A Theory on the Leafs poor play and trade rumors.

I know what you’re thinking….ARGH….another Leaf article. Sorry but I have to get this out there.

First off it is refreshing to see and hear Maurice get angry with this team. One of the bright spots last night was seeing Maurice loose his mind after pulling Toskala. What is the last team any of us seen that the goaltender was pulled so much for reasons that were not his doing? This is crazy. My buddy looked at me last night when we were watching the game and said…I have never seen a shoddier defensive team in my life. That is saying something as we watched the Colorado Rockies play…and not the baseball team. It is time for everyone to start taking the blame here. From JFJ to Maurice and Sundin to Kaberle , no one playing in a Leafs uniform looks like they have a clue in their own end. I have more of a clue on dollar drink nights then the Leafs do. They look completely lost in their own end.

That being said… Nick Kypreos had a great point today on the radio about this. Yes I said Kypreos. He summarized how I felt in a two minute clip. He said this team looks as though they just don’t care. That they were playing with no heart and no identity. That there is no cohesiveness to the team. He was right. They have no heart and they don’t care.

Think of this. Would you see Colorado, Detroit, or Philly (as examples) get hammered 7-1 and just go through the game like the Leafs have been? Do you think any self-respecting team would let that happen without cracking some heads? Trying to instill some emotion in the team? Of course the answer to all this is no. But the Leafs just play out the game careful to not check someone and ruffle any feathers.

It is this team’s lack of emotion that I find hard to take. They look as though they just don’t care and if they are loosing they just play it out and leave their goaltender out there to get slammed with puck after puck. Toskala already this season has seen more rubber then road kill on the Trans Canada Highway.

It isn’t like the Leafs don’t have character guys. Where is Blake, Tucker, McCabe or any other self respecting teammate? How can they watch Ovechkin put on a celebration after potting a goal in a five to one game? If Wendel Clark , Doug Gilmour, or George Armstrong were playing on this team then heads would be rolling. On both benches!! Seeing a score of seven to one would make Tie Domi go mad and give this team the lift they need to at least make the other team think that the Leafs are not going to roll over and die.

Blake for example would not get away with the effort he is giving lately if Nolan is behind the bench. Maurice needs to fire this team up. Stop playing the good guy. Come in the dressing room before games with some fire and brimstone.

We need Krusty (Tucker) to put on a show like the old days. Get this team woken up out of the comas they are in. Sundin is playing well but leading by example is not working. Stand up in the dressing room and be vocal….yell and scream. Kick some A doule S in there. Even watching this team come out before a game is mind numbing. All their heads down…praying they don’t screw things up.

Bottom line is that this team has no emotion in their game anymore. They don’t care and it is obvious now. If they cared they would start playing with a sense of urgency and desperation. This team simply does not compete night in and night out.

Another thing I wanted to mention was what is in the head of JFJ and Maurice to waive Gamache . They should have waived Devereaux, or Battaglia before this guy. Neither one of them contribute much to the team and are slow of foot. Gamache is younger and has a lot more upside then these two relics. Gamache has great speed at the very least and showed me more talent then either of these two.

But it is another case of JFJ doing his Pat Quinn impression. Size is the only thing that matters in the NHL. Keep the vets as the kids don’t know how to play.
I am having a flashback of the way Sullivan was treated by Quinn. Not that Gamache is another Sullivan…at least not yet anyway as another team has not picked him up yet.

Lastly I see that Eklund has been stirring the pot with rumors that the Leafs are close to a huge trade with Colorado. He said the Leafs were going to send Kaberle and a prospect to Colorado for Svatos, Liles and a pick(it had better be a first rounder). He also said that Phoenix wanted to get both Raycroft and Kubina. I just seen it is on there again today about Leaf trades but he did not mention anyone like past articles. Just thought I would pass this along.

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  1. JuicemaN says:

    Ummm, he's 36, second or third in the league in scoring and everyone on the team respects his every decision….so how is carrying the team on his back worthy of blaming him?

    HA! Theres people like you all over the place that no matter what Sundin does you will blame him, if he doesn't score you'd say "a true captain with his skill should be scoring on a nightly basis" so he scores on a nightly basis and now you continue to blame him? 

    It is the coaching staff not directing the show properly, this team does not hit and it no longer the pesky annoying leafs they were 4 years ago and that is their problem; they're giving the other teams all the space in the world to complete their plays.

  2. turdfergusson says:

      He's not my favorite player but I don't see any bias in my comment. No doubt he's getting it done offensively which is his job . My point is , are the Leafs' problems on-ice issues or off-ice issues? 

        Scotty Bowman could be standing on the bench but it probably wouldn't make a difference, would it?  Doesn't look good…


  3. Archion113 says:

    Where they hell did you get to see Senior Citizens have sex?

  4. JuicemaN says:

    I think it definitely would make a difference, Maurice is too busy being sarcastic and trying to stick to his ways rather than getting pissed and benching top paid players.

  5. MtlHabs09 says:

    And just click on Leafs Articles and your article is there buddy… It just wasn't posted on the main page because it was trash.

  6. Archion113 says:


    Sounds like Blake is already regretting going to Toronto… doesn't do a lot of good for up and coming Free Agency during the summer.

    Only a few teams in Canada can really attract FA's… and 1 can only do so because of their recent success.  

    Toronto needs to remove the coach, remove JFJ, and blow this team up. 

  7. RealisticLeaf says:

    Good call on Burns coaching the Leafs JuicemaN. i like what he can bring to this team. He would certainly firm up the D real FAST!! He is also a coach that won't f-around and will tell players they are crapping the bed. I think you made a great call on this one!!

  8. Archion113 says:

    Scotty Bowman behind the bench wouldn't change a damn thing other than the Roster.

    The team would not have McCabe in the line up thats for sure.  The defense would either learn to play D or not play at all. 

    When your team sucks ass in defense… normal coaches would fall back in a trap or stop having them rush up with the play… so either Maurice is a jackass.. or his players don't listen to him.. either way he has to go.  No coach will fix this team, Management has to.

    Despite what Maple Leaf fans think… the 3rd and 4th lines are a joke compared to the rest of the league.  The depth of the team stops at the 2nd line and barely reaches halfway through the d-men.  Kubina, Kaberla, and Gill are the only ones playing decently.

  9. RealisticLeaf says:

    Yeah looks like Blake is certainly unhappy. Which is too bad…maybe he should play a little harder and go to the net like he did last season. He played much harder last season. Too bad.

    Yeah the Leafs need a major shake up. Both have to go…said last season that JFJ had to go but wanted to see what Maurice can do this year. Now that I see how his coaching is going over….he can go too.

  10. senators101 says:

    Sorry Juiceman, I'm going to have to disagree with you on some of this.

    First, I AGREE that Sundin is leading this team offensively and heh sort of his carrying this team on his back.  However, if the players aren't going to listen to the coach for the 82 games and decide to play only once in a while, Sundin, as captain, should light a fire under his teams asses.  Sometimes its gotta come from the senior players – there's nobody better than Sundin, as he is older, experienced, playing well, and captain.

    Ottawa struggled coming out of the gate last year.  Alfy and the alternate captains held player only meetings.  I haven't heard one yet in Toronto.  I know its only 16 games in but that's 20% of the season gone.  16 less games to make up points and get their way into playoff contention.

    I think Maurice is trying to get this team going.  If he didn't teach defense and physical play, he wouldn't be getting so pissed about those aspects of their game come post-game interviews.  He said something after the Ottawa game that I liked.  He said that these defense errors were not mistakes, but they were bad decisions.  Makes sense to me.  Mistakes happen once or twice, but after you get burned for them so many times, you'll do it right.  These people aren't learning from their mistakes –> bad decisions.  He can only tell people what to do, he can't do it for them.

  11. senators101 says:

    I said it when he was signed.  Leaf fans thought that this guy was going to get even more than 40 because he'd be playing with Sundin instead of Yashin.  I said then that it would be less because of that very same reason.  Sundin is not a playmaker, Yashin is. 

    On to coaching, it's the players fault that they aren't buying into his system.  He keeps saying that they gotta make better decisions in the defensive zone…which is their problem.  He can tell them what to do, but he can't do it for them.  When Woz went half-down the other night to block the 2-on-1, he made a poor decision.  I'm sure he was taught when he was 11 years old that the best way to block a 2-on-1 is to focus on blocking the pass.  When White tried to keep that puck at centre and it went through him.  That's another poor decision.  He knows there is nobody covering behind him, so wtf is the point in going all or nothing? I think the short-handed goal was because toronto was trying to bring up the puck in the middle of the ice and fooled around with it.  When McAmmond tried to take the puck away, there was very little effort in trying to tie him up.  I'm not sure what Maurice or a new coach can do about that.

  12. RealisticLeaf says:

    Ya i knew also that Blake would not play well with Sundin. There is not enough puck for both of em. I think Blake would do better with Welly. I think him and Welly would make teams nuts. Their speed and good puck control will make teams crazy. Welly is a great passer and would make Blake better.

    I still think the players are tuning Maurice out. Looks like the players have no interest in his ideas.

  13. senators101 says:

    Yup, he'll play well with Wellwood and maybe Blake, just to add a little bit of size and at least he can crash the net.

  14. turdfergusson says:

     Absolutely  a non-issue.  Fire this guy, fire that guy… Cure the disease don't treat it.

  15. leafsfan86 says:


    Leafs= Thanks JFJ…***hole

  16. JuicemaN says:

    LMAO – enjoy the rest of your time cheering for them…it gets no better.

  17. leafsfan86 says:

    haha thanks alot….man i know i'm not the only one but I just wanna know why the majority of these fans don't get it. Of course they will keep cheering for their team, as will I, but its just the fact that they don't understand that this franchise doesnt care about the fans all they care about is the moolah. Damn it's really getting to me.

  18. leafsfan86 says:

    i hope not…i would rather it go somewhere like calgary or edmonton (that's not happening)

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