get to touch the puck just once. I write this for all of us who love hockey and who love sports. A reflection for ourselves to look back when we were little.

Now are there any stories that you remember when you were playing sports as a little kid?



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  1. spazmainia13 says:


    I was so into the article that when i read about the goalie dying i actually gasped.

    good story.

  2. matteo says:

    Now that is some dark humor…..I was reading the article very seriously and that line jumped up and smacked me right in the face…….I once put a kid over the boards and broke his collarbone…..does that count as a joyful memory?

    I am still laughing……took a slapshot the wrong way….hahah….what a life. Are you guys brothers?

  3. trailerparkboys says:

    I think I’m going to cry!!!

    Bubbles out

  4. The_Conductor says:

    Just the reaction I was hoping. Glad you enjoyed

  5. The_Conductor says:

    Brothers… no, perhaps distant cousins. Either way, broken collar bone would definately be one story to “stick out”.

  6. The_Conductor says:

    I am seriously looking around looking for an answer to your question.

  7. The_Conductor says:

    I did while writing it. Damn little kids… just a soft spot on my Aorta. (Thump, thump… thump, thump)

  8. rojoke says:

    There was a story in the local paper here about an exchange student from Mexico who’s playing hockey with his school team. His coach says he’s taken to it like a duck to water. He actually has to restrain the kid, he puts that much effort and enthusiasm into the game. His mother came for a visit over the holidays, and watched her son play for the first time. Unfortunately, he’s going home after this year.

    That’s what hockey is. No contracts. No trapping systems. No CBAs. Just players, playing the game they love to play.

  9. devfanman4 says:

    My memories of playing ice hockey in 7th grade….

    – 2 goals in one game! (my only two goals of my ice hockey career)

    – every practice forgetting to take off my skate guards before we went out on the ice and wondering why I couldn’t stand up all of a sudden (I did that at the beginning of a few games too)

    – during drills before a game i was closelined by the crossbar because i couldn’t stop. our goalie got out of the way

    – being sandwiched by two kids who were at least 2 times the size of me and not knowing the one was behind me.

    fun times. I miss it. 🙂

  10. matteo says:

    “- being sandwiched by two kids who were at least 2 times the size of me and not knowing the one was behind me.”

    Dirty Sanchez just paid $50 to have that done to him….the only difference being that he knew there would be another guy behind him.

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