A Torturella Story, Glen Healey Gone MAD? More Hockey Talk..

It’s a Torturella story down in Tampa Bay….is John Tortarella becoming a Mike Keenan wannabe?

As I was browsing the NHL Center Ice channels, I gladly stopped at the Devils and Penguins intermission, and is it me….or was Glen Healey about to bash US President George W. Bush and the US?

This whole Todd Bertuzzi story is starting to seriously get on my nerves, as I saw Steve Simmons saying….YES…..BLAME CANADA!

Post thoughts on some deadline deals, another Rangers face lift, and some thoughts on the playoffs.

In my honest opinion, I have already chosen the Vezina winner.

And….find out if there is actually an off-topic rant.

Now, down to business.

John Torturella

Yes, that is what I like to call the man, I personally cannot stand his attitude, like I cannot stand Mike Keenan’s attitude.

So, the Lightning badly lost to the Islanders and yes….Nikolai Khabibulin did not play a good game. But, tell me a goaltender that does not face that more than once in a season?

Sure, coaches sometimes should mention names during press conference, but when you’re the top team in the Eastern Conference, and you have a group of young veterans and experienced veterans becoming a team, a whole, there is really no need to rudely trash the goaltender that has committed to join the build of the Tampa Bay Lightning and helped them to make the playoffs last season.

From the St. Pete’s Times, here are some pieces from the article:

“was awful to allow them back in (the game),” and pointed the finger at goalie Nikolai Khabibulin, now 5-9 vs. the Isles.

Tortorella also called the play of Khabibulin and John Grahame, who was in goal for Saturday’s 5-1 loss to Carolina, “a major concern of mine going into the playoffs.”

“It’s below the circle. We need a save,” he said. “If Nikolai Khabibulin can’t make that save at that point in time from where that shot was taken, we’re in trouble. If you can’t get a save like that come playoff time, we’re in trouble.”

Ok, does John Tortarella really think so highly of himself now? Let me tell you something, coaches that have this kind of attitude will have a short success. Johnny Torturella is a typical Mike Keenan wannabe, except he does not have a Stanley Cup ring, yet.

So….for that one game, Coach JT makes a big deal about it and if that is the right thing to do…then shouldn’t Coach Ken Hitchcock (Cup ring), be trashing Esche, especially after tonight’s loss to the Maple Leafs?

I mean, come on. You’re going into the playoffs….you’re a top team, why risk your goalies losing confidence? I say cool it down John Tortarella….you are being way too cocky and don’t start pointing fingers, as you have been doing since coaching, when you’ll lose in the playoffs. If you do, you’re a coach with horrible communication skills and not part of a team.


Was it me, or did Glen Healey actually started a sentence against Geroge W. Bush during an intermission of a hockey game? Apparently, he stopped, and good idea for him that he did. It was at the end of the Blame Canada for the Bertuzzi incident segment of the TSN intermission show.

Speaking of which, who is the brain damage person who actually blames Canada for that incident? Don Cherrey gets problems for calling Europeans and Frenc-Canadians wimps, but no one gets anything for blaming Canada as a bully violent country responsible for such acts in the game of hockey?

HELLO!? Where were these guys in the 1970’s where sticks were actually used as weapons!? Anyone who even tries to make such an arguement should be completely ignored after forgving him/her for stupidity. And, by the way, I have done that once already! Sherry Ross of the New York Daily News has written poor thought-out articles earlier this month, claiming that GM Glen Sather will made horrible deals for the rebuild as he has traded away Wayne Gretzky for squatto more than a decade ago. Talk about a biased loser journalist, eh? And, she even showed her pathetic humor by laughing at the idea that Paul Martin, the young Devils defenseman, has the same name as Canada’s Prime Minister, Paul Martin. Again, it’s mind boggling for me to see these journalists getting paid for writing idiotic articles, where fans can write better ones.

Bottom line

Let it go. That’s it. Let…..it…..go. Todd Bertuzzi did a terrible thing. There is nothing to do in order to change it, it forced the NHL to show more strictness towards such acts, and none will be tolerated. Bertuzzi faced his punishment. What more needs to be said? That’s what happened, those are the results, PERIOD!

Shame on journalists making such a big deal about this when you got US basketball stars making huge scandals and creating a disrespectful low class atmosphere in the sport of basketball. Football players being brought to court for drug use or other crimes. Baseball players that SHOULD-BE-BANNED for using steroids.

Those are crimes that effect society outside sports. This incident was internal, no crime was committed. Let it go, this is, by far, nothing compared to what other sports athletes have done. So, my suggestion to dorky glasses Steve Simmons, SHUT UP!

Post thoughts on trades

Well, it turns out that basically all the Rangers firesale players have been playing very well for the Canadian teams, except one….Colorado. Rucinsky is playing pretty well for the Canucks. Petr Nedved is doing great for the Oilers. Barnaby is a great addition for the Avs. de Vries hanging in there alright with the Sens. And, Kovalev is starting to do quite well with the Habs. Oh, and of course. How can I forget dear Brian Leetch. The guy is the most lethal defenseman in the league right now. Guess what the other seven head coaches will say once the playoffs begin….


As I mentioned when it happened, the Florida Panthers made a HUGE mistake trading Marcus Nilson, who, just as I said, is thriving under coach Sutter for the Flames. This guy will be a great all-roun dplayoff performer for the Flames.

Does it come to anyone’s surprise that Sergei Gonchar is not doing the samething in Boston as he did in Washington?

How about the Sharks making the trade of bringing in Curtis Brown. Watch out Western Conference, the Sharks have migrated back to the playoff seas.

Is it possible that the New York Islanders will fall out of the playoffs? YES! Somehow, Yashin comes back and the Isle’s look flat. Their goaltending has been mediocre, again, and it looks like they will be, probably, the easiest team to beat in the playoffs…..IF they make it. Karpotsev a good addition? Was he even needed!?

Rangers get ANOTHER face lift

Well, it’s a New York kind of life and face lifts are common. This time, though, the face lift is an actual one, makes the team look younger, and it is.

As of now, the youngster that stands out the most, from all the 8 acquisitions, is Josef Balej. The guy is flashy, extremely fast, has a wicked shot, great crisp passing, and should turn out to be a solid fit for the Big Apple. Scored his first NHL goal, facing elite goaltender Martin Brodeur and undressing him with a wide deke.

Karel Rachunek has also been a great addition, as he looks steady. And, this is what the hi-lite is. DEFENSEMEN. The best young defenseman the Rangers have is Fedor Tytuin. The guy, lately, has shown the potential of being a threat on the offense. Only 20 years old, still has more time to fill out his already-good-size-frame, which is already physical. Fedor Tytuin’s first NHL goal was on a 5-3 Penalty Kill (for the Rangers) against the Florida Panthers. He rushed up the ice, picked up the puck….waited and showed patience and poise for Roberto Luongo to go down and had a precise shot. His second goal, against Olaf Kolzig was a gutsy play where he stood in front of the net.

Offensive-defensemen, young or veterans, don’t do that, rarely if so. This youngster has the guts to do it, has a great shot, and is a top defenseman for the Rangers future. Add to that group 24-year-old Karel Rachunek, 26-year-old Tom Poti, 21-year-old Bryce Lampman, and veteran defenseman Darius Kasparaitis and you have a very solid young core of defensemen. This is exactly what the Rangers defense needs.

Rangers are young, probably will sign R.J Umberger (currently on a try-out contract), who is hungry to make the NHL and mentioned Jagr as one of his idols, and what needs to be addressed is a coach. That will be a topic discussed in a later article. Good job by Glen Sather and his scouting staff. Let’s hope that owner Jim Dolan will stay out of the way and not demand marquee names as he has done for the past 7 years.


The Big Eastern playoff teams are: Toronto Maple Leafs, Ottawa Senators, Tampa Bay Lightning, Philadelphia Flyers, Boston Bruins, Montreal Canadiens, New Jersey Devils, and the New York Islanders/Buffalo Sabres.

The Toronto Maple Leafs are always a tough playoff team to beat, and with the new additions of Joe Nieuwendyk, Ronnie Francis, Brian Leetch, and Ken Klee, the Leafs should be the most feared playoff team in the East. They have great goaltending in Eddie Belfour, an offense that is very lethal, and the right physical aspects of the game. These guys should make it to the Stanley Cup Finals, this is their year.

The Ottawa Senators trust Patrick Lalime, or do they? I don’t, I never did. But, I do wish the guy the best of luck. Goaltending is not the primary worry for the young Sens, leadership is. Losing to the Devils last year gave me the feeling that the Senators did not have that right sense of leadership where the players face a loss and then turn things around with a win. Admit it, the Senators should have beaten the Devils last year. This year, they will be the 2nd most lethal playoff team, but is it the right momen to re-sign Daniel Alfredsson RIGHT NOW? Greg de Vries was a great addition for the Senators. He adds grit and veteran Cup winning experience to the squad. Still, the Senators look like Achilles to me, if their weak point is hit, they will lose it all.

How about the team from the Sunshine State. Hey, the Florida Marlins won a championship, last year the Bucaneers won a championship, why not with the Lightning this year? Because of inexperience and no performer a la Andrew Raycroft or last year’s J-S Giguere. The Bolts have the right tools, but they can always falter. Leadership is a question mark and having a discouraging coach does not help either. They are just like a flipped coin in slow motion. One side is success, the other side is failure. They decide which side faces upwards.

The Flyers goaltending can become ONCE AGAIN a major problem. I like the tandem, but there is no guarantee. Injuries have weakened this team, no doubt about that, but they can still win and make it to the Stanley Cup Finals. They have the size, physical strength, scoring power, defense, coaching, and special teams. Still, goaltending will decide their fate in the playoffs.

The Devils are the next most lethal team. I think they will get squashed in the playoffs. By that, I do not mean a loss in a sweep or beaten in five or 6 games. I simply think that the Devils will not get anywhere. However, that is my oipinion, but the facts are on paper. Brodeur is there, Neidermemyer is there, Elias is coming alive, as well as Gomez, and they have the ability to beat any other team. Do not under-estimate the Devils, as most people have done, and I am too. They are still a Cup defending team, no matter what you say that is a fact. Still, depending on who they face in the 1st round, I think they will see a 1st round exit, especially with Brodeur not playing consistent Brodeur hockey.

The Montreal Canadiens! Fear the French-Canadians, me says. Theodore in net, they got depth, they got scoring, smarts, speed, and they can simply pull an upset, as they did to the Boston Bruins a couple of years ago.

Yes, the Boston Bruins are playing great hockey in the reg-season, but I am talking about playoffs here and how many times do reg-season numbers matter in the playoffs? Come on, you know the answer to that. Great 1st line, and yes, they have more scoring depth, especially with Gonchar, but the key here is Andrew Raycroft. Can he pull it off in the playoffs? We shall see, but they are definitely a team that can be eliminated by the Leafs, Devs, Flyers, Sens, Canadiens, and Lightning.

The New York Islanders will be the worst team making the playoffs. They are not on a hot-streak, they look inconsistent and mediocre at best, and there are question marks on offense, defense, and especially goaltending! Rule #1 to Rick DiPietro, do NOT play the puck behind the net! Kidding aside though, the Isle’s just do not look like a playoff team this year. Peca has been an unheard captain as well. They don’t seem ready at all. A team that loses to the Rangers six times in a row this season, beaten in every aspect of the game, is not a serious playoff team. That is why I would not be surprised to see the Sabres jump over the Islanders (Sabres just 4 points behind).

The Sabres on the other hand, are also a weak playoff team, but they have the goaltending, the offense and the right attitude. Sabres schedule is also not too hard to handle, here are their remaining opponents:

Panthers, Canadiens, Penguins, Penguins, Blue Jacks, Rangers, Leafs, Canadiens.

Watch out for Jochen Hecht, he’s been one of the hottest players in the NHL recently.

The Islanders remaining games (luckily none against the Rangers):

Wild, Bolts, Capitals, Flyers, Hurricanes, Devils, Canadiens, Hurricanes, Flyers.

The Sabres should be able to come out with about 8 to 11 points. The Islanders should come out with 6 to 9 points. So, it’s a wild race, but a great one to watch. If the Sabres do not make the playoffs, here is the reason:

Losing twice to the Islanders last month.



Abso(bleep)lutely! Come on, I know he does not have a .500 records but what goalie is capable of facing 2,231 shots against, post a solid 2.32 GAA, and a more than superb/outstanding save percentage of 93.4%!? Those are not human numbers! This guy, currently, has 443 more shots against the Olaf Kolzig. His record is just four games under .500. He is NO DOUBT the most valuable player to a team in the NHL.

He absolutely deserves the Vezina Trophy.

According to the NHL….“The Vezina Trophy is an annual award given to the goalkeeper adjudged to be the best at this position as voted by the general managers of all NHL clubs.”

No doubt that Roberto Luongo has been the best goaltender in the league. Statistics do not lie, and eye-witnesses will support that. If he does not win it, just because he did not make the playoffs, then it will be a real damn shame.

Some announcements:

With TheFourthPeriod.com having a great success at the Trade Deadline (HTR.com posted breaking news from whatever news media source confirmed the news first. TFP.com broke the stories beating TSN.ca and Sportnet.ca). TFP.com will also have live coverage on the Entry Draft Day with McKeen’s Hockey (www.mckeenshockey.com). So, stick around, and TFP.com will announce it soon. I work there, so I got the inside scoop for HTR.com readers, ha! Also on TFP, is their radio show.


Don’t miss, well..actually you CAN’T miss it. It’s there for you to listen to. Hear TFP’s David Pagnotta on Deals that Didn’t Happen, plus Alan Hahn of Newsday will be on the show on March 21st, and other guests to be announced as well. So, check it out, it’s a good show and lots of good discussions on there.

Now, do I have an off-topic rant today? Well, yes and no I do, and I will just mention what it is about, but it is not a topic to be discussed about with details and arguements. All I have to say is that how can people eat at McDonald’s, eat unhealthy but ask for a Diet Coke. Does it make any sense to you?

Anyway, that wasn’t really it. All that I really have to say is that I, as a European, am fearing of a socialist regime` to come in Europe. It will not be the EU (European Union) anymore, but more like the ESSU, European Socialist Soviet Union. Beware North America…

44 Responses to A Torturella Story, Glen Healey Gone MAD? More Hockey Talk..

  1. Donovan says:

    Did you know that diet cola, when heated above 87 degrees Farenhiet takes on the exact same properties of Formaldehyde, which is embalming fluid?

    This is most likely the cuase of Gulf War syndrome as thousands of pallets of diet soda was shipped to the Middle East, and just left out in the hot desert sun.

    Now the Government’s on to me. Where’s Oliver Stone when you need him.

  2. Mailman says:

    you completely lost me on the glen healy section dude

  3. Wills says:

    I’m sick of these reporters making it out that NHL players are some kind of bad guys. Do these American reporters look at their own sports. NBA Rae Curruth with his part in the drive by shooting, Sprewell who chokes his coach, Iverson who threatens people with guns, then you have Wallace who beats up people and smokes up while he drives. Doesn’t stop there NFL player Eric Austin who was caught with cocaine and a smuggling operation, Ken Caminiti another cocaine head. I mean the amount of criminals in the NBA, NFL and MLB compared to the NHL is not even close. More then half the Portland NBA team were criminals. These American reporters are trying to kick Canada while they are down, but they don’t realize not everyone who reads their crap are as stupid as they are.

  4. Kashin says:

    Tortetarela is an interesting guy. He criticized Lecaviler, it almost forced a trade but it didnt happen and he has been hot ever since.

    Svitov was a lazy player with them and anyone who played like that as the 3rd overall pick deserves to rot in the minors.

    Khabibulin allowed 2 questionable goals the other night. He has been desomated by the Isles so therefore they will go with their other number 1 Grahme in case of that series.

    The Isles can still end on a strong note in the regular season and could get it to a game 6. However, the only positive is that maybe they will take a huge step in the right direction and fire milbury. It should happen and i have a feeling it will. the guy has made 1 trade in the past 2 years…. you know the deal with mad mike im not wasting my time here.

    vezina should go to luongo.

    “This is it, my job completely lies on this deal.” Mad

    Mike on the deal with florida in 2000. completely unncessary deal isles did get something out of it but florida also did. THE VEZINA WINNER. stick to your word mike and resign or convince wang to fire you.

  5. movingfire says:

    I belive Rae Carruth played in the NFL not the NBA….and your critizing other people about their articles?

  6. movingfire says:

    Svitov is playing pretty good for Columbus….and he is only 20 years old (ish)

  7. Kashin says:

    I want him to do good. But if he isnt doing well in the major level he should go to the minors. It is not like he didnt have the talent in tampa. He was not motivated there. Here he has a place with people like him. young players. zherdev, nash klesla. good for him he is doing well. but he realized now he has to play well.

  8. TheCoach says:

    I think this will backfire on John Tortorella. Calling out players in the media might work with young guys, but not with a veteran like Nikolai Khabibulin. As well as John Grahame may have been playing, Khabibulin is Tampa Bay’s best goalie. If he stops playing hard, Tampa Bay will stop losing. And Khabibulin has already had problems with coaching, as he reportedly wanted out of Tampa in the off-season and in the middle of this year. This will probably push Khabibulin over the edge and he will no longer play for that coach.

    IT WAS 1 BAD GOAL IN 1 GAME! There was no need for publicly ripping the guy. I’d hate to see what Tortorella would do if he was in Ottawa with Lalime’s inconsistant play, or if Kidd was ever even his back-up.

  9. TheCoach says:

    Correction: its “If he stops playing hard, Tampa will stop winning.”

  10. TheCoach says:

    As far as the Senators go, I don’t think they have a problem with leadership. Yes, they lost to New Jersey in game 7, but they did come back from a 3-1 deficit to force that game. I think that experience will only make this team hungrier. Not only that, but people still look at this team as a young, inexperienced group. While they may still be young, they are certainly not inexperienced. The core of this team has been together for 5 years and they’ve experienced defeat and success together. Even their young guys have played in the NHL a long time. Look at Chris Phillips. He is only around 24 years old and this is his 6th year in the league. Wade Redden, Hossa, Bonk, Chara may still be young but they have been in the league for a while. Add guys like Leschychyn, de Vries, Van Allen, Alfredsson, Smolinski, Simpson and you have a good mixture of players.

    Lalime has been inconsistant this year, but he had a good game in Calgary and a great game against Colorado. He looks like he is regaining his form from last year’s playoffs.

    They also did get rid of their problem on defense. Rachunek is a good young defenceman with loads of potential, but he needed a change of scenery. After his gaffe in game 7 vs. NJ last year, he was never the same. That trade was good for Rachunek and Ottawa. The guy just didn’t seem to want to play for the Sens anymore, as the fans were riding him and he was becoming a regular healthy scratch. He was often out of position and that is not acceptable on a serious contender. In NY he should grow and mature along with the team.

    Don’t forget, the Rangers got a good young player in Alex Giroux in that trade. He will be a great 3rd line energy player that has an offensive touch and drops the gloves when he has to. He really impressed people during Ottawa’s training camp this year. Great trade for both teams.

    Concerning the Leafs, they will go far if Belfour’s back holds up. If Belfour is not healthy and Kidd plays, the Leafs are screwed.

  11. jacosta says:

    Tortorella should really shut his mouth. He thinks that calling out players makes them better. This happened just because management backed him with the Lecavalier thing and it worked. JT looks like he is taking all of the credit for Lecavalier’s turn around.

    The problem is that style works only for some players. Every good coach knows that you can talk hard and challenge some players agressively but not others.

    Khabi was already a little peaved at Tampa for using Grahame a bit and having his name early in the year as trade potential. So he goes out and gets you on a 10 game point streak, has one off game, and you call him on it.

    Didn’t Khabi get pissed off in last years playoff’s for not playing game 7 against Jersey??

    Way to go JT you have just planted a big fat seed of doubt in your number 1 goalie just before the playoffs. Good luck

    Tampa looks like they might stay on top but I think that they might have peaked their “roll” going into the playoffs a little too early.

  12. Aetherial says:

    You need to sub into reality.

    The Senators have, and have always had, a problem with leadership.

    If Daniel Alfredsson is your captain, you are in trouble.

    Agreed on the Leafs though… if Belfour goes down, they are toast.

  13. devfanman4 says:

    I agree with you on the Bertuzzi incident. The suspension was handed out, it’s over. He’s serving his time. I don’t agree with the fact that Bettman has the right to extend it into next season when training camp comes around. I think this season is enough time for him to serve, but what do I know?

    On Glen Healy. I didn’t see the intermission, but come on! What if he did say something bad about President Bush? It may not be the right “place” to say it, but I think Canada has the freedom of speech as well. Our country is losing the idea that if you disagree with the government, you’re allowed to voice your opinion. Whether it’s heard or not is a different story. I’ve been fairly quiet about politics here because I don’t believe this is the right place to talk about it, but I’m sorry over the past 100 years our country has slowly become George Orwell’s 1984.

  14. hockeyscarfo says:

    Skimmed through, to long. Beware north america? lol.

  15. TheCoach says:

    Why is Daniel Alfredsson a bad captain. He averages a point per game every year, never takes a shift off, and always scores the clutch goals. Don’t say he’s not a leader in the dressing room because there is no proof of that. No former players, coaches have ever come out and said anything about Alfredsson being a bad captain.

    What is your reasoning for sayin that he is a bad captain? It bugs me when people make statements without any facts to back it up, and it seems like you’re doing exactly that.

  16. Wills says:

    I meant to say NFL, just a small error. I’m critizing the people who don’t know nothing about hockey that write how violent and bad their players are. They never seem to make a big story out all those players in other sports who break the law. If there were scandals like those in hockey those reporters would quickly bash the sport of hockey not the actual player themselves. Didn’t mean to say American reporters bringing down Canada either, I meant to say they bring down our game which is thought to be a Canadian game.

  17. mlcraggs says:

    I look at the media response to Bertuzzi like this:

    I would rather live in a country that makes a huge deal out of the Bertuzzi-Moore thing then a country that is so desensetized to athletes and violence that it isn’t a big deal when half a NBA team are criminals.

  18. tmeyers says:

    As a CANADIAN AMERICAN, i agree totally.

  19. EmptyNetter says:

    The news just runs its typical cycle. We’ll be hearing new developments about the Kobe Bryant trial until after the trial. I think it’s just that we could care less about players from other sports, but we’re sensitive when the media points their finger at the NHL.

  20. Beckfan5 says:

    Sherry Ross absoloutly SUCKS!!!!!!! How she has a whole page to herself on a Sunday is beyond me. She doesnt even write durring the other six days of the week! Never see her at a Ranger game. And dude when are you going to stop about Tom Poti? HE SUCKS!!! He was a defenceman with offensive potential that never panned out. And probably never will. Did you ever hear of Scott Lachance? Actually Ross made a good point, which only happens once a year, last Sunday. Q: Why wont teams trade for Poti and Hlavac? A: Because the only team that will already has them.

  21. mikster says:

    On TSN, when Steve Simmons and Glen Healy face off in debates, Healy started his finaly statement by going like “so what, look at Bush..and” and stopped.

    Good idea for him to stop!

  22. mikster says:

    It’s Torts that dislikes European players.

  23. mikster says:

    Alffy has to prove to me this year that he can lead. Points don’t matter as much, it’s how he leads his team a la Yzerman, Peca (bad example nowadays), Stevens, Koivu….

    He has to increase the energy of the players and the motivation. Somehow i don’t see him do that.

    Giroux just a 3rd liner? Naaa, i think 2nd. He is kicking ass in the WolfPack. Currently, the Pack are the best young AHL team.

    Rachunek, i’m liking him a lot. Starting to fit in and looks very steady.

  24. mikster says:

    Not the right place to say it and has nothing to do with hockey. They were debating about Bertuzzi and Canadian players and he starts something about Bush, ended it knowing he was going to make a huge mitsake.

    I watch the intermission show to see them talk hockey, not retalliate porrly on the US President. He’s an ass… he doesnt get paid to do that.

    As for Bertuzzi, absolutely he must be suspended throughout next season too.

    It happened to Tie Domi, must happen to Bertuzzi.

  25. mikster says:


    Hehe, it’s ok. It takes me two days sometimes to write it all. Sometimes i read stuff in two days. Read a part of it, finish it the next day.

    Thanks though.

  26. Beckfan5 says:

    And one more thing about the Bertuzzi thing, its true how an incident like this gets talk all over but none of these people talk about how good the game is. When was the last time the sport was spoke about? The McSorley incident.

    I mean what the hell is Star Jones doing talking about it. Watch a *****ing hockey game first ya fat pig! It was all over political channels too. And it even made it on Comedy Centrals Tough Crowd! But Nick Dapallo shut everyone up because they werent hockey fans and knew nothing about the game so therefore had no right to comment.

    Way to go Nick!

  27. starsgirl25 says:

    i met a criminal the other day before i went to a stars game. his name was michael irivin, you know the former/current?? cowboys player.

    what i couldn’t get over was with the media in DFW. like all the other media in the country they were talking about it, but they made it seem like he did this awful thing and had to show the replay at least 3 times. but when some cowboys player gets pulled over for having 200lbs of pot in his car, it’s no big deal.

  28. kidhenry1 says:

    First off, a fine article as always Mikster. But now to buisness:

    I don’t agree with John Tortarella’s stance on “player discipline.” It’s good to be firm, but to be openly mean to your players is a bad idea. But you can’t argue with results, and for the first time in years the Southeast has a legitimate cup contender. As long as he keeps St. Louis and Andreychuk happy then he has control of the clubhouse.

    I find myself once again telling all of you: The Isles can make it out of the first round if they draw Tampa Bay. They should make the playoffs because they have a little bit of momentum now (huge wins over the Bolts and the Wild) and they do have 6 points with 8 games remaining. It won’t be pretty, but it should be enough. But they own Khabibulin, and they’ve proven that they can go on huge streaks. If DiPietro gets hot, they could make some noise in the first round.

    I concede that the ranger$ did a pretty good job rebuilding. Top scouts concede (see: NY Daily News article about loss to Montreal) that the blueshirts didn’t aquire any surefire NHL stars in their firesale. Given Glen Sathers record drafting for the rangers and developing prospects…


    Before he gives them a lame duck draft and ruins some of the prospects who need just a little tweaking to be great, like Umberger and Komisarek. Because if we’ve learned one thing about Slats, it’s that he isn’t great at tweaking.

    And about your rant? Diet Coke isn’t actually much healthier than regular coke anyway. We’re the fattest nation in america, let’s enjoy being #1 while we can!

  29. JStatic87 says:

    If you want to hear something hilarious about people going to fast food and trying to watch their weight, then listen to the skit “Drive-Thru” on the Tenacious D album.

    “Now I was half-coke and half diet coke, because I’m trying to watch the weight.”

  30. JStatic87 says:

    If you want to hear something hilarious about people going to fast food and trying to watch their weight, then listen to the skit “Drive-Thru” on the Tenacious D album.

    “Now I want half-coke and half diet coke, because I’m trying to watch the weight.”

  31. JStatic87 says:

    sorry, double post

  32. mikster says:

    No one wanted to trade their top prospects star potential prospects, only an idiot GM would.

    Rangers aded tons of depth and talent to their prospect chart.

    Rangers draft has been pretty good. Hartford Wolfpack are arguably considered the best young AHL team, now even better that they have added other players.

    He developped Smyth and Comrie pretty darn well…and, Renney is a top player developper, he does that work, not Slats.

  33. kidhenry1 says:

    Don’t get me wrong, the rangers did a great job selling the team. Sather bought himself at least another season with some smart moves.

    Hartford is solid every season, but there weren’t that many potential impact players there before the trades. And everybody says that Mike Milbury can’t draft, but the Bridgeport Sound Tigers are a force in the AHL.

    Finally, for Smith and Comrie you have Tomas Klouchek, Fillip Novak, and Mike Mottau for whom the sky was the limit, and they all died in the rangers system.

  34. Beckfan5 says:

    Two things, the Rangers dont have Kommiserik

    Nation in America?

  35. TheCoach says:

    I don’t know if you see Senators’ games or not, but Daniel Alfredsson always leads by example. I’m not in the locker room so I can’t comment on what goes on in there, but I do know that Alfredsson is always the hardest working player on the ice. He never takes a shift off and when he is not in the line up it is obvious that something is missing from the team. That is a good indication of how valuable his leadership is. Other guys on the team can take his place on the 1st line who are equally or even more skilled, but they cannot bring the same type of emotion and effort that Alfredsson does.

  36. dkball7 says:


    It is said every year and the same thing happens… every year. “This is finally thier year”.

    Mik, you know as well as anyone that every year is “thier year” but it never turns out to be “their year”.

    The Devils will beat Philly without Scotty. It’s not going to happen. I am confident in them beating any other team in the league without him, just not Philly…

    BTW, the Devils now have a better group of forwards than defense wouldn’t you say?

  37. dkball7 says:

    Will NOT beat Philly I meant.

  38. dkball7 says:

    Bulin didn’t play game 5 against us… it never got to 7… 😉

  39. sensman99 says:

    How can you judge the sens like that?

    You don’t give a damn aboutt Lalime, because you’re just another Leaf fan thinking this is their year! It ain’t their year.

    How are the Leafs a tough playoff team to beat? They haven’t made it to the Cup finals since 1967. God, the Leafs lost to Philly last year, who in turn lost to Ottawa. Basically the Leafs would’ve lost to Ottawa, but you don’t care, cause you’re a Leaf fan who thinks this is their year. It ain’t their year.

    How can you say the Sens don’t have the leadership? Alfredsson’s a great team leader and captain. He hustles, he gets in there and fights for the puck, he can score, he sets an example. Unlike the Leafs cheap shotting people every game (don’t get me wrong- I’ll give you examples if you contradict me).

    Yes, the Sens have failed to get past round 3, but they’re a great team. If you look on paper, they’re probably the best team in the league. Tops in scoring (goals), one of the bottom in goals against, 2nd in power play. You name it, the sens are almost always good at it. And plus we stay out of the box. Why don’t you say STAY OUT OF THE BOX to your precious leafies?

    Get your facts straight. And all you other leaf fans, do the same.

  40. kidhenry1 says:

    My mistake, I meant Kondratiev. And as for the fattest nation in America?

    Well, I think it’s clear I should start proofreading what I type…

  41. mikster says:

    I am not a leaf fan, at all.

    I just think that the Sens need to prove a lot this year in the playoffs. can Alffy motivate his team enough? Will contract negotiations interfere? I am questioning his leadership, not his abilitites on the ice.

    The Leafs are an experienced team this yearthey are stronger, better, and i think they will do extremely well. Their weakest point, though, is Belfour’s health.

  42. bruinfan37 says:

    You are really underestimating the Bruins. I just don’t get it. No matter how good they play they are considered out first round or two. You say the key is Raycroft?? They are one of the only teams in the East that has goaltending at the back of their minds!! Toronto-Belfour doesn’t even practice a lot because his back is so bad, and the injury prone Leafs are making it to the finals?? Second round if their lucky. Sens- Lalime hasn’t been as good this year, question mark there. Lightning- inconsistent, has been their weakest point. Flyers- Esche- He is a weird one. Unpredictable. NYI-Shaky goaltending. So, of all the East, 3 teams should have NO problems with goaltending. Boston, Montreal, NJ. Plus, you must forget, Potvin has ALWAYS been a great playoff goalie if Raycroft falters. If you watch this guy play, he has so much composure, and he is so mature. He is built for the playoffs.

    I’d just like to know why the Bruins are so underestimated. They have 3 dangerous lines and a 4th line that could contribute. 2 offensive d-men, good stay at home, big men, and 2 solid goalies! What else do people want??

    They are 2 points out of first, and people are considering them the 7th best in the conference!!!! Its not just you mikster, its a lot of others. MAKE ME UNDERSTAND!

  43. 89AlexanderMogilny89 says:

    Get your facts straight and continue to lose to the Leafs in the playoffs.

    Better yet get rid of that flower pushing pansy,Denial Afraidsson.

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